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Ways to Re-Decorate Your Kitchen As A Main Focus Of Your Home


Transformation & Evolution of Kitchens

If we have to identify one room in the house that has undergone significant transformation over the years, it would be the kitchen. Kitchens were labeled as drab, disorganized places- and perhaps the least attractive of all spaces in the house. Aesthetics were not given much thought when it came to kitchens. However, as the interior décor of living spaces started gaining importance, people started to pay closer attention to every aspect of the house. This gave the kitchens a much-needed makeover. Kitchens started becoming cleaner and better-organized, which made them a space where working became easier and enjoyable. It started becoming the pride of the house and emerged as a place for entertaining people.

Kitchens as a Multi-dimensional Space

Cooking up hot delicious meals for loved ones is what kitchens are used for. But kitchens today are much more than that. It is where the whole family gathers to catch up at the start of a day or the end of a long day at work. It is where couples catch up quickly over a cup of coffee before rushing off to meet their respective commitments. Friends often drop in for a hot cuppa or a quick drink, for which the kitchen serves as the meeting place. It is a bright and cozy space with lots of natural light, greeneries and aroma of freshly-made delicacies. Kitchens have the potential and character to easily become the focal point of any home if they are treated well and intelligently. A sophisticated, sleek, and chic kitchen would be any homeowner’s dream.

How to Transform the Look & Feel of your Kitchens

Let us take a quick look at some of the simple ways you can give your kitchens a much-needed makeover.


Cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen. The kitchen is one of the places in the house that needs massive storage options to store the different types of tableware, crockeries, groceries, spices, etc. Storage is usually built below the cook top and also mounted on the walls for easy access. If you want to give your kitchens a makeover, contemplate changing the doors of the cabinets. It will transform the look and feel of the kitchen without incurring massive costs. You can re-stain, add a trim to flat panel doors, or paint the doors with fresh new colors. The timeworn cabinets will get a fresh lease of life. Moreover, try adding some new hardware like different knobs and pulls,and you can see the instant difference it makes to the kitchen appearance. If you are doing up a new home, you can choose the color combination you want for the cabinets depending on the color scheme of the kitchen. You can choose a wood-stained cabinet or a greyish cabinet if you want a dark-toned look. Alternatively, you can use a dash of bright color like mustard or yellow on one of the walls to brighten up the space.


Adequate and effective lighting is very important for kitchens. A dark and gloomy kitchen would be draining and tough to work in. You would not want to spend too much time there because it is depressing. While natural light is very important to energize the space, there must be proper artificial lighting to complement your kitchen once the sun goes down. Add more light under the cabinets and over the work areas tosee the difference it makes to your kitchen. If you have a nice island counter in the kitchen, you could try adding three dangling, pendant-like lights or even a chandelier for maximum visual impact to dazzle up the space. A mix of warm and bright lights is needed to spice things up in the kitchen.


Countertops are the most important part of your kitchen. Along with the cabinet, they present a unit that can make or break your kitchen look. They are the prominent focal point of the kitchen and are effective in drawing attention. Natural stones like granites and marbles remain a favorite among homeowners. But since they are natural stones, they can be costly. You could experiment with cheaper variants like onyx, laminate, and wood as they are equally stunning to look at. Keep the counter clutter-free and sparkling to elevate the appeal of your kitchen.

Window Treatments

As stated, a lack of adequate natural light can make any space look depressing. Sunlight creates a cheerful and happy ambiance which helps to spread positive energy throughout the space. Kitchens need windows for light and proper ventilation. Until now, having a large window over the sink or cooking area seems to be viewed as the ideal setting. However, as much as we love natural light, too much sunshine could heat up the space, particularly during the hot summer months. It will also allow the harsh glares of the sun and harmful UV rays to enter the kitchen unfiltered, which could cause your décor and furnishings to fade or peel off. Window treatments are needed to protect the privacy of your kitchen space, cut out the harsh rays, and offer adequate insulation. If your windows are located near the cook top, make sure that you choose non-inflammable material for your blinds and shades. For the windows above the sink, only moisture-resistant blinds like faux wood, aluminium, and vinyl would work. These blinds are beautiful to look at and along with the functional value, they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchens.

If you have a bay window or large window located away from the sink or cook area you can use sheer curtains, sheer shades, shutters and top-down-bottom-up shades to create a luxurious ambiance inside the kitchen. They can completely transform the appearance of the kitchen space. With the right color and design, your window treatments can elevate the look of your kitchen and make it the focal point of your house.

Color Scheme

Color scheme plays a very important role in any room of the house. The color scheme you choose will determine the color of your walls, cabinets, window treatments etc. to create a harmonious whole. You can choose neutral colors for your walls as they are timeless do not stand out. For example, a white or tan wall will not distract the eye or clash with other colors in the kitchen. Making the furnitures and cabinets neutral would be a good choice for uniformity. The bold touches can be reserved for accessories, wall hangings, and window treatments. You can opt for a dark-toned kitchen using colors like grey. They look chic and elegant. You can break the monotony by using a splash of a bright color on one wall or using bright-colored appliances such as the refrigerator. You can even use a mix of subtle undertone color like grey for walls, counter-tops, and appliances and then use a brighter shade like mustard for the cabinet doors. This will create a gorgeous look that will sweep you off your feet.

As kitchen consists of a number of elements, you can use different colors and textures to create a unique look that will leave a lasting impact on people visiting your home.

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