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What are the Pros and Cons of Routeless Blinds?

What are the Pros and Cons of Routeless Blinds?

What are Routed & Routeless Blinds?

Before moving on pros and cons of routeless blinds, let us take a moment to understand what they are and they function. Most of the standard horizontal blinds have holes on the sides of every slat. The lift cord passes through these holes. As the strings or cords are routed through these holes, they are referred to as routed blinds. These are common and have been the standard design of blinds till now. In recent times, however, routeless blinds have been gaining much popularity.

As the name suggests, there are no holes on the slats and the lift cord is not routed through holes. The cord instead passes around the outside of each slat. There are grooves behind the blinds by which the blind users can lift up the slats. The cord easily fits within these grooves and helps to hold up the slats in one place when the blinds are opened. The biggest argument in favour of routeless blinds is the greater darkness they offer. In the absence of the holes, light cannot stream through them. They are variously referred to as de-light blinds or privacy blinds. Many homeowners are showing an inclination to upgrade to routeless blinds from their existing routed blinds. So next time when buying blinds this is another feature to look out for.

Should You Opt for Routed or Routeless Blinds?

However, before you rush ahead, take some time to understand how much value these blinds will add to your space and what are the cons if any. We will take this opportunity to also dwell upon the features of routed blinds to help gain perspective.

Advantages/Pros of Routed Blinds

  • The biggest advantage of the routed blinds is stability. The holes allow the lift cord to pass through them and hold the slats in place. They rise and lower evenly.
  • They are also more budget friendly. If you are functioning on a tight budget then routed blinds are better suited for you.

Disadvantages/Cons of Routed Blinds

  • Tiny though these holes are they can allow curious eyes to try and peep through them into the room which is not desirable.
  • If you are looking for complete light blockage, these holes can play a spoilsport. Some amount of natural light will leak through these holes. You may not like this during sleep time or when you are trying to watch TV.

Now we move on to routeless blinds and how they add value to your living space.

Advantages/Pros of Routeless Blinds

  • Biggest advantage of routeless blinds is the absence of holes. They help to give the users maximum privacy and also complete light blockage. If optimum darkness is what you are looking for, these blinds are perfect as no light will flow through the holes of the blinds. This will ensure maximum satisfaction when watching a movie or trying to catch up on sleep during the morning hours.
  • Improved insulation is another advantage. There can be no energy loss through the holes.
  • The blinds are also easy to clean.

Disadvantages/Cons of Routeless Blinds

Routeless blinds are not without their own share of shortcomings.

  • As the slats are not held together by lift cords it makes it a little difficult to control the slats and keep them in place.
  • When the blinds are opened, closed, lifted or lowered, the slats tend to shift. If you are tilting the slats open, you have to adjust the slats into place so that notches can align with the ladders.
  • The biggest disadvantage of the routeless blinds is in the absence of holes and lift cords running through the slats, they are less sturdy. If you have pets or toddlers in the house routeless blinds may not be a good idea as they can be easily dislodged or removed. That said, it is easy to put the slats back into place.
  • Routeless blinds are a little on the expensive side.

Routeless blinds can be a good choice if you are opting for inside mount blinds as the window frame helps to keep the blinds in place. If you are planning to get routeless blinds for your house try and avoid them on your doors. Doors are subject to rough handling and experience much traffic throughout the day. The routeless blinds will get pushed around which will knock the slats out of place.