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What are Light Filtering Curtains?

What are Light Filtering Curtains?

A Detailed Look at Light Filtering Curtains

Are you tired or annoyed because of the harsh sunlight that penetrates through the windows? Natural light is desirable and is much welcomed. Sunlight is the source of energy and life and helps to spread cheer and joy in your living space. The soft ray of sun light fills your home with warmth and comfort. But this natural light feels good as long it is soft and inviting. The harsh glares of the sun are not welcomed at all as they cause more irritation than joy. If the sun’s rays are too severe and harsh it makes it they can cause glare making it difficult to work. The light will reflect on your laptop and screens. It will shine down on your eyes when you are trying to rest. In short it will make living uncomfortable and irritable. You want to enjoy natural light but sans the glare. Also, sunlight is the source of the harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can damage health and the furnishings around you. Hence you need protection from these as well.

Life inside your home should be one of comfort and not one of struggle and frustration.  But if you are seeking that smooth bright glow inside your space, then you need something for your windows that won’t block the rays completely but will keep your indoor at an ideal temperature, making you feel pleased and relaxing all day long. Regardless of how much light or privacy you want in your interior can be easily controlled by window treatments.  Though there are plenty of options available in the market, but if you are someone who wishes to give windows a designer appeal along with a sober feel, then light filtering curtains are always suggested. This type of curtain is always enchanting on both windows and doors. They never fail to offer a dreamy classic look to your decor.

Light Filtering Curtains

Let the Light Filtering Curtains Shine on Your Windows/Doors

What are Light Filtering Curtains? – Light filtering curtains are designed with semi-opaque fabric materials and fall somewhere in between sheer and room darkening window curtains. These curtains are manufactured in a unique way, keeping them close will transform the outside extreme sunlight into a soft, warm glow inside your home, while providing protection and cutting glare and other harmful beams. Their functional efficiency makes them a reliable choice for rooms where you need natural light but also concern about privacy such as bathrooms, dining rooms, and front-facing rooms. Extremely popular for dramatically decreasing incoming light that creates an astounding, calm, and comforting indoor where you can enjoy without worrying about the shiny lights. You can always pair them up with the semi-opaque window blinds and shades (like roman blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades, etc.) to make the window look and functional aspects to the next level. A combination of a light filtering drapery panels and blinds/shades creates a delicate yet structured beauty. But light filtering curtains alone can create a statement for your space with their range of colors, textures, and pattern choices. Customizing them with the right design style will bring the alluring appearance your windows deserve. All you need to do is measure your windows accurately and get them installed to change the aesthetics in a sophisticated way.

Can Light Filtering Curtains Make Your Small Room Look Bigger?

Light filtering curtains are lightweight in nature which makes any interior airy, giving it a fresh vibe. If you have small rooms, then you probably desire to give it a bigger illusion, and these curtains will do an amazing job in this scenario. For this, hang them high above the window frame and make sure to keep them floor-length to get the desired spacious appeal. Even outside mounting curtains offer doors and windows complete coverage too, offering multiple functional and practical values.

Do Light Filtering Curtains Block Heat?

In today’s home, keeping the interior insulated is everyone’s first priority for a comfy stay. Light filtering curtains are perfect for rooms where you want to trim heat but to a limited extent. If you want to make the room highly energy-efficient, then opt for blackout curtains or layer other blinds or shade over these light filtered drapes.

Can You See Through Light Filtering Curtains at Night?

Curtains that let in light but can’t see through – Light filtering curtains are designed to allow diffused natural light while providing moderate privacy to your indoor. They will provide privacy at night time, however if you have the lights on inside and are standing next to the curtain, outsiders may be able to see shadows on the curtain. Note that this is different from sheer curtains which do not provide any privacy at night.

Is There Any Other Con of Light Filtering Curtains?

  • These curtains are usually lightweight and they are not very effective when it comes to sound blockage or insulation properties like a blackout and room darkening curtains.
  • As they do not block light completely, hence they are not ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, or where you require ultimate darkness and privacy.

How to Clean Light Filtering Window Drapes?

Cleaning or maintaining these curtains can be a challenging task for many homeowners. But these curtains are easy to maintain if you follow the right method. Regular dusting or vacuuming will keep the dirt and dust away, retaining the flowing beautiful look. But if the quantity of stains or greasy elements is more, then remove them from the windows and give it a quick wash. Before you use any liquid to clean the drapes, check with your manufacturer to see what they advise as otherwise you can damage the material.

Light filtering curtains are an easy way of letting soft natural light in, giving the interior a cozy nook. They are incredibly functional and flexible too to offer various values. Customize them with the right hue and texture to add dimension to your place. To know more about these window designs, feel free to get in touch with the professionals, and give your indoor the appeal that you are looking for a long time!