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Alexa or Google Home – Which is Best for Smart Windows?

Voice Assistant Devices

Voice Assistant Devices: Google Home vs. Alexa

Smart voice assistants are a cool addition to any beautiful residence. The ability to control everything in your home without touching them is a notable example of owning a smart home. Over the years, Amazon Echo and Google Home have got more upgrades to improve the efficiency and integrity of your home. When it comes to considering one of them for your décor, it creates so many difficulties to choose. Both these voice assistant devices have left a remarkable sign when it comes to showing the smartness of your interior windows. Wondering smart functionality with windows? You may think about how voice assistants are related to window treatments? Well, popular brands such as Graber have come up with some unique solutions that not only enhance the beauty of your room but also offer you various benefits to look beyond. And these hands-free mechanisms make the operation of windows easier, smoother, and safer as well for every homeowner.

Alexa vs Google Home

Using the voice commands, you can raise or lower the blinds or keep them in the desired position. Blinds compatible with Google Home or Alexa bring comfort and flexibility in your daily life.

Both these assistants are the popular and stylish selection for every décor type, but a study conducted by Kantar World panel says that Google Home users are more satisfied compared to Alexa. Then another survey conducted in 2018, found that users are more friendly and comfortable with the functions of Google Home. Google assistant shades respond more quickly than the Alexa powered blinds. Most of the scientists say that after introducing these Automatic Google Home Blinds, people tend to enjoy natural lighting (because of the smart window dressings) rather than the smart artificial lighting. If you are searching for a voice control device that can handle all your window blinds together, then Google Home may be the solution.
Smart Roller Shades with Google Home

Voice Assistant Devices with Smart Window Coverings

There are various things to consider before you decide to buy the best voice assistant. Below are the comparisons that will state which one is best to go for –
• You can select Google Home Max, Google Home Hub, or Google Home Mini as per your requirements. And when it comes to Alexa, only Echo Dot is a smaller version of Amazon Alexa.
• When we talk about price; Google Home is a little bit costly than Alexa, but their effectiveness will show why they are worthy for your smart windows.
• Google Home looks like a dehumidifier while Alexa has a cylindrical shape.
• In Alexa, you can change your voice to different languages and in case of Google home, apart from the different languages; you can change the default female voice to male.
• Google Home has various unique features to look for, and every day it is coming with new things which means you don’t have to add additional skills that you usually do with your Amazon Echo.
Google has already shown its capability and compatibility with the window dressings in the best way. The main reason behind choosing Google Home is their simple set up formula and after integrating them with window shades and blinds; the process becomes more simple and straightforward. With your Google Home smart blinds, you can take your smart home to the next level.
Always make sure that window solutions are compatible with the smart home automation hub. There are various reasons to opt for voice-activated shades especially Google automated Shades –
• Secure Solution for home with kids and pets as they don’t have any dangling window cord.
• A versatile and flexible option that offers a convenient mechanism. You can manage all smart motorized z-wave blinds from one place.
• Helps to improve your wellness by protecting you from unwanted things.
• Enhance the energy efficiency of the interior while saving money.
• Increase the value of the entire décor.

Now, you have learned how voice-activated Google Home window treatments are beneficial for our amazing home. But how to set them up? Using the Z-wave technology connect the shades and blinds with smart home automation hub such as Samsung SmartThings. And they are ready to go. Depending on your personal needs, adjust them with your commands. During the setup procedure, you can take the help of the window professional executives.
Blackout Roller Shades with Google Home

Note: Alexa may be good with other smart gadgets in your home, but Google Home works best with smart window coverings.

Google Home: A Trendy Solution for Smart Window Treatments

No matter whether you go for Alexa or Google Home, it should bring happiness, joy, relaxation, and convenience in your daily living style. But according to many surveys, Google Home gets the most priority among all. Upgrade home with your voice commanding window designs and get the designer home you waited for a long time. Besides, ZebraBlinds offers you to customize the product from a wide range of colors, fabrics, and texture selections. Make your days and nights pretty and simple by the excellent functionality of these amazing smart windows. Explore them now and choose the best one that will last for a lifetime.

Google Home Window Blinds and Shades – The Future of the Upcoming World!!