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What are Cellular Shades?

What Are Cellular Shades

What is a Cellular Shade?

When you are looking for those perfect pair of shades for your homes, the one name that keeps popping in every discussion thread is cellular shade. It is certainly one of the most popular and versatile window shades that you can hope to find for the windows. They attractive and gorgeous, they are energy efficient and versatile – a winning combination through and through. Functionality and good looks is a combination that is tough to resist and there are no reasons why you should.

Cellular Shades & Energy-Efficiency

Cellular shades fold along crisp pleats and they come in a variety of pleat sizes, colors, designs and light control options. But what accounts for the richness and irresistible appeal of cellular shades is their energy efficiency and insulating blinds qualities. If you are looking for a window treatment that can help insulate your windows and prevent loss of energy in the house then look no further for these cellular shades are best suited to your job. Windows are the biggest source of energy loss in the house. During winter when the mercury dips, heaters are used to keep the interiors warm. Poorly insulated windows cause warm air to escape the house causing your heaters to overwork. Similarly, during summers, you use air conditioners to keep the insides cool and pleasant but these same windows case warm air from the outside to flow in unobstructed. In either case, they cause loss of energy and electricity bills to skyrocket due to excess pressure on heaters and air conditioners.

Cellular shades are tailor-made to prevent these wastages and provide foolproof insulation to your windows. They are designed with honeycomb-shaped air pockets or cells which help to trap air. It is this unique design for which these shades are also referred to as Honeycomb Shades. This trapped air offers a layer of insulation between your room’s ambient temperature and window. Cellular shades can be single or double cell. Double cell shades will offer better insulation and they are also more expensive. You need to buy as per your budget and insulating needs. if you reside in a country or area that experiences harsh winters and sultry hot summers, double cell shades are preferred as they help to cut down on your heating and cooling costs significantly. For moderate climate single cell shades suffice. While the R-value of standard windows is around 3.5, cellular honeycomb shades help to increase it to almost 7 (R-value is a measure of the resistance of a material to heat transfer).
Energy Efficient Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades & Light Control

You can choose cellular shades of different opacities. By opacity, we mean the amount of light that gets transmitted through a particular material. Cellular shades are available in four different opacities, namely, sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque. If you want maximum natural light in your room but want to cut down on the glare and provide protection from the damaging UV rays, you could opt for cellular sheer shades. They allow diffused light to flow in the room. If however, you are looking for a fabric that will help to completely block out light and provide 100% darkness in the room then you could opt for cellular blackout or room darkening shades. They are a fantastic pair of shades to include in your bedrooms or media rooms. Light control is another great feature of cellular shades as they give you complete control of your need for light and darkness.
Light Control Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades & Lift Options

Cellular honeycomb shades are available in three variants namely, cordless, motorized and top-down bottom-up. If you have a child or pet at home, motorized cellular shades are the best to have. The cordless variant nullifies the threat of strangulation. Motorized control is the best they make lower and raising shades extremely easy with a mere press of a button. Top-down bottom-up is another versatile and stunning lift option. This shade can be pulled down from top or raised up from the bottom depending upon your need for privacy and light.
Motorized Honeycomb Blinds

Pleat Size

Cellular shades can be folded up in pleats and these pleats are available in different sizes. They are available in 3/8”, 7/16”, ½”, 9/16” and ¾” pleat sizes. The size of the window determines the pleat sizes you should opt for your cellular shades. The larger the windows, the larger the pleat sizes recommended for your shades. They look better.

Cellular shades also make a great window treatment solution for your specialty shaped windows. They are available in a number of specialty shapes like arches, circles, triangles, trapezoids, etc. Cellular shades a perfect for contemporary and modern spaces and can also be paired with valances and draperies to blend with traditional home settings

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