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What are Spacer Blocks for Blinds?

What are Spacer Blocks for Blinds?

Why you Need Blinds?

Blinds and shades have become an integral part of our windows and homes. While curtains have managed to hold on to their ground, it would not be unjust to say that blinds have been giving stiff competition to curtains and have carved out a niche for themselves in the window treatment market blinds perform a myriad function for the homeowners, from filtering natural light, blocking out harmful UV rays, cutting out light in bedrooms, to enhancing insulation of windows, heat blocking, etc. They are designed to help create an amicable and comfortable ambiance inside the house by offering a barrier between the house and onslaught of natural elements. This they do apart from adding aesthetic value and beauty to the surrounding living space.

Inside or Outside Mount Blinds

There are different types of blinds in the market and you choose the one that suits your needs, preferences, budget, and aesthetic sense. Once you have shortlisted the blinds for your windows it is time for measurements. An accurate measurement is critical for the efficient functioning of your blinds. But before that, you have to decide whether you want outside mounting or inside mounting for your blinds. Inside mount blinds are those that are mounted inside the window frame. This is possible when your windows have sufficient depth to support a blind inside the frame. They offer a sleek and neat appearance to the windows. They show off the moldings and are quite popular. However, if your windows lack depth, if the windows are unflattering and small you may want to go for outside mount blinds. The blinds are installed outside the window frame on the wall above the window. They cover the entire length and breadth of the windows, offer better coverage, and also creates an illusion of larger wider windows than they are.

Inside and Outside Mount

What are Space Blockers? Why do you need them?

Outside mount blinds may encounter few challenges and this is where we come across spacer blocks. Many windows come with moldings and trimmings which can interfere with the functioning of blinds. They can keep the blinds from hanging straight down and may rub every time the blinds are pulled up and down. They will scratch against the blinds and can even damage them apart from causing functional issues. This is where spacer blocks come into use. Spacer blocks help to push blinds away from the wall or door and help create a gap between the blinds and the trimmings and moldings, window cranks, door handles, and anything that interferes with the smooth operation of the blinds. Most blinds do not require a space blocker. However, for those that need one, a spacer block is inserted between the installation brackets and the wall to help push the blinds away from the walls enough for the blinds to be able to hang straight. With one spacer block, you can push your blinds away by about ¼-3/8 of an inch away from the wall. If you want more distance then you can stack to space blocks one over the other to get about ½” to ¾” inch away from the wall.

Inside mounts do not require any spacer blocks as they sit inside the frame and do not have to encounter any trimmings or moldings. Space blockers are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the outside mount window and door blinds. So if you have an outside mount blind and encountering obstructions in a hassle-free operation of the same, order space blockers today. Check the size that best suits you and how much you want the blinds to be pushed away from the walls.

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