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Waterproof Window Treatments for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Waterproof Window Treatments

Finding Window Treatment Solutions for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Finding the right window covering solution for bedrooms and living rooms is not as overwhelming as trying to figure out a treatment for those hot and steamy bathrooms and moisture-laden kitchens. Have you worn yourself out looking for that window shade or blind that combines longevity and durability with privacy and elegance? Does nothing seem to last long in these two rooms in your house?

Bathrooms and kitchens are extremely important yet sensitive spaces in your house that should never be overlooked or belittled. They certainly deserve their own signature styles that can combine functionality with elegance and warmth. Given the amount of exposure to heat, moisture and humidity, dressing the windows in these rooms pose a definite challenge to homeowners. If the installed window treatments are not moisture-resistant, it will cause expensive binds and shades to warp and peel off. It is no use opting for designer shades and grand blinds if they cannot withstand moisture. You need a sturdy and durable solution, that’s where waterproof blinds come in.

We will try and decipher the possible solutions at your disposal, which materials work well and which ones don’t. While selecting and considering shades and blinds for your bathrooms and kitchen, pay special attention to the material because an error in judgment here can have a huge impact on the windows as well as the shades. This is because not all materials are ideal for resisting moisture and heat. Let us get you familiar with all moisture-resistant window solutions available in the market to end your bathroom and kitchen window related woes.


When it comes to finding the ideal bathroom window treatments your choice is limited. This does not mean that you cannot have something beautiful, elegant and functional. You just have to be a little smart in your choices.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are great for your bathrooms. They are practical and functional with a degree of softness. They help to absorb sound, allow light filtration and provide privacy. However, when selecting the shades, opt for moisture-resistant fabrics otherwise they will perish prematurely. Natural fibers have a tendency to trap moisture which will allow mold to grow on your shades. Many roman shades have polyester, water-resistant materials or water-repelling liners.

Roman Shades for Bathroom

Faux Wood

Faux wood shades for bathrooms are quite compatible. They give the look and feel of wood and are elegant but more versatile when it comes to dealing with moisture. They do not warp or disintegrate under the extreme humidity. They ensure privacy and light control as well. Continued exposure to sun or heat does not cause them to warp.

Bathroom Faux Wood Blinds

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl window shutters look to combine the beauty of real wood with the advantages of its vinyl parts. They are neat, allow natural light stream in though not compromising on privacy. They are also moisture resistant which makes them a popular solution for bathroom windows.

Roller Solar Shades

If you are looking for water-resistant options, roller solar shades are also great because they come with polyester fabric which is moisture resistant. Vinyl solar shades make an equally great choice.

Aluminum Vertical Shades

Aluminum vertical shades may not be as visually appealing as faux wood but they make a good choice when you are looking for moisture-resistant options. They are practical, sturdy and serve the purpose well.


The kitchen is the place in your house where you cook delicious meals and feeds and nurture your family. For any householder, the kitchen holds a very special place and rightly so. It’s beautiful to have a kitchen with pretty windows but that poses the challenge of finding the right solution. Kitchens, like bathrooms, are high on moisture as water is constantly being used to wash, cook and boil. There are steam, grease, food stains everywhere and workable and functional window treatment is necessary for them to survive. But you also need to add an element of softness and elegance as well. The shades need to provide an airy feel, light control, privacy from prying eyes in addition to being moisture-resistant. Quite a task on hand really!

Roman Shades

Roman window shades are elegant and have a traditional look and feel about them which imparts a whole new dimension to your kitchen. However, any random roman shade will not fulfill your requirements. Take care to choose moisture-resistant fabric without which food stains, grease, and humidity will completely destroy your coveted shades.

Kitchen Roman Shades

Faux Wood Shades

For those greasy humid kitchens, faux wood shades are tailor-made. They are elegant without peeling off or warping from excess exposure to moisture. Faux wood shutters have wide slats which makes it easy to clean them.

Roller Shades

Custom roller shades are chic; allow great light filtration and privacy. However, since it is the kitchen you are talking about taking extra care to select vinyl or polyester material as they are moisture-resistant and hence be more long-lasting.

Roller Shades for Kitchen

Materials to Avoid and Choose

While weighing all options for window shades for bathrooms and kitchen make sure you avoid solid wood and fabric at all costs. Both share an extremely poor relationship with water and repeated and prolonged exposure to moisture could be disastrous. Fabric will disintegrate and fade while the wood will swell and crack.

Vinyl, faux wood, and polyester are water-resistant and are quite durable and long-lasting and serves your purpose well.

Polywood is a great choice that is entirely waterproof. It has components that repel water completely. They are great for both outdoor and indoor shades.

Invest Right

Shades and blinds are not only meant to increase aesthetic appeal and enhance the beauty of your home décor. They do not merely accessorize your rooms but are manufactured to serve practical purposes. It is important to recognize your rooms’ needs, do a survey of possible options, take an expert’s help if needed and choose only the best for your bathrooms and kitchens. Shades and blinds are not cheap so make sure that you are investing in the right resources that are valued for money.

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