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What Are Accordian Blinds And Why They Are Perfect For Your Home


Selecting the best window coverings can be a difficult task. With various options available, most of them often hesitate to even begin the process. Accordion blinds are usually made of fabric that is pleated. The pleats offer a sense of texture to the window space as well as the room. Most people prefer accordion blinds because when pulled up they lie flatter than regular blinds when completely raised. This is because the fabric is thinner compared to any other kind of blinds. Accordion blinds can also be motorized to make their lowering and raising more easier and safer when there are children at the house.

Accordion blinds were initially installed to offer the mildness of drapery without the thickness of curtains. Their functionality and long-lasting acceptance originate from their design. Accordion blinds are made of a single fabric layer that is pleated so as to compress like an accordion when raised.

How Are Accordion Blinds Different From Cellular Blinds?

At first glance, accordion and cellular blinds might look similar. Both types of blinds are often made of woven fabric that has been pleated. Both the blinds look a little similar to shades when they are lowered while offering a slight stripe pattern to space.

Accordion blinds possess a single layer of fabric to control light and a thin insulation layer to the window. Sometimes, these blinds are lined to provide more light control as well as more insulation. But, cellular blinds are built differently.

Cellular blinds were developed to offer a greater energy efficiency level by providing multiple insulation layers for the window. They are made of at least two layers of fabric to develop a central air pocket between them that appears in the shape of a honeycomb. This is the reason they are called honeycomb blinds. The additional layer and the air pocket offer surplus resistance to heat loss as well as decreasing the heat coming through the windows during the summer. In contrast, accordion blinds are just one layer of pleats which makes them a bit slimmer and sleeker than cellular blinds. This also allows for larger pleats. That said in some areas, people will use the terms accordion blinds and cellular blinds interchangeably. For this blog we will be talking about the single layer pleated blinds.

Why Are Accordion Blinds Perfect For Your Home?

Accordion blinds are the most popular type of window covering due to their style, versatility, and longevity. Accordion blinds possess various benefits and are the most preferred choices for most homes:

  1. They are Safe

The primary reason why accordion blinds work for most of them is they are kid-safe. The cords of the pulley mechanism aren’t present within the reach of any toddler as they are present in the fabric from inside. Once the blinds are raised, the cords can be safely placed out of reach. In fact, there are blinds that are available with a spring activity raising mechanism, thereby eliminating the pull cord completely. Also, accordion blinds come with a snug fit that suits your window’s size and shape perfectly which implies that there isn’t any additional piece of cloth hanging down within the kid’s reach. So, children will have nothing to yank on making these blinds one of the most popular child proof blinds choices among parents.

  1. Accordion Blinds are Flexible

Accordion blinds are quite adaptable and flexible in terms of allowing heat and light to enter. These blinds come in various colors and thickness that lets in the appropriate quantity of light according to your specific requirements. They can also be used to brighten the dull evening rays and soften the intense afternoon light in the same space.

  1. User-Friendly Design

Accordion blinds suit every design requirement exceptionally. They are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures. Additionally, their stylish effects range from subtle to striking. They possess a good, soothing effect on window coverings and can act like a simple visual focal point. They can accent a valance making your windows look elegant. If you don’t wish to look at them, then they can also open up flat. And, in the presence of a beautiful view outside your window, you don’t have to move any drapes aside for enjoying the view. The blinds fold discretely into the window panes allowing in the maximum amount of light through the window which looks appealing as well as very efficient.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

Accordion blinds can be cleaned easily. You can just pull down the blinds and then clean the fabric with the brush attachment on the vacuum. Then, using a moist sponge you can clean each pleat gently, beginning from the top and moving down to the bottom. Keep the blinds remain open until they dry completely.

  1. They are Durable

The accordion design organically retains its shape, which implies you can keep your window coverings for several years. As they easily fold out of the way, they require less maintenance than any other options. Even if you select a dark color for your accordion blinds, characteristics like UV-blocking coatings and thermal layers can help them maintain their bold appearance. While accordion blinds are not as thick as honeycomb blinds, their similar design avoids them from breaking/bending.

Bottom Line

Accordion blinds accentuate your window covering. Their adaptability makes them one of the most user-friendly blinds available. The only actual concern is choosing the perfect style that suits your decoration requirements. Accordion blinds look stunning while being functional. Accordion blinds possess various special applications such as no drill options for uPVC windows, day and night blinds combining two fabrics in single-blind, shaped solutions for conservatory roofs, and bottom-up, top-down blinds that can be placed anywhere in the window space to control glare, light, and privacy.

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