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What Are Some Unique Ways to Hang Drapes?

A lady hanging her drapes.

Drapes have a very artistic aesthetic appeal. Unlike curtains, drapes are often made of stiffer, thicker materials and are customizable to meet your particular size choices. Drapes are considered more formal and elegant than curtains because of their thicker structure and custom design. They lend an elegance to the rooms they grace, bringing a regal sense to the space’s decor. 

While drapes can be fairly formal, it does not mean that you can’t be creative with them. Read on and we will make suggestions on how you can find creative ways to hang custom draperies in your home.

Use Creative Spacing

Hanging drapes in spaced intervals helps to create a vivid pattern that stands out. Also, it will help bring in the optimal amount of natural light. Light control is granted as you are able to adjust the positioning of drapes with ease as the sun makes its daily rotation.

This style is ideal for bay windows. You will be able to arrange drapes in the corners of the windows for a more orderly yet organic look. The unique ways to hang drapes will give the corners a pleasing texture.

Vary the Colors 

Another unique option is to concentrate on brightly colored drapes. Choosing  bright colors is a great approach if you want to re-decorate your home. By starting with your window decor. you can go out-to-in with your home remodeling.

By selecting a specific curtain color or colors, you can build your palette for the rest of the decor. You can opt for different hues, shades and tones when working with the chosen colors. You can use the curtains as your starting reference.

Change the height of the Curtain Rod

Tall curtains are known to have a noteworthy effect on the appearance of the room they are in. They notedly add the feeling of more height and vertical space. You do not even need to have a particular tall window to achieve this effect. 

Simply select a particularly tall drapery or curtain panel, and instead of mounting it at the top of the window, bring the hardware near the ceiling. This will create a regal sense for the room, as the oversized drapes will help illustrate feelings of luxury and space.

Drapery dressing large windows in a living room.

Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware is frequently a forgotten step when it comes to drapery aesthetics. The hardware should also be in keeping with the rest of the decor. Traditional curtain rods and finials should be in the same color family as the curtain fabric. 

Heavy materials, such as velvets, should be hung from big, ornate rods, while light cotton and sheer curtains should be hung from smaller, more delicate rods.

Also consider the curtain rod’s finials on both ends. Finials are small ornamental elements that can make a significant difference in a room. Consider the size of the finials, as with a greater size, the more they will stand out. Finials can seem like a minor detail, but they can go a long way in sprucing up your decor. 

Combining with other Window Treatments

You do not have to limit your window’s decor to strictly curtains and drapes. Should your window frame provide enough depth, you can mount window shades or blinds inside it along with outside mounted drapery. 

This combo can allow you to play with all sorts of decor features. For example, you can combine the hard lines of cellular shades with the softer, curvy look of drapes. Furthermore, you are given another canvas to play with your decor’s color palette. Blinds and shades are available in many colors, giving you options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your creative process may be, drapes certainly provide a multitude of options. So let your inner artist shine and creatively find new ways to dress your home with some stunning draperies.

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