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What Are The Best Ways To Take The Measurements Of A Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding Glass Door

Nowadays. sliding doors are so much in demand for reasons of security, comfort, and protection. They not only improve natural light and the outdoor views in your home but also offer easy access to the outdoors. In addition to this, these doors also help you to increase the accessible space for use. They provide a simple and sleek look to your house that harmonizes with most architectural designs and adds aesthetic value to your living space. There is an endless variety of options of sliding doors in the market but choosing the right one is your choice. It depends on the interiors or exteriors of your house whether you should go for the main entryway sliding door or install it at any other entry-point of your house. After you have decided on the kind of sliding door you want,  you must know what are the sliding glass door measurements so that it acquires a flawless fit in that space. The sliding glass doors are available in wood, oak, or aluminum outlines but the decision depends on your necessities and measurements required.

What are the Measurements of a Sliding Glass Door?

Step 1. Measure Width as well as Height

Firstly, you need a measuring tape to measure the width and height of the space given. Keep it in mind that measurement is of the aperture and not of the door.

Step 2. Height Measurement: Floor to Ceiling

Take the total height of the opening from the floor to the ceiling of your house and allow enough space for internal fittings. It is advisable to take a minimum of three different height measurements and amongst them, the smallest one can be preferred.

Next, measure the dimensions of the opening width you need for sliding door installation.

Step 3. Width Measurement: Wall to Wall

You will need to measure the width from wall to wall in the space available in your house. Its installation requires no end panels.

 Step 4. Width Measurement: Wall to End Panel

If your sliding door needs to fit between a wall and a window opening, then you will require an end panel as a slider of your door. Make sure to measure your sliding glass door accurately to fit inside your end panel.

Step 5. The Width Measurement of the Pre-made Frame

It is recommended to take the smallest inside measurement of the height and the biggest inside measurement width of your pre-made frame for the door to fit.

Step 6. Width Measurement From End to End Panel

Take the measurement of the outside edge of both the end panels before installation of the sliding door.

It is quite easy to give a new makeover to your house by simply installing sliding glass doors, but there are certain obstructions that we may face. So, it is advisable to take the help of professionals to give a stunning look to your house.

Sliding Glass Door Measurement

Things to Remember

  • Use a steel tape for better measurement.
  • Always take a measurement of the door from the right end to the left end of the frame to avoid obstructions caused by the closest.
  • Keep in mind that all doors are of different sizes. So, make sure you have taken the separate measurement of each door.
  • Don’t be confused with the height and width measurement. It should always be taken to the nearest 1/8 inches.
  • Make sure that you have double-checked the measurement of your sliding glass door.

Summing Up

No doubt sliding glass door accentuates the beauty of your house whether you are building a new one or planning to go for renovation. It brings fresh air, sunlight into your house and gives a fantastic view of your outdoors. But make sure that you know how to measure the size of your sliding glass door for a perfect fit. Remember that you always take professional advice before deciding the correct size of your sliding door. This will not only save your precious time but also ensure that your house stays safe and sound.

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