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What are the Costs of Remote Control Blinds?

What are the Costs of Remote Control Blinds?

Evolution of Window Treatments

If you can operate your air conditioners, televisions and even lights and fans with a handheld remote, why not window treatments? Window coverings like blinds and shades have been in the market for as long as we can remember. They have evolved over the years and become more versatile and loaded with rich features. Previously window coverings were used for just what it said, cover the windows. Now they perform a host of functions for your home. They are energy efficient and help to enhance the insulating properties of the windows. There are light filtering shades that help to diffuse and soften the natural light and block out the harmful UV rays and harsh glares of the sun. The room darkening and blackout shades help to cut out light and create a soothing and calm ambiance where you can rest and sleep. There is privacy shades that block out the view of the house from outside solar shades help to block radiant heat and prevents heat gain inside the house during the hot months.

Corded Blinds to Motorized Window Treatments

Not only has the nature of window treatments undergone enormous changes. The way they operate and are controlled has also been upgraded thanks to technological advancements. In the past, we had corded blinds. As the name suggests, the blinds came with cords or strings which had to be pulled to raise or lower the shades. These cords remained dangling by the side of the window. These came to pose safety concerns for homes with toddlers and pets who can become entangled or strangled, sometimes with fatal consequences.

To address this issue, cordless blinds were introduced. These blinds no longer depended on cords but could be raised or lowered by hand. And now we have motorized window shades that have built-in motors in them which assist their operation. The window coverings have become automatic which means that they no longer require the physical intervention of the user. As they operate on motors like ACs and televisions, they can be controlled by remotes. These cheap motorized shades are also referred to as Remote Control Shades. With the help of the remote, you can raise and lower the blinds all from the comfort of your couch which is a blessing for the elderly or physically disabled.

The remote-controlled blinds can also be pre-programmed and scheduled to rise and lower at specific times of the day even when you are not at home. This helps to maintain the temperature inside the house and prevents heat gain or loss. These blinds are sleek, elegant and in the absence of the dangling cords help to add aesthetic value. Most importantly they make life easier as you can control multiple windows without running all over the house every time. If you have hard to reach windows or skylight windows, motorized shades make operation as easy as you can imagine.

Motorized Sun Shades

Are Motorized Window Shades and Blinds Priced Higher?

Predictably these window treatments tend to cost more than corded or cordless shades and blinds. The built-in motors are expensive. Moreover, they can also be integrated into home automation system and can be paired with your phones. The motorized remote control shades can be operated through apps on your smart devices. Given their versatility, these shades can be quite an expensive investment.

Motorized Shades

For motorized shades you can choose from the following:

Sheer shades

Blackout shades

Roller shades

Pleated shades

Light filtering shades

Solar shades

Cellular shades etc

Each of these motorized window shades makes a fantastic choice of window covering for your home. They are variously priced and can range anywhere between $220 and $600. You can choose from a wide range of options. The motorized window shades from Crown are priced between $220 and $300. The Graber motorized shades are ranged between $300 and $600. The upper-end motorized shades are glamorous with fine detailing and additional functionality. They look stunning on your windows. There are designer series as well with some additional features and looks.

Motorized Blinds

While window shades are primarily made of fabric, window blinds can be made from a variety of materials like aluminum, wood, fabric, vinyl etc. Aluminum and motorized wood blinds are widely popular. They come with varying slat sizes.  These blinds are priced between $320 and $375. The motorized wood blinds from Graber make a stunning impact on the surrounding decor. They are smart, sleek and elegance personified.

The non-motorized blinds are priced really low at around $30-$140 for aluminum blinds and around $150-200 for wood blinds. Non-motorized shades tend to cost around $100-200. Hence with motorized control, there is a steep increase in the cost and hence the budget. While the efficiency and functional value of motorized remote control shades and blinds are unquestioned, they certainly make a dent in your budget.