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How Plantation Shutters Protect You Against Extreme Temperatures?

What Are Plantation Shutters

Know What Are Plantation Shutters Which Protects You Against Extreme Temperatures


With the advent of various window blinds in the market, there are multiple choices you can choose from when looking for your ideal window treatment. No two blinds are the same. Each comes with the unique features that separate it from the rest. While some of us are taken in by the beauty of shades, others — more practical people — check their durability, energy efficiency and ability to withstand the effects of climate all year round. The importance of window shades cannot be ignored in the smooth functioning of a house and they occupy a special place in every indoor space. Naturally, we need to be double sure before zeroing in on a shade.

The Victorian era prided in having Roman shades, and massive drapery to cover their bay windows, and many idiosyncrasies brought to us from that era are still in style today. However, modern blinds require smaller and sleeker window treatments that can serve the purpose of home protection and providing understated class. Because of this, modern treatments such as honeycomb shades, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and shutters have taken over the market, and you can find them occupying the spaces in just about every home, office, and restaurant.


What Are Plantation Shutters?


Custom Plantation Shutters


There has always been a divided opinion on the origin of plantation shutters. What are plantation shutters? This is a valid question posed by customers and connoisseurs of home décor alike. The etymology derives from the American South, where estates and large farms produced and grew products like coffee, tobacco, sugar, and cotton, now commonly called as plantations.

The climate in the Southern states of America was subtropical, which meant summers got humid and unsettling. For this, there was a burning need to get rid of old-world curtains and draperies which were too difficult and stifling to handle. This led to the design and development of plantation shutters having wide and thick slats that were a permanent fixture on the window. Many of them were painted white as the color is known to keep the home cooler during summers, and when shut, the shutters allowed for no light or heat to pass through.


Characteristics and Features of Plantation Shutters

Owing to their multiple benefits and features, there has been a resurgence of them in the past few decades, and their good looks ensure they fit well in any kind of setting. Let us look at the key takeaways that not only make them ideal for use in extreme temperatures but also for many other reasons.

1) Appealing aesthetics

You would certainly want your window treatments to solidify the look of the indoors and make your home come alive in any setting, on any kind of wall paints, floorings, and hues in the room. Plantation shutters coming in wood, faux wood or PVC styles keeps the colors minimum and light or come with a texture that resembles that of a wood. Offering a cohesive, clean and uncluttered look, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can create a soothing effect in the room.

2) Privacy Against Intruders

When they are closed, they do not allow for any way to see inside your home your home. The thickness and sturdiness of the blinds also ensure your safety. When they are closed, you can enjoy a satisfying sleep without anyone disturbing your alone time.

3) Ventilation

Plantation shutters are often used in place of windows. So when their slats are tilted open, it allows for maximum light and air to enter. This allows for maximum ventilation and for avoiding your room from feeling too congested. It is necessary to close them from time to time to avoid extreme temperatures such as heat, cold and rain, and during the night. However, you can enjoy the feel of a breeze or soothing sunlight when the temperatures go back to normal. Because what’s the use of having an open window space when you cannot reap its benefits?

4) Long-Lasting

Many plantation shutters are built for use both inside and outside the window. It all depends on your preference. Shutters meant to be installed outside are replete with moisture wicking, fire retardant, and dirt-resistant features. However, that doesn’t deny the fact that most plantation shutters are durable items that will be worth your investment.

5) Easy to Clean

Plantation shutters, unlike many other window treatments, including heavy drapery, are easy to maintain. You do not even need to take them off the windows to start with the cleaning procedure. All you require is a damp cloth from time to time, which is used to wipe off the dust, dirt, and spots that form once a while.

6) Energy Savers

When you have plantation shutters installed, a simple tilt of their slats will deflect light to create a glow inside the room. This saves on electricity costs for the most part of the day. On the other hand, their sturdy material ensures the room doesn’t heat up when they are closed, and inside heat doesn’t escape when temperatures fall. This way they save a lot on your monthly bills.

7) Child and Pet Safety

As modern plantation shutters do not require the need for cords, they are much safer for children and pets who might get easily entangled in them. They require the use of a headrail with wand control or a simple push. This also keeps their look uncluttered and sleek without the need of having a dangling cord.

8) They preserve the life of home items

Harsh sunlight through its ultraviolet radiation causes materials such as carpets, walls, and furniture to fade over time, affecting their looks and lifespan. With plantation shutters in place, you can tilt them to the desired level to filter the good portion of the rays or close them completely when the sun is shining too bright for your good.

To sum up, light control, attractive looks, durability, energy efficiency, and cordless features are some of the attractive features in plantation shutters. They also preserve the looks and lifespan of your furniture and floorings, thereby giving you a great value-for-money proposition. In addition, they make your house look all the better with their amazing and sleek looks. There’s every reason why you should go for them, so make your purchase now to take advantage of all their benefits.

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