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What are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains?

A girl opening your blackout curtains

Simply said, blackout curtains are soft and durable curtains that provide excellent room darkening, thermal blind insulation, noise reduction, energy bill savings, and privacy. They can help to block out the glare of streetlights and even passing car headlights, providing for a restful and serene night’s sleep without any disruption. Surprisingly, blackout curtains can also aid in blocking outside noise, as well as a handful of other benefits that will be explored further, so continue reading.

The Advantages of Using Blackout Curtains

Lights are blocked out.

  • Optimal sleep is achieved in very dark environments. Blackout curtains help create this feature by preventing any incoming outdoor lights, such as street lights, from coming inside. This will allow you to get the most restful environment.
  • Blackout curtains are especially important for those who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day. Day sleeping is fairly unnatural, as our bodies are used to sleeping when the sun is down. Blackout curtains can help create an imitation of sundown by blacking out your bedroom.

Noise is Reduced

  • Interestingly, blackout curtains can also aid in blocking outside noise. This is due to the fact that they are lined at the back and are composed of thicker, heavier fabrics.
  • Although blackouts would not completely eliminate noise, they will significantly diminish it. Just as with blocking out the lights, reducing incoming noise will help create an optimal sleeping environment for you, especially if you are a night shift worker. You can help mute noises from lawn mowers, vehicles and pets during the day.

Saving Energy

  • Did you know that your home’s windows account for one-third of all energy loss when it comes to generating and exchanging heat? You can really save money on heating and cooling your home by using blackouts instead, as they reduce thermal loss significantly.
  • During the summer, they can prevent solar heat gain at the windows, so you don’t have to use your air conditioning as much. During the winter, they can help keep warm air in your home, so your heating system doesn’t need to run all day.

Can be combined with other Window Treatments

  • Curtains are usually mounted above the window frame, using what is called an outside mount. This leaves the window frame empty and open for you to use another window treatment like faux wood blinds or roller shades.
  • Combining the blackout curtains with other window treatments will allow you to maximize the light blocking and sound muting features by having another layer on the window.
Drapery and shades in a living room.

Is there a difference between blackout curtains and regular curtains?

As mentioned, during the winter, blackout curtains help keep heat in while keeping light and heat out during the summer far better than regular curtains. It is anticipated that up to 10% to 25% of thermal energy is lost through the windows. Blackout curtains can reduce this loss better than sheer or light filtering curtains. Thereby, blackout fabrics lower your power expenses and minimize greenhouse gas emissions better.

Blackout curtains are usually used for a bedroom, a media room, or any area where light needs to be blocked out. Here, its defining feature plays a significant role greater than just providing decor for the window. The need for blocking out light is a specific requirement for these rooms and regular curtains just won’t do.

Protect Your Home with Blackout

  • Blackouts reduce the quantity of sunlight and UV rays that enter the room. They also protect furniture, upholstery, and flooring from fading with sun damage, thereby extending the life of these high-priced items.
  • Another, possibly underestimated feature of blackout curtains is the privacy they provide. You don’t want to expose your interior to strangers, who may  have less goodwill towards you. By blocking your windows with opaque blackouts, you will prevent them from seeing in and possibly deter them from their intentions.

Is it possible to Blackout Curtains in White?

Room-darkening and blackout curtains are often associated with dark, heavy fabrics due to their light-blocking qualities. What if you want blackout curtains that are white? White gives a beautiful and clean aesthetic, and it does have fabrics that can be lined with blackout material. So yes, blackout curtains are available in white fabrics.

Final Thoughts

Set your home apart by dressing your windows in beautiful blackout curtains. The benefits provided are numerous and they have no drawbacks. Softness, comfort, and warmth, what more can you ask for? Add new blackout curtains to your home today.

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