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FAQ: Are There Viable Alternatives to Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blind Alternatives

FAQ: Are There Viable Vertical Blind Alternatives?


Many homeowners think that traditional Vertical Blinds are effective Sliding Door Window Treatments, but aren’t the sleekest or most flattering look for a modern home. Do you also feel the same way about these Custom Vertical Blinds?

French or Patio doors at home are unique design spaces that let you enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your interiors. You need the ideal window covering idea to make the best use of them. While we believe that Vertical Blinds are an excellent practical option, they are not for everyone, so we have the perfect substitute solution for you! Our selections of Vertical Blinds Alternatives are attractive to look at and have excellent insulation and light control properties as well.

So what makes these replacements an exceptional option for your interiors? Let’s find out!

Q: Why is There a Need for Replacing Fabric Vertical Blinds?


Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors


These window coverings are considered traditional looking and not so easy on the eyes. Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors provide excellent control over light and privacy conditions inside the room. If the vanes are damaged, you can replace them easily. The blades are loose at the bottom ends to let in the fresh breeze. But despite their practical advantages, they are not so preferred by customers because of their ‘dated’ looks. Hence the need to replace them with latest style trends from the market.

Q: What are The Required Needs for Sliding Door Window Treatments?


As sliding or French doors are large open spaces in the house, they require unique designs to make efficient use of them. So window treatment ideas should utilize these spaces to their maximum without getting in the way of their functionality. Some requirements are:

#1 Superior control over maintaining the illumination and privacy conditions inside the room.

#2 Act as insulators from heat and the harmful UV rays.

#3 Easy and simple operation.

#4 Attractive colors and styles to blend with modern interior designs.

Q: What are Some of The Products That are Viable Alternatives to The Vertical Blinds?


There are few products which can serve as superior Patio Door Window Treatments. Graber, a renowned window furnishing brand in the market, offers a range of Sliding Panel Tracks Panel Blinds and Shades that feature unique designs and styles. These shades bring a uniform and fresh look to the home and also add a certain depth to the overall look.

Be it your patios doors, arch or large window spaces, Graber Window Treatments hold the power to transform your home.

  • Based on horizontal wheel track movements, opening and closing of your shades is a breeze.

Graber Sliding Panel Shades


  • Accents Graber Sliding Panel Shades are fabric panels with aluminum wheel tracks. Efficient in protecting from the harmful UV rays and heat from outside, they are versatile and also double up as room divider solutions. So if you want to utilize any large space temporarily as a private space, these shades are perfect for it. You can also bask in the abundant assemblage of colors, patterns, and styles to blend with your home interiors.
  • Available in light controlling, sheer, and natural shade fabrics.
  • Light Filtering Sliding Panel Shades are also available in different opening factors of 1% to 7% and 10% to 25%. This openness factor describes the amount of light that passes through.

Graber Sliding Panel Natural Shades


  • Accents Graber Sliding Panel Natural Shades are energy-efficient and eco-friendly window coverings. Made from natural material compositions like Bamboo Reed, Curly Jute, Jute Rope, Jute Twist in different quantities and combinations giving a classy and fresh look to your house. With these shades too you can enjoy varying degrees of privacy – minimal, moderate, and maximum with the addition of liners.

Panel Track Blinds


  • There are different modes of operating these Panel Track Blinds – wand and cord control. You can explore valence and stack options as well.
  • With the range of neutral and subtle colors, accent the elegant radiance in your house.
  • Enjoy a floor to ceiling decorating idea with these shades.
  • Some fabrics available are OEKO-TEK certified which means free from PVC, toxic dyes and any other toxic materials, and they also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Need a Classy Look at Your Budget?

At an affordable budget, you can gift yourself a modern yet classy look for your space. At ZebraBlinds we believe in providing the best experience for our customers, hence you can enjoy high-quality products at budget-friendly prices. Customize the items as per your taste and style. Once you start browsing through our catalog, you won’t go back!

So check out our fantabulous selection of Panel Track Blinds and fall in love with your home all over again.

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