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What Are The Benefits of Cordless Blinds?

What Are Cordless Blinds

If you are concerned about the safety of your child and want blinds that will not create any strangulation risks, then the best option to select is the cordless blinds. In the next few sections let us look at what are cordless blinds and what benefits they provide.

What Are Cordless Blinds And Their Benefits?


Simply, cordless blinds are a type of blinds which do not have cords that are used in normal blinds for opening or closing the blinds or for adjusting their slats.

These blinds tend to look a bit sleeker and more modern since there are no associated dangling cords. More importantly, there is no threat of your toddler or pet getting tangled or strangled by the cords of your blinds.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work And Their Benefits

Benefit #1: They are Easy to Fix

What Are Cordless Blinds

The good thing about cordless blinds is that most often you will be able to fix them at home without the need to call your manufacturer. These blinds consist of an internal spring mechanism, which usually retracts for holding the blind in position.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to reset the spring mechanism so that the blind continues to work properly. Additionally, it can happen that the internal ribbons that are strung through it become tangled. This is also a problem which can be fixed rather easily.

Steps to be Taken for Fixing Issues with Cordless Blinds

Note that these instructions can vary depending on the product.

Problem – Blind Does Not Recoil Properly

Step 1

Pull the cordless blinds out so that the blinds fully extend. This way you will be able to straighten the internal ribbon components which may be tangled inside. However, you should pull your blinds down from middle section and not from the sides, since pulling them from sides may well tangle the ribbons even more.

Step 2

Now, you should slowly pull the bottom rail of the blind from the middle, for reactivating the spring present at the top so that the blind recoils.

Step 3

If the issue of no recoil or sagging of blinds has not been resolved after the first two steps, then what you will have to do is unhook them from mounting clips.

Step 4

After that, you should take off the end caps from headrail. Inside the headrail, you will find different friction clips which assist the blind recoil. You should perform a check to know whether these friction clips are damaged. In case you find that some of these clips are damaged, then you should contact your manufacturer to get the replacement clips.

Step 5

If you find that all the friction clips are in good condition then what you will have to do is remove one of them. Too much friction could be the underlying reason why cordless blinds are operating in a very rough manner. You will have to continue the process of removal of the friction clips one by one till the time blind starts operating smoothly.

Problem – Shades Do Not Lift

Day Night Cordless Cellular Shade

Another common issue that is found on any day-night cordless cellular shade is that the shades do not lift. This can happen due to the effect of humidity and heat over shades or it could also be due to tightly wound internal springs or twisted cords.

The solution to this problem lies in resetting the mechanism. Let us see how it is to be done.

Step 1

To start with, you should lower the shade as much as possible

Step 2

After that, pull out the shade from the window at an of 45-degree angles.

Step 3

In the third step, you will have to give the shades gentle tugs and make sure you are not pulling too hard.

Next, you should perform a test to know whether steps you took helped or not. For that, you should lift the cordless shades to the highest point they are able to reach without too much of effort. If it is reaching a higher point after doing the reset then it will show that the gentle tugs are working. Usually, you will have to try four to five times before the cordless blinds start responding as they should.

Benefit #2: They are Easy to Operate

While looking at cordless blinds reviews we can’t miss the topic of how do cordless blinds work and how easy it is to operate them. Best blinds brands make sure that cordless blinds they manufacture are easy to use and operate. Let us look into details of how you can operate them with very little effort and the least amount of hassle.

Operating the Blind Using Rails and a Twist Wand

Operate Using Rails – Closing the Blinds

In case the blinds you have come with a rail system, then all you will have to do is slowly pull down the rail for closing the blinds. If you face a lot of resistance while closing the blinds then it will indicate that something is broken or the blinds have not been installed correctly.

In such situations, you will have to get in touch with the manufacturer to get the cordless blinds inspected.

Operate Using Rails – Opening the Blinds

Similarly, if you want to open the blinds then the rail is to be lifted upwards. By lifting the rail upwards you will be able to open your cordless blinds partially or fully without much effort.

Rotate the Slats – By Using a Twist Wand or Rails

  • If there is a twist wand for your cordless blinds then all you will have to do is twist the wand to right or left for adjusting angles of slats
  • However, if there is no twist and then you will be able to adjust the slats by tilting the rail that is used for opening and closing the blinds
  • By pivoting the rail back and forth you will be able to adjust tilt for the slats.
  • Operating the Blind Using a Remote or Smart Device

Another positive thing about cordless blinds is that a motorized blind can be operated using a remote or smart device like a smart home hub, a tablet, or a smartphone. If a smart device is used for controlling the blinds, then all you will have to do is simply download the app provided by the manufacturer or your smart hub to operate the cordless blinds with relative ease.

Moreover, a smart device can also be used for setting up automatic adjustments of the blinds as per your needs. For instance, you can set the blinds to automatically close at a specific time before you go to bed. This way you will not have to worry about closing the blinds before getting into bed, you will find that they are already closed.


To conclude we will say that if you are looking to buy blinds for your home then you should opt for cordless blinds. They are simple to use and safe for your kids.

In case, you are finding it difficult to choose the right type of cordless blind for your home then give us a call at 1-866-881-8682 or visit our site and our experienced technicians will suggest solutions which will be appropriate for your home and its interior design.

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