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Ideas For Decorating Your Basement – Are Vertical Cellular Shades the Best Suited Window Treatment for it?

Vertical Cellular Shades

Ideas For Decorating Your Basement – Are Vertical Cellular Shades the Best Suited Window Treatment for it?

We often neglect our basement areas when it comes to home decor. We think that since no one will spend that much time in the basement, we don’t need to focus on decorating it. However, window treatments can really transform our basements from a cramped, uncomfortable space into something that is warm and inviting. You can try some of the best suited vertical cellular shades which are available in our online store to adorn the windows of your basement.

Vertical Cellular Shades for Basement Windows


Slide-Vue Graber® Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades- Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades For Easy Maintenance

We recommend you to buy these cellular window shades for your basement for various reasons. First of all, it is very easy to clean. Since we do not spend much time in the basement and want to quickly finish our work there and come to the main living area, this place often remains unattended.

The second reason is the blackout features. Since we often store expensive books, rugs and other stuff which we do not use on a regular basis, it is very important to safeguard them from the harmful rays of the sun. This variety of cellular window shades will be perfect for that purpose. It will stop the discoloring of the items which are stored in the basement.

If you have created a hobby room for doing all your stitching, painting, woodwork etc. in the basement, again you will have a lot of stuff there which needs gentle care. Harsh rays from the sun will produce heat which may disfigure them or distort the shape, or simply make them fade. Slide-Vue Graber® Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades will ensure that they are kept intact.

This variety of cordless blackout cellular shades is very safe for pets and children too. Since there are no cords attached, there is no fear of choking or strangulation. The price might be a little at the higher end, but by looking at the benefits, we would advise you to buy them.

Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades


These honeycomb vertical cellular shades from Graber are durable and you can install them and forget about them completely. Since we do not change the décor of the basement frequently, a long-lasting variety of window treatment is a perfect solution for the basement windows.

These perfect cordless blackout cellular shades are extremely energy efficient too. We often do not have complete insulation in our basements and spending time there becomes unbearable during the winter months. However, these cellular window shades will trap all the natural warmth and keep the area cozy and usable.

These shades are available in different cells sizes like ¾ inches single cell, ⅜ inches single cell, and ⅜ inches double cells. Choose from the variety of cordless blackout cellular shades and you can select the perfect one for different levels of insulation from outdoor heat and sound.

They are available in more than two dozen patterns and colors. Request for your free sample amongst the most popular ones available on our site which include Castaway 0423, Fresh Brew 0447, Scarlet 0406, and Hazy Skies 3848.


Slide-Vue Graber® Light Filtering Vertical Cellular Shades – Cellular Window Shades For Elegance and Luxury

Most of us do not care much about the look and feel of our basement, however since many of us set up hobby rooms in the basement, or reading areas etc. it is very important that we give importance to the look of this place too. The CrystalPleat Cellular fabric design makes these cellular window shades perfect to look at and adorn on your basement windows.

They come in multiple colors to suit your taste and interior color patterns. I have done one portion of my basement area in blue. I have placed blue colored rugs and have placed some cushions with blue covers on the rugs. My kids love this place and often come here to do further reading.

Some study tables, couches placed here and there gives them the perfect place where they can concentrate on their studies. The soothing shade of Inlet 0079 gives them the perfect feel of blue waters and the sky and they love to spend hours here. This type of cellular window shades is low maintenance and will enhance the texture and feel of the space.

These cellular window shades are available in ¾ inches single cell, ⅜ inches single cell, and ⅜ inches double cells and you have various colors to choose from. If you want to give a natural feeling to a particular area in your home, then choose shades like Lioness 5113, Mocha 5111, Cayenne 0072, Country Barn 0088, Quicksand 0015 or Sandcastle 0013.

Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades for Basement



Graber Motorized Exterior Solar Shades – Remote Control Shades for the Most Privacy

Basement doors and windows are normally very large as the area covered is quite enormous. Closing the window treatments often becomes a hassle, especially if you are not a very tall person. This variety of remote control shades will you a lot of hassle when trying to operate those hard to reach windows.

They come in solid colors and will fit in very well in any kind of décor. Vanguard 3% Homage 48217, Vanguard 3% Obsidian 48219, Vanguard 3% Peloton 48218 etc. are the darker shades which will give you complete privacy in large basement windows.

This variety of remote control shades are capable of blocking 90% UV harmful rays to ensure that your children and other family members are safe indoors. So if you have a gazebo attached to your basement, then this variety of cellular window shades will be the ideal one for you. You may think about adorning your exterior patios and decks using this material.


Graber Motorized Solar Shades for Basement


Cordless Roman Shades- Adorn your Basement Windows to Minimize Light Seepage

If you have stored valuable paintings, jewelry, and other valuable items in your basement, then it will be very important for you to safeguard them from the harsh light and the harmful UV rays. Our recommendation would be to go for these cordless roman shades and give an elegant look and feel to your basement.

You can choose different variants of these custom Roman shades like cordless, light-filtering, blackout, and other styles. Classic Flat Roman, Looped Roman Shade, Balloon Shade, Relaxed Roman Shade, Seamless Roman Shade are some of the fabric styles which you can decide upon based on your likings and budget. These cordless roman shades are safe for the children of your home as there are no hanging cords to create any accidents.

Cordless Roman Shades for Basement



This variety is very budget friendly and it matches very well with the colors of other furniture. One of my friends has done up one corner of her basement using the shade Westmorland Craftsman 6180. It matches so well with the sofa and rugs and some bright cushion covers have turned that corner of her basement into a small, cozy haven.

Ravenwood Dahlia 7051, Medley Mineral 2940 and Edgecombe Nebula 5583 are some of the most popular shades in this range. People who like floral patterns go for Dorchester Summit 5542, Esmerelda Arctic 6680 and Maiolaine Misty 4101. We can guarantee that these window shades will transform your home with all its charm and aura.

Do not hesitate to order free samples to get the feel of the fabric and to match them to your interiors. And once you have made up your mind, we are just a phone call away.

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