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What are Blackout Blinds?

What Are Blackout Blinds

With hundreds of varieties of window treatments flooding the market it can be quite overwhelming choosing the perfect pair of shades for your homes. Before venturing out in search of the right window treatment, it is important to understand the needs of your home. Are you looking for greater energy efficiency and hence better insulation for the windows? Is enhanced privacy your priority? Is controlling the amount of light entering your house is a greater concern that needs to be addressed? Or are you looking for the complete light blockage to facilitate better sleep at night or morning hours or for a better entertainment experience?

Once you have the answer to these questions you know what exactly you are looking for and it will make your search for the perfect shades an easier task.

The Need for Blackout Shades & Blinds

Blackout Shades for Morning Sleep

Are you an emergency service provider or work in an industry that operates in the night and with daybreak you return home? While the whole world sleeps you stay awake to offer your services. In the morning as everyone gets ready to resume work, you return home looking to catch up on some quality sleep and rest. As you retire to your bedroom, you try to sleep but it’s disturbed and intermittent sleep and you wake up feeling inadequately rested. Your mind and body are still exhausted and you wish you could go back to bed instead of heading out for work.

For those who sleep at night, there is no light outside which ensures a darkened room which is essential for a good sound sleep. It has been seen that sound sleep needs the perfect ambiance and a completely dark room is one of the most important pre-requisite. For you, who stay up at night and get to bed in the morning when the sun is already up, it is a tough ask. There is too much natural light pouring into the room and your drapes and blinds are ill-equipped to block out light 100%. The excess light in the room prevents your body and mind from getting the quality sleep needed. So what is the solution? How do you ensure complete darkness in the room when the sun is shining down in full glory outside? The solution lies in blackout window shades and blinds.

These blackout window treatments are amazing. They can completely transform the ambiance of your room and make them completely dark so much so that not a single ray of light can enter the room. They successfully block light out 100% and ensure good deep sleep for you.

Blackout Shades for Entertainment & Media Rooms

These blackout blinds are also a perfect choice for entertainment and media rooms which require absolute darkness. Even a thin stream of light and wreak havoc in your work and spoil your entertainment experience. They create the perfect ambiance for your home theatres. They do away with all distractions and glares. They are also a great choice for kid’s room as it allows them to sleep uninterrupted for long hours. Blackout blinds and shades also provide added insulation to the windows and help to cut down energy costs. They also do a fairly good job of blocking out noise.
Motorized Blackout Shades for Media Room

Benefits of Blackout Blinds and Shades

• Blackout blinds block out light 100% through the blackout material itself.
• They reduce outside noise.
• They protect your homes from harmful UV rays that cause damage to health and your home interior. They protect your homes from sun damage.
• They reduce heat and cold air from entering your homes and help to maintain the temperature inside.
• Blackout shades are available in different varieties and styles.

Types of Blackout Shades

If you are looking for blackout shades and blinds there are ample variants to choose from.

Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

You can’t get a more versatile pair of window treatments for your windows. These shades look to combine the richness of cellular shades with that of blackout shades. These shades provide the best insulation for your windows and help to put a check on the rising energy bills. They allow a good sound sleep at night, help cut out outside noise and also help protect your privacy. The cordless mechanism of shades makes them a popular choice for people who have pets or toddlers as corded shades pose health hazards.
Blackout Cellular Shades

Cordless TDBU Blackout Cellular Shades

This is another interesting combination packed with features. There are two parts to this shade. One part can be pulled up and the other part has to be pulled down depending upon your need for privacy and light at different times of the day. Combined with this is the goodness of cellular shades and the functionality of blackout shades. They are a great choice of window treatment for bedrooms and media rooms.
Cordless Cellular TDBU Shades

Blackout Roller Shades

Roller shades are a very popular window treatment. They have straight clean lines are great for your minimalist home decor. Roller shades address all of your concerns including privacy and light control. The blackout fabric of the roller shades makes them more versatile as they can be used for your bedrooms and kids rooms. They are available in a variety of colors and designs.

This is a winner all the way through. These dual shades have a zebra sheer shades in the front and a blackout roller shade in the back. Adjust the shades as per your need. When you raise the sheer fabric it will help to filter excess light, offer privacy and also preserve your outside view. When you need complete darkness you just need to raise the blackout fabric.
Blackout Roller Shades

Zebra Sheer Vertical Dual Blackout Shades

These shades have similar features as the one above. The only difference is that they are vertical shades and use for large wide windows or for your sliding glass doors which cannot be covered by horizontal window shades.
Each of these shades is gorgeous to look at and extremely functional. They are perfect for your bedrooms or anywhere that needs darkness