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All About Drapes

What Are Drapes

The type of window decor you have also plays an important role in your overall home decor. Window treatments are used for various factors but there are always difficulties in picking the right ones. With technology and design at its peak, window decor is not limited anymore. You can choose easily from various designs, colors, and styles. Your window is not only a source of ventilation but is always a way for you to interact with your surroundings. It not only allows fresh air or breeze but lets you enjoy the view too.

A lovely way to add some color to your window space is through window treatments. Not only do window treatments help in uplift the ambiance but also give your window some extra protection. There are many options when it comes to choosing window accents but while picking the right ones, there are various factors to considering but if you’re looking for something light and colorful the drapery is a great option!
Pinch Pleated Drapes

What is Drapery?

Are you looking for a way to bring your decor theme to life? Finding simple ways to bring a pop of personality to your space? That’s where drapery comes into the picture. They’re large pieces of textile or cloth tailored to meet the needs to provide privacy. But drapery plays the role of style as well. They feature bold prints, patterns, and colors or sometimes sombre and subtle colors as well. They’re also referred to as decorative material that is used around the window as well.

What’s so great about drapery is that they have a lot of history too! According to various accounts, drapery first stemmed in B.C but proper accounts of drapery can be traced to the Renaissance period. It was during this period that drapery came to light as a distinct decorative ornament. Architecture soon started evolving hence draperies were used to bring forward the subtle yet elegant appeal.

They were introduced to keep intruders away from peeking into spaces. Through the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, you’ll slowly begin noticing how beautiful woven patterns began making their appearance. During this period, there was the emergence of machinery and technology that could produce textiles for drapery. This leads to the 20th and 21st century which displays rapid advancement in style, design, and types of drapery that are used.

How does Drapery Differ from Other Window Treatments?

When it comes to window treatments the trick is to pick the right one that’ll easily accent your window space. But this becomes even more confusing because there are many options to choose from and they are sometimes interchangeably used for each other. While blinds, shades, and shutters are used interchangeably for each other they are extremely different from drapery in terms of construction. A common example of this when people use curtains and drapes interchangeably. There are some stark differences between curtains and drapes.

It is important to note that there is not such a vast difference between curtain and drapes. Curtains and fabric panels are a bit light in fabric, color, and design whereas drapery is a bit heavier on the patterns, embroidery. Also, drapery comes in subtle elegant colors and schemes to give the classic, traditional or Victorian look. The fabric used for drapery is heavy in terms of blocking light. You can easily pair drapery with light curtains like sheers and enjoy the dual control over lighting. Even space where you use curtains and drapes differs. Curtains can be used in informal and semi-formal setups as they come in bright, vibrant and sombre colors as patterns, whereas drapery is are used in formal spaces. Since the material for drapery is thicker it also helps in insulating or keeping a space warm.
Rod Pocket Drapery Panel

How to Maintain Drapery?

Drapery is not only smart and elegant they’re also easy to clean and care for. Maintaining drapery takes just a little bit of time and effort but their charm will last for a very long time. The method you choose to clean and care for your drapery depends on the color or fabric by which the drapery is made of. Here are certain tips that will help in maintaining your favorite drapery. These will help you in deciding the kind of drapey you would like in your space.

1) When you’re picking drapery for a particular room it is important to keep in mind the amount of sunlight that’ll enter your space. Some colors and designs are more susceptible to fading once exposed to UV rays constantly.
2) For cleaning, just a light dusting from the top to bottom will do and for more intensive cleaning, you use a vacuum with its brush attachment on the lowest setting.
3) Depending on the type of material you can either hand wash or machine wash the drapery with a mild detergent in gentle cycles. But it is important to note only do so after consultation with the manufacturer, some fabrics might shrink after a wash or come with embellishment that gets spoilt with detergent.