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Ways To Make A Child Friendly Modern Home


Challenges of Designing a Modern Home

Designing a home and getting the ideas implemented effectively can be a challenging task for all homeowners. Even if you have designers doing the ground work for you, ensuring that everything gets done in accordance to the plan requires a lot of patience, diligence, effort, and of course time. The task of setting up the home and choosing the décor pieces and style becomes all the more challenging if you have small children in the house as you have to think about their safety at all times. It becomes your top priority. However, just because you have children in the house does not mean that you have to sacrifice giving your modern home your desired look and feel or personal style. Yes, it will require a little more brain storming as to how to create a child-friendly environment in a modern styled home. You have to strike a balance between the two so that you need not have to compromise.

How to Resolve the Conflict Between a Modern Home Style & Presence of Children

 Let us take a look at some of the ways you can do up your home that will avoid conflict between your children’s requirements and a modern styled house.

  • Many homes have bay windows in some rooms. The bay window juts out of the external walls of the house creating a bay-like space inside the room. It has angled windows surrounding the nook which can be put to various uses. A bay window is more often than not used as the reading corner of the house. Create a soft comfortable seating arrangement, then throw in some colorful cushions and add a smart light or two and you have a beautiful space in your room that can be used for multiple purposes. You can use the space below the seat for storage purposes as well, while on the walls along the side of the window frame you can place some shelves to display books for children. Easy to reach, the children can take down books when they want to read or see pictures and use the seat to curl up with the book while sipping on their favorite juice or shake.
  • If you have two children and space is limited, opt for bunk beds which are now available in different themes and colors to blend with your décor style and overall appearance of the house. You can add wall papers, string lights, smart rugs on the floors and themed window treatments to complete the look. The bunk beds are sleek and smart and take up little space.
  • Modern minimalist home décor uses minimal objects to do up a room. Go ahead and design the rooms with this mantra in mind. Avoid clutter and stuffing too many things in the room. Keep room for sufficient leg space in the rooms as children will be running around and playing.
  • Modern homes make use of rugs and throw pillows for style. Try and avoid light colors like white, off-white and cream even though they can look very elegant. These are the least child friendly colors. The light colors show dirt and spills vividly and they can be more difficult to clean. Use darker colors and patterns. You can use rugs and pillows to add pops of bright colors in your otherwise neutral shaded room.
  • For your storage requirements you can opt for a bench or ottoman with hidden storage. It will help to put away all the clutter and the children will love the hidden compartments while the adults will enjoy the seamless style. It is a chic solution to your storage woes.
  • The furniture you choose for your rooms must be child friendly. Even if you happen to live in a home with a lot of space, children have a way of finding corners to bump into. Select furniture that is round and is sans sharp corners. You will find a range of great looking pieces of furniture that blend beautifully with the modern décor of your house.
  • In keeping with less clutter and the smart appearance of modern homes without taking away anything from your children, give them ample spaces to play. Design a play counter, a tabletop where they can paint, build blocks and do their craft activities without creating a mess on the floor or other places in the house.
  • For your children’s room, use semi gloss paint. Any marker, crayon or chalk will all wash off easily without ruining the aesthetics of your modern home.
  • Carpets and children do not mix very well. As kids are constantly running around the house, they tend to trip and fall. They can spill juice or other food items on the carpets thereby ruining them, sometimes irreparably. It is better to do away with the carpets altogether, but they do add a touch of elegance and style to your living space. So instead, consider using carpet tiles. They are easier to clean and maintain.
  • Window treatments are an integral part of your home décor. Drapes, roller blinds, cellular shades, wooden blinds etc. are great examples of modern blind styles. While we cannot imagine windows without window treatments, we must take measures to ensure that they are child -friendly if you have children in your house. Irrespective of the blinds and shades you choose, make sure that they are cordless. Corded blinds pose the threat of strangulation.
  • For modern homes, motorized blinds or smart automated blinds operated through smart devices are considered the best choice. If you are using drapes, check the rods of the curtains. Make sure that the rods are neither too heavy nor too flimsy and that they are securely attached to the brackets.

If you are shifting to your new home or looking to give your home a makeover, do not let the presence of children deter you. Tiny adjustments here are there are all that is needed to make it work. Discuss with your consultant, identify the areas of challenge, and find a way to work around them without compromising with your desires and dreams.

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