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What are Bottom Up Shades?

What are Bottom Up Shades?

If you are a bit tired of blinds that just go down, you are in for a treat. Bottom up shade is the new kid in the block, charming its way in our homes and lives with amazing alacrity. Also known as Top-Down-Bottom-Up shades, these privacy shades will go a long way in relieving the monotony of conventional blinds.

There is no doubt that blinds and shades have become a must-have feature of all homes. The heady combination of trendy designs and multi-functional benefits are quite hard to resist. These benefits have also increased their use in commercial settings, like hotels and shops. However, with frequent use, come a visual lethargy that kind of wears off the novelty. As consumers look for more innovative designs, bottom up shades have come as a welcome relief.

What are Bottom Up Shades?

The name does not fully appreciate what these shades can do. While these shades do go up from the bottom, they also come down from the top (although there are some that are bottom up only!), gathering up in the middle of the window. As a result, you will have greater control over the privacy and light control of the room.

These blinds use the same cord pull mechanism that is common in most corded window blinds. However, with bottom up shades, there are two cords, that run along two different rails. One rail is essentially the mounting rail that keeps the shade up. This rail comes with a cord that is responsible for lifting up the bottom part of the shade.

The second rail is called the floating rail. It comes with its own cord that primarily controls the upper half of the shade. This is the cord that brings down the top portion of the shade.


What are the Benefits of Bottom Up Shades?

In case you are wondering if top-down-bottom-up shades are worth the hype, let me assure you that this design elements comes with some distinct benefits.

Abundance of Natural Light

With these shades, you can enjoy an abundance of natural light, without compromising your privacy. As the shades remain bunched in the middle, the top and bottom part of the window lets in plenty of light, while the window remains covered at eye-level.

Uninterrupted Views

You can adjust the shade according to your preference, leaving the bottom up for uninterrupted views, while the middle part blocks off the sun. Now enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty of nature, while your bottom up shade keeps the sun at bay.


As mentioned before, these shades cover the window at eye level. As a result, even when your house in one the road, you can still enjoy the view and let in plenty of light, while the interior remains obscured by the shade. As the height can be adjusted, set the shade at a level that is most convenient to you.

Partial Insulation

While other blinds and shades provide great insulation, the need to be completely closed for that. These shades allow you to enjoy partial view, partial privacy, and partial insulation. As you get the option of keeping the shade in the middle, you can actually achieve a lot of insulation, even when the room basks in streaming beams of natural light, while you are busy enjoying the view outside.

Where Do You Use Them In Your House?

Now that you are more or less aware of its benefits, let see how and where you can use bottom up shades in your home.


In bedroom, you need to strike a delicate balance between natural light and comfort. As bedrooms are meant to be relaxing, the light protection becomes vital. While you need plenty of natural light to keep the mood up, when you some sleep, the same light might become the biggest source of annoyance. Moreover, if your bedroom overlooks other buildings or the street, you would need lots of privacy.

Bottom up shades tick all the boxes. Adjust the shade according to the sun’s position in the sky, to cut off the glare and the heat, while still getting plenty of natural light. The shades also provide ample privacy, so that you can relax peacefully. When it’s time for sleep, lower the shade down to the bottom, and just keep the upper part open. This way the room can get some light and ventilation, while your bed remains in the dark.

Rooms in the Ground Level or Overlooking a Busy Street

Bottom up shades are ideal for rooms on the ground level or overlooking a busy street. With other conventional shades, you will need to pull it down all the way to maintain privacy. However, with bottom up shades, you can keep the lower part of the window covered, while the upper section can be left open to let in plenty of light and ventilation. Now you can enjoy your room, without worrying about prying eyes.


Bathrooms demand quite a few things from its window coverings, and light and privacy top the list. There is no doubt that bottom up shades are a blessing for bathroom, especially ones with big windows. It would be a shame to coverup a big window in the bathroom just for privacy! With bottom up shades, you can have both light and privacy. Keeping the shade in the middle will give you enough privacy, while the upper part lets in enough natural light to keep the bathroom dry and germ-free.

Rooms that Get Too Much Sun

If a room gets the full blast of the sun, it would be a great idea to equip them with bottom up shades. You can use them as an alternative to solar shades, that kind of cuts of natural light completely. Escape the glare and heat, and keep only the warmth and brightness of a sunny day.

The good news is that these blinds can be fashioned out of many types of material, be it cellular, natural wood, fabric, and so on. Blending in the perfect with this flexible design can offer you the perfect solution for the varied requirements of your room.