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What Are Solar Roller Shades?

What Are Solar Roller Shades

Home decor can be considered as therapeutic. Right from saving mood boards of your favorite window station to picking window treatments and decor for the window space – it is a form of self-expression. The expansion of the world wide web has led to an explosion of information. You can choose to have traditional or modern designs from around the world. From the authentic rich eastern culture to imitating your favorite westerns, you can bring home your very own wonderland. These days there is a wide variety of home decor and window treatments you can pick from. Choosing window treatments involves a complex thought process. A crucial question to ask yourself is – Why do I need the window treatment? You see, different types of window treatments come with their unique functionalities. If you want to block the light that enters your space, then blackout blinds are the right option for you. Similarly, if you’re searching for opaque blinds that filter in light – sheers are the right options. For every mood or ambiance, you can find a window treatment to accent the same. Have you ever considered solar shades? If you’re looking for various ways to keep UV rays from entering your space, then solar roller shades are the perfect window treatments for you.

What Are Solar Roller Shades?

Everyone needs the right amount of sunlight. Sunlight consists of high concentrations of Vitamin D that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. But too much time under the sun can lead to a sunburn. Similarly, your home requires plenty of sunlight for it to glow and feel alive, but too much sunlight can make some furniture or other home items look faded and old. Opting to set your space with solar blinds here becomes a good option.

Solar shades feature a screen that filters in the amount of sun and UV rays that enter your space. Solar shades cannot be confused with blackout shades as they don’t eliminate light but rather allow you to choose the amount of light that you would like to let into your space. Even if you have solar shades, you can still enjoy the outside view you adore.
Solar Shades for Sunroom
Is your workstation by the window? Are you considering having your workstation by the window? Does the glare from the windows annoy you too much? That’s when solar shades become perfect for your window. They try to reduce the amount of glare you experience on your electronic devices. It features a tightly woven material that is known to provide privacy during the day time. If you are considering solar shades for your space then you can enjoy them in a variety of colors and design; pick the ones you prefer the most. Here are a few benefits of enjoying solar shades.

1) By introducing your home to solar shades, you’re also introducing it to energy efficient blinds. Since solar shades control the amount of natural light that enters your space, it makes these blinds energy conserving. It also helps in maintaining indoor temperature.
2) Have you experienced moments where you’re engrossed with what you’re doing until that nasty glare broke your concentration? You can reduce the amount of glare that falls on your TV, computer screens and more by installing solar shades to your window.
3) The main function of solar shades is to control the volume of UV rays that enter your home. You have the choice of choosing the amount of natural light you want the solar shades to block.
4) Planning of integrating all your home equipment into your devices? You can include these blinds too! Solar shades come with a smart motorized option for integration to Z-wave smart hubs.
Smart Z-Wave Solar Shades

Are Solar Shades Different from Roller Shades?

When it comes to picking blinds and shades, many people get easily confused. This is because solar shades look almost identical to roller shades. Both of these blinds have similar designs. They feature a thick fabric that is wrapped around a cassette and then lowered according to your preferences. So you must be wondering what is the difference?

All solar shades are roller blinds but not all roller blinds are solar shades. This means that all types of solar shades fall under the broader category of roller shades. Solar shades are a popular variant of roller shades like blackout blinds and light-filtering shades. The main difference is that solar shades have the property of being able to be seen through due to the openings in their fabric.

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