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What Are Pelmets Used For?

What Are Pelmets Used For

Pelmets: A Trendy Design Addition for Windows

We all are aware of the importance of creative window decor designs and we look for different ways to achieve that look. Creating a window that will stand out can be an overwhelming task for many homeowners. However, if you choose the right elements, then window frameworks can enhance the beauty of your interior in an elegant way. Your window display is an enormous opportunity to highlight the other furnishings in the home decor. So always make sure to feature them with the right items.

Blinds, shades, and curtains are a magnificent way to reflect your home’s style to the next level. But if you want to give those windows a distinctive touch while achieving some additional functional values along with aesthetic improvements, then pelmets are a great idea. These lightweight boxy structured pieces can enrich the look of your windows in different manners. They allow your window treatment to match or coordinate with the surroundings. So, before you give them a try, know more about these window pelmets and their purposes. This will help you to understand whether you should opt for them or not.

Curtain Pelmet

What are Pelmets?

A pelmet is an architectural framework located above the window frame and mainly used to conceal the window treatment hardware (Usually curtain rods) and other unattractive fixtures. Mostly they were used in the 15th century, during the Renaissance period. These decorative pieces are excellent to enhance the aura and grace of your space.

They look similar to valances and cornices, and the functions are almost the same but the only difference is pelmets are made of a flat layer of fabric over a strong wood. You can get these pelmets painted as well to coordinate the look of your windows with the surroundings. In addition, pelmets do not form any molding and effectively cover the window top or other structure. There are plenty of decorative designs available for these astounding pelmets and you can easily create a style according to your requirements, from straight to curve. They can be mounted to any kind of window having different shapes and sizes that too in the same room. All you have to do is measure the top of your windows accurately to get the right fit. Pelmets might have old-fashioned looks, but proper customization will style up your space in a sober way while adding a minimalistic finishing touch.

Purpose of Using Pelmets

  • To Hide the Curtain Hardware:

Curtain pelmets can be used for concealing the curtain rod or any other fixtures which are attached with your window design solutions. Hide all the hardware and attachments with these amazing frameworks, and make the windows look clean and clutter-free.

  • Control the Light Flow:

Pelmets are designed to control the light flow of your space. Light can easily penetrate through the top of your windows, and you can prevent it by mounting these additional decorative elements. By blocking light, they create a soft and soothing indoor ambiance.

  • For Aesthetic Purpose:

Pelmets are not used only for functional purposes. Covering them with stylish fabric options enrich the look of the windows to the next level, inviting warmth and elegance to space. And you can always enrich this beauty with few additions. Attach light strips to enhance the ambient light control of your space. Or you can break the monotony of your single colored walls and old furniture with these amazing colorful and patterned pelmet designs.

There are different types of designer pelmets available depending on the material, ornamentation, size, and installation style. The most popular and fashionable includes L-shaped, wooden, foam board, and metal pelmets. And you can create the perfect required look while adding a modern flair to the aesthetics.

Pelmets can be used for multiple reasons and it’s up to you how you are going to use them. A good quality pelmet will improve the comfort level of your interior while offering other functional values. Depending on your furniture and overall style of your room, customize them according to your taste, and create the soft, bold, and sturdy look accordingly. Consult with the designers to learn more about these window pelmets!

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