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What Are Transom Windows and How Do They Work?

What Are Transom Windows and How Do They Work

A Detailed Guide to Transom Windows

Transom windows are small in size and they are located in or around doors and entryways. These windows are uniquely designed for aesthetics purposes and also serve some specific functional values for comfy living. It is a common and popular window style that can be found in any residential buildings and homes in the US. These windows were first invented in the 1800s, and from then to now they have gained a lot of traction because of their uniqueness and simplicity.

Different Styles of Transom Window

Transom windows come in a variety of shapes and styles which enhance the charm of your indoor in a phenomenal way and create an appealing structural aesthetic. Fanlight is one of the most traditional transom windows you will find in every home decor which is a semicircular window with dividers that separate the panes equally. Another popular style includes a rectangular shape.

These windows come in different colors and frame materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Many homeowners opt for clear glass or frosted glass. This frosted glass is mostly used in a bar or restaurant. But when used in residential areas, they can filter the scorching sun rays and ensure the highest level of insulation. You can choose the design as per your convenience and requirements.

The working mechanism of transom windows depends on their style and patterns. The designs include –
● Bottom-hinged transoms come with latches and chains
● Side-hinged transoms that open like doors
● Top-hinged transoms which can be accessed using hand

Most of these windows use a long rod to operate the lift mount bracket, fixed to the transom sash. To make these windows operable, make sure to install them in such a way that they can be opened to a 30-degree angle to allow airflow and light smoothly and efficiently.

While installing these windows, place the window lift operator at an accurate mounting height but make sure it shouldn’t touch the ceiling when it goes all the way up.
Transom Window

Benefits of Transom Windows

Earlier transom windows were opened and closed for light filtration and air circulation when doors were shut and air conditioners were not that popular. They allow only soft sunlight to enter your space and prevent glare and harmful UV rays that cause various health issues and ruin the indoor furnishing. These windows are located high and maintain the privacy and security level of your indoor effectively. They come with a metal rod that allows the windows to be raised and lowered from ground level. These windows help to make your smaller space look big and spacious. The best part of having these windows is you don’t have to pay a fortune to maintain their beauty and functionality. You can leave them as they are for years without decreasing the appeal of your door.

Transom Window Coverings

There are countless options available in the market but only a few of them are ideal to treat your transom windows because of their unique structure and position. Covering them will not only increase the aura of your space but work well when you want to have a control on incoming light.

Curtains or draperies are an elegant choice to create a structured look for these windows. If you have an arched or rectangular setup, then only these window designs are recommended. Get them in smaller sizes to create a clean and clutter-free appearance. Available in a range of colors and texture choices they help add a decorative touch to the windows. They hold a major value when it comes to functionality. By preventing direct sun and heat, they will help to maintain a consistent temperature indoors, making ambiance comfortable and soothing all year round.

Valances are another great way to add a subtle and prominent look to these transom windows. There are different valances available including ascot, balloon, swag, scarf, and many more. You can customize them from these designs, different sizes, and various vibrant color choices in order to create a designer-worthy aesthetics for your decor while maintaining a charming look.

If you have more than one transom window, then cover them all in a uniform style and enjoy maximum efficiency.
Transom Solar Shades

How to Install Transom Windows

If you are planning to construct a new home, then it’s incredibly easy to design a transom window. But the question is can you install a transom window to your existing home decor? Well, the answer is yes. First, you have to locate where you want to install them and cut the area as per the window size. Get the matching frameset and design to match them with the entire space. Transom windows can be installed on interior walls as well as exterior walls. If you want you can replace them in the near future as well and modify them as per your customized transom window style.


Nowadays, it’s rare to found transom windows in residential areas but installing them will revamp the architectural aesthetics of your home and the penetration of natural soft light and fresh air into your home. They will perfectly bring the vibes of European home decor style. Consult with the professionals and get them installed to enjoy more benefits while making your interior look delightful and amusing!

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