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What Are The Best Options For Complete Window Blackout?

What Are The Best Options For Complete Window Blackout?

Sleep deprivation has been causing more health issues than one is ready to admit. Late working hours and lack of quality deep sleep are affecting many. Apart from this, many people have professions wherein they need to work night shifts. Therefore, they have to catch up on their sleep during the morning hours. For those sleeping in the night, there is a sense of peace, tranquility and darkness that lulls one to sleep, but those trying to sleep during day hours have to deal with bright sunshine and other distractions. What the room needs are ways to block out light even during the morning hours completely, and this is possible only with the help of blackout shades.

Options For A Complete Window Blackout

  • Black-out Roller Shades:

In the most general sense, a shade is a window covering made out of fabric. A roller shade is one in which a single piece of fabric is rolled into a headrail. The roller shade has to be pulled down to have a complete blackout in the room. Black-out roller shades offer the perfect window darkening solution, especially for smaller windows. It uses a fabric that is non-transparent and provides excellent sunlight protection. The thickness of the material does not allow the light to filter through the pores.  A good blackout roller shade can keep both the ambient light and sunlight out of the room. The fabric is tucked into the side rail to prevent the sunlight from filtering into the room. Thus, it gives a complete blackout effect as and when required. The significant advantage of the blackout roller shade is that it provides complete light control and ensures absolute privacy. They can make bedrooms completely dark and ensures sound sleep for the owner. Black-out roller shades come in handy in media rooms and home theatres where complete blackout ensures an enhanced media watching experience. Besides, blackout roller blinds can help in providing better insulation of the room. The blackout fabric keeps the sunlight out and, in the process, keeps the room cool during hot summer afternoons. Another added advantage of the blackout roller blinds is that they can help preserve the furniture from fading away under the impact of harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiations.

  • Black-out Cellular Shades:

These shades have an internal 3D structure that imitates a honeycomb. It is because of this structure that the shades are extremely efficient at blocking out the sunlight completely. Each cell of the shade works as a trap that creates an absorbing buffer from which sunlight cannot escape. These shades deliver at multiple fronts of sunlight control, insulation, and noise reduction, which helps make the house more energy-efficient. Black-out cellular shades outdo the drapes because they provide the user with control over the sunlight entering the room. They have the best R-Value of all the window treatments and provide the best in class insulation along with sunlight protection.  Black-out cellular shades make the house energy efficient, along with protection from the sunlight. In addition, they also ensure complete privacy and comfort, which add to the home resale value as well. These cellular shades can lessen heat loss through windows in the winter season by up to 40%, resulting in the homeowner saving around 20% of heating energy.

  • Day-Night Cordless Cellular Shades:

Day-night cordless cellular shades are the honeycomb shades that has the motorized function available. They are used for windows where sunlight control as per the need is required. These cellular shades come with both light filtering and blackout options. To achieve this, different sets of fabric is used, which can either be used independently or together. One can adjust the light filtering and blackout options and can have complete control over the privacy in a room. A cordless lift makes it easier for the owner to maneuver the window shade for maximum comfort and productivity.

  • Zebra Blinds Sheer Dual Blackout Shades:

The Zebra blinds sheer dual blackout shade is a graceful and economical way that can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of the room and get enhanced functionality. This shade combines a zebra sheer shade and a blackout roller shade. The sheer shade is in front the backout roller is at the back. When the filtered natural light is the requirement, the sheer shade can be used, but the blackout roller can be deployed when the requirement is complete blackout and privacy. The shades can be adjusted as per the needs throughout the day. Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shade comes with the option of both inside mount and outside mount. The former fits in the window frame and gives a complete fit and a graceful design, while the latter sits on or above the window frame. It is an ideal option for those seeking good views from the window with some private moments to lead a relaxed and carefree life. A complete range of Sheer dual Blackout shades can be accessed at

  • Blackout Curtains:

These offer a complete blackout solution at an affordable price. They are an essential part of room décor that enhance the ambience of the bedroom or living room. Blackout curtains, if properly installed, can give up to 99% window blackout. These can create the night effect during the day and can be a boon for those who work late and sleep during the day. Another advantage of the blackout curtains is that they can create that theatre-like ambience in the TV room by completely blocking out the sunlight. The only thing to keep in mind while buying curtains is that they should be big enough to cover the entire window to ensure the complete window blackout effect. In addition to blocking out the sunlight, they also help absorb the outside noise, make the house energy efficient, and provide maximum privacy to help you sleep better.

Important Points To Be Kept In Mind While Selecting A Complete Window Blackout Option

The following points are to be kept in mind when selecting a complete window blackout option:

  1. Purpose and Style: The complete window blackout solution can offer privacy, insulation, sunlight, noise, and temperature control, along with enhancing the overall style of a room. For modern and contemporary styles, blackout cellular and roller shades fit the bill. If versatility is what you need, however; blackout curtains would be a better call. Amongst these blackout options, it is important to understand the use you are looking to get out of the window treatments. For example, if you are looking for a blackout window treatment that prioritizes insulation over design, then you would likely look into cellular shades rather than curtains.
  2. Material and Shade: Neutral shade can provide a reasonable amount of sunlight control, but darker shades like dark grey and navy provide complete sunlight protection. But if you decide to opt for window shades to get the maximum blackout effect, the fabric to be selected should be thick, and it should be matching both inside and outside.
  3. Installation: When it comes to complete blackout window solutions, there are two main options. The first is pre-cut, and the second is customized. Pre-cut options of window shades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Customized shades are made as per the specific measurements of the windows. If the windows are of standard dimensions, then the pre-cut complete window blackout solution might work, but if they are of a unique size, getting a customized shade would be ideal.
  4. Need of having Side Channels to Block Light: Side channels help to completely block off the light that seeps through the sides of the window recesses. Once installed, the blackout window treatment will deliver to its full potential, enabling the user to have a complete blackout effect.
  5. Light Blockers for complete Black-out Effect: Light blockers are made out of plastic, blocking the window partsnot covered by the window treatment. They do not allow the light to enter through the gaps between the roller shade and the window cell. Thus, they contribute in creating a complete blackout effect.

Complete window blackout solutions have become a necessity today. The changing lifestyle has forced human beings to change their natural sleep cycles, but with the innovative window treatment solutions, they get the needed rest and respite during the daytime. The various window blackout solutions provide a cozy environment during the day. In addition, they provide noise reduction, temperature control, and energy efficiency. In addition, they lend an aesthetic charm to the room and improve the overall ambience. It is no wonder that complete window blackout solutions are all the rage when it comes to making the modern house comfortable.

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