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What are the Benefits of Automated Blinds?


Automated blinds, also known as smart blinds, are the most popular window treatments. They are operated with the help of an inbuilt motor, which can be driven by electrical wiring, batteries or solar power. Automated blinds make your life quite easier and your home fully automatic as you can operate them with the help of remote control. You can also operate automated blinds with the help of an app on your smartphone or through virtual assistance like Alexa and google home.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Window Blinds?


If you have children or pets in your home, then child proof blinds are a perfect choice. Normal window coverings are operated via a cord system, which can be a safety hazard for your children and pet. Cord of the blinds may get tangled around your child or pet neck. Since automated blinds are cordless, they ensure the high-level safety of your child as well as your pets.

Energy Efficiency

Automated blinds are highly energy efficient. They not only provide insulation, but also light control. Automated blinds, such as the motorized wood blinds, give you a complete hold on the outside light reaching your room. You can either open the blind completely to allow a maximum amount of light to enter your room, or you can open them half away, thus, decreasing your electricity bill.

Besides light control, automated blinds also efficiently regulate the temperature of your room, thereby, keeping your room cooler during hot summers and warmer during winters. Thus, these blinds save the money that you spend on buying heating or cooling units.

Protection to Furniture

Direct exposure to sunlight may result in discolouration of your furniture and decor. Sunlight makes your furniture and decor more prone to fading, with irreversible wear and tear. Automated blinds help homeowners to protect their room’s furniture and decor from harmful sun rays by programming them to allow only the set amount of light to enter at a specific time.


Most people are afraid to leave their homes alone while going on a trip or long vacation. When it comes to home security, then automated blinds are one of the safe and best options. You can schedule them to open and close at regular intervals, thus, giving the impression that someone is at home.

Easy to Operate

Automated blinds are easy to operate. No need to reach out to your windows to open or close them. You can operate them by sitting at a place from any corner of your home just by pressing a button on your remote or a switch on switchboard mounted on the wall. These blinds can also be operated with the help of an app on your smartphone or through voice control via Alexa or google home. One interesting feature of these blinds is that you can schedule to open or close at a particular time.

Add Resale value to your home

Besides providing marvellous features and making your life simpler and automated, smart window blinds also increase the property value of your home.

How are Motorized Operated

Battery Powered Blinds

Battery-powered blinds are best for difficult to reach windows. You can simply operate these blinds by inserting batteries within the barrel of the blind so there is no need to install a plug-in socket or electric wiring.

Electric Wiring Blinds

You can also operate the automated blinds with the help of a DC adaptor by plugging them into a nearby socket. Wires can be neatly run along with the blind and can be hidden behind the blind and can’t be an eyesore.

Hardwired Automated Blinds

Hardwired automated blinds get connected to the main power supply of your house through wiring.

Solar Energy Operated Blinds

You can also have automated blinds that run with the help of solar energy. The solar panel is attached to the blind frame which can be charged with solar energy. These types of blinds are highly efficient. There is no need to spend extra money on buying the batteries.

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying Automated Blinds?

Consider the following before buying automated blinds for your windows:

  • Shape and size of your window
  • Your purpose for installation. Whether your priority and need are privacy, safety, insulation or energy saving.
  • Your room’s decor. Choose the blind that complements the decor and furniture of your room.
  • Mode of operation. Whether you want battery-operated blinds, solar energy operated blinds or hard-wired blinds.
  • Last but not least is your budget. Automated blinds fall under various price ranges. Choose the one that fit your budget.
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