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Why Cordless Blinds Are More Effective Than Corded Blinds

What Are Cordless Blinds And Shades

Technology has brought us to a point where we can get the most mundane and difficult tasks done in a jiffy. From changing television channels from the comfort of your living room sofa to booking airplane tickets in a few simple clicks in a smartphone, state of the art technology has certainly made our lives much easier and more convenient. New technology has also entered the realm of home furnishings and decor. Having protective window coverings that protect the house against heat, cold, and dust involves regular maintenance and manual operation. But what if we do not need to move an inch to operate those window coverings?

What Are Cordless Blinds And Shades?

Imagine the blinds installed in your bedroom window. And the cord that dangles right next to them. Have you ever kept track of the number of times they have got stuck when you were trying to open them all the way up? Or the number of times you have frustratingly tried to fix the cord in its location for them to keep it functioning smoothly? With cordless blinds, you can stop worrying about the cords as everything is done and operated through a cordless spring mechanism, or if you go motorized, through a remote or an app in your smartphone.

Know What Are Cordless Blinds And Shades? Cordless VS Corded Blinds

There are multiple cordless options available in a wide variety of blinds used for a variety of purposes. In this section, first we see why cordless blinds are more effective than corded blinds:

1) Convenient: Do you remember the time when you overslept and forgot to turn down the shutters before you went to bed? And when you woke up, you found the sun shining brightly on your face which has resulted in a sunburn. Oh, the perils of combating the extreme heat in high summers! That’s not a very pleasant sight or thought. But this can be avoided. With the advent of motorized blinds, you can set a timer for the blinds to be shut closed when morning comes.

Or imagine a scenario when the window is a little high for you to reach. So every time you need to tilt the blinds, you need a stool or chair to stand on to do the job. With the convenience that motorized cordless blinds provide, you can bid all your discomforts goodbye.

2) Easier to Use: Maybe it will sound absurd to some, but cordless blinds don’t necessarily come with a remote. Many shutters and panel blinds require a manual push or pull to put them in a position you desire. This is to avoid the use of a dangling cord that becomes loose, defective, and difficult to use over time. This feature also enables them to be cleaned and maintained without requiring much effort. Maybe wipe them down with a damp cloth every now and then.

3) Clean and Attractive Look: Here comes one of the most important aspects of installing cordless blinds in your house. Who wouldn’t want their house to give out a stylish and attractive vibe when you are having guests over for the weekend? Would you rather have them gushing over the minimal look of your window coverings or have it accompanied by a cord that sticks out like a sore thumb? The choice is yours.

4) Safer to Use: Managing kids and pets in the house can be a daunting task that may require full-time attention. They need to be constantly monitored and taken care of as they do not usually know what’s good for them and what things they should stay away from. Having dangling cords that are within the reach of dogs in the house may result in your blinds being damaged, or worse, completely destroyed. Dogs have a tendency of getting entangled in and chew on any new object that is within their reach. And when they are left unsupervised, they may damage it or end up choking themselves. This is equally dangerous for children. Hence, it is better to go for safer options like cordless or motorized blinds that do not require the use of cords.

Day And Night Cordless Cellular Shades

5) Variety in Choices: Multiple shops and online stores for window treatments have come up with cordless options in multiple designs, colors, and textures. They are also available in a large range of prices which you can choose according to your budget. A few of these options include roller blinds, shutters, Roman blinds, vertical blinds, day and night cordless cellular shades, solar shades and even valances, drapes and curtains. There is a lot of competition among manufacturers in making a design that not only has advanced features but is appealing to look at and is easily installed as well. Modern cordless window shades can be customized to fit any window size in any kind of room.

Scenarios Where Cordless Blinds Are Most Effective

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Cordless blinds are available for use in Roman shades, cellular shades, wood and faux wood blinds as well as roller shades. However, it is important to also note the scenarios and situations when they can be most effective.

1) When you have pets or kids: As already mentioned, kids or pets can easily get entangled in cords that may lead to hazards like strangulation. Go for cordless window coverings as they are a much safer option in a house with cats or dogs, and are great if you do not stay home long enough to supervise these animals.

2) When your house has many windows: A lot of windows means a lot of maintenance which requires more devotion and time. With corded window coverings, the constant opening and closing of the window coverings might be arduous and make you tired. It is better to go for cordless window coverings that will not only give a uniform look to the house but will also help you easily manage and maintain them.

3) When you have furniture: With cordless options in window treatments, you also have the luxury to keep a table or a desk beneath the window and operate them from a distance through a remote or a smartphone. While operating them through a cord, the furniture might get in your way and make the exercise very taxing. With cordless options, the opposite is the case.

In Conclusion

To conclude, it is safe to say that cordless window treatments are the future of window coverings. Although there are houses which still employ cords to operate them, it is preferable to have corded options to give your window space a clean and tidy look beside keeping your children and pets safe. Available in many different types of window coverings, cordless window shades are high in demand.

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