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What Are Upside Down Roman Blinds?

What Are Upside Down Roman Blinds

What are Upside Down/TDBU Shades?

Upside Down or Top-Down-Bottom-Up Shades have caused much stir in the window treatment market because of their unique functionality and design that have captured the imagination of the homeowners. The name sounds quite weird but you will soon realize why they are so named once you know what they are meant to do. Also known as TDBU in short, these open on two sides as their name suggests.

They open at the top of the window near the window frame and at the bottom near the window sill. When you want to open the shades at the top, the shades need to be moved down from the top which explains Top-down. Similarly, when you want to open the shades at the bottom the shades need to be raised from the bottom and hence the name, Bottom-Up. This unique functionality makes these TDBU shades extremely versatile. They give you complete control over light, address your need for privacy, allow light to stream through without glare in your eyes and can also preserve your outside view. So when you need light but privacy as well during day time you can pull the top shade down and light will pour in through the top. When you want to enjoy your view outside and cut out the excess glares you can raise the bottom shade up. To maximize the light you can even the fabric free-floating along the center of the window. You can use them the way you want and over the years they have become quite a popular choice among homeowners.
Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

Advantages of TDBU Shades

• These shades are perfect for ground and first-floor apartments as they are close to the ground and keeping your shades open at all times for light can seriously jeopardize your privacy. You can keep the bottom part of your windows closed thus protecting your homes from the prying eyes of the passerby and at the same time by keeping the shades open at the top will allow the much needed natural light to flow through.
• These shades are great for houses that are directly exposed to morning or afternoon sun. While sunlight is much desired, the harsh glares of the sunlight can be quite irritating and cause of discomfort for the people in the house. The TDBU shades allow you to protect your homes from these glares without obstructing natural light and warmth from entering your house.
• TDBU shades make a great choice of window covering for the bathrooms. Here too they address your privacy concerns as you are at your most vulnerable self here. While your safety and privacy are taken care of, your bathrooms are not deprived of natural light.

What are Roman Shades?

These extremely versatile shades are available in three types of window treatments, namely, Pleated shades, Cellular shades and Roman shades. Roman shades as we all know are among the classiest in the market. They have been around for a long long time but it has not diminished the gorgeous appeal and timeless beauty of the Roman shades. Despite stiff competition, they have continued to enjoy much popularity among the homeowners. They are often referred to as hybrid window coverings as they look to combine the rich elegance and luxurious appeal of drapes with the functionality of blinds. They make a fascinating window treatment solution for any room in the house and they won’t disappoint you.

Upside Down/TDBU Roman Shades

The combination of TDBU functionality with the soft glow of Roman shades is stunning and truly a show-stealer. Using Roman Shades for your TDBU will give you greater control over light filtration and privacy. You can continue enjoying natural light sans the hard glares of the sun. You can preserve your privacy in bedrooms without forgoing light. These shades will protect your rooms from the harmful UV rays that cause much damage to your interiors and health upon prolonged exposure. While enjoying these features you have your rooms filled with warmth and soft appeal of Roman Shades. They help to soften any hard straight line in a room.

With TDBU Roman Shades you create a magical ambiance for your rooms. The best part is you can include them in any room you want, living, dining and bedrooms. While TDBU shades are great for your bathrooms, the upside-down Roman Shades may not be a perfect choice for bathrooms. Roman shades are made of fabric that will disintegrate upon prolonged exposure to moisture and heat. For bathrooms, you will need to opt for a different material that do not warp or peel off.

If you are looking for a suitable window treatment for your homes you can opt for these gorgeous ones without hesitation. You will not regret it! Let their warmth will fill your heart even on those less enviable days.