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Vertical blinds better than your dreams

Every Home Owner dreams of privacy and high energy efficiency in their homes while maintaining a modern and unique style. For covering windows, large wide windows, and sliding doors numerous styles and colors of Vertical Blinds are available. Graber offers a large variety of styles, designs, textures and colors in Fabric, Vinyl, and Wood; so whatever your idea is, Graber has something for it. Vertical Blinds come in three-and-a-half-inch width louvers in proportional spacing under a patented heavy duty aluminum headrail with a steel pantograph system. The steel pantograph system helps to have smooth operation and reduces wear and tear. It is available in one way stack to the right side or left side and in a split stack configuration; it’s entirely up to the Home Owner’s choice. These louvers are controlled by a standard cord or chain or the one-touch wand. The privacy levels and daylight exposure to the room can be regulated by tilting the louvers. These beautiful Vertical blinds are also very simple to use and, easy to maintain and install.


Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl-Vertical-Blinds -
PVC Vinyl Vertical Blinds for large Sliding Patio Doors

Pvc Vinyl Vertical Blinds are made in three and a half inch hundred percentage room darkening vinyl or PVC louvers in proportional spacing under a heavy duty aluminum headrail. Graber supplies these vertical blinds in high-quality, bright colors of variable styles like the smooth crown, embossed crown and embossed S-shaped vinyl vanes. The embossed textures come in solid prints and give the appearance of jacquard or linen fabrics, wood or stucco. The crown vanes are available as traditional smooth curved vinyl vanes. The S-louvers come as slight S- shaped or half wave shaped vinyl louvers that have more of a fabric-like appearance. The S- shaped louver offers better closure than crown louvers for the ultimate level of room darkening and privacy. These vanes are available in white on one side and a color of your choice on the other, or both sides colored, according to the home owner’s choice. These louvers are opened by rotating the wand or by pulling the chain (depending on your configuration). These vinyl vertical blinds are also available in one way stack to the right side or left side and split stack accordingly. The standard vinyl or PVC valance is provided with the same color and texture of the louver. The custom made Graber Pvc Vinyl Vertical Blinds are perfect for large wide windows and sliding doors, and are available in inside mount or outside mount configurations. Graber provides these custom vinyl vertical blinds to any size and shapes of the windows such as corner or bay windows.


SS Vertical Blinds

Graber offers the SS Vertical Blinds, which are custom Vinyl or PVC blinds with minimum options and a low price. It has a few selections of elegant colors and textures of three and a half inches vinyl louvers. The headrails are come in .097 inch thickness steel in white. These SS Vertical blinds also come with channel panel valance which is color coordinated with the louvers. The louvers can be rotated to open and close the blinds by using the traverse wand. This traverse wand is only available in white. Three and a half inches PVC room darkening louvers with FR (flame resistance) certification are also available for the SS vertical blinds. It can stack only on one side to left or right according to the choice; the split stack is not available. Graber supplies the SS vertical blind with a minimum width of thirteen inches, and a minimum height of six inches, the maximum width available is one twenty inches and height is one hundred and four inches. It is also available in either inside or outside mount configuration. Although the options are few, the SS vertical blinds are very lovely, durable and worth every cent.


Fabric Vertical Blinds


Fabric-Vertical-Blinds -
Fabric Vertical Blinds for sliding glass door –


The custom Graber Fabric Vertical Blinds are built in three and a half inch fabric louvers with extensive selections of exciting colors and designs. Graber offers room darkening, light filtering, and sheer fabrics. For the ultimate privacy and room darkening effects, fabric louvers can be inserted into Channel Panels; the clear edge of the channels hold the fabric vane securely; the opaque PVC vanes gives additional levels of privacy and light control. The fabric vertical blinds are manufactured with heavy duty aluminum headrail with a steel pantograph system for a smooth operation. Like the vinyl vertical blinds, the fabric vertical blinds are also a good choice for any shapes and sizes of windows and doors in inside mount or outside mount configuration. It is available in standard cord or metal chain control options with one side stack and the split stack. Graber offers different styles of valances in the same matching fabric as the louvers. Types of valances available are Round Corner Valance, Double Round Corner Valance, and Square Corner Valance. For extra elegance, Graber also provides the lovely elegant wood valance and wood cornice at the excellent prices. The unique style of Fabric Vertical Blinds and Sheer Vertical Blinds are very attractive; it also gives off an alternative appearance to draperies.


Wood Vertical Blinds


Elite Graber Wood Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass doors and Patio Glass doors

Graber provides the traditional style of custom wood vertical blinds in beautiful painted wood colors and stains of three and a half inch wooden louvers. These lightweight wood vanes are made from specially treated American hardwood. Graber’s craftsmanship ensures its strong quality and long durability. These wood vertical blinds also come with the G71 heavy duty aluminum headrails with Graber’s patented pantograph traversing system to provide the proportional spacing of louvers and automatic rotation of the vanes when the cord or the metal chain is pulled to traverse. It is also available for any size and shapes of the windows and doors according to the customer choice. Like other styles of Vertical Blinds the Wood Vertical Blinds is also available in a split stack or the one side stack to left side or right side. Additional stylish wood valance or wood cornice gives a Royal touch to the window decor style. This tradition wood vertical blind offers absolute privacy and prevents the complete daylight exposure to the room when the louvers are in the closed position. The benefit of the vertical blinds is that we can control the light filtering features without being damaged by harmful UV Rays.


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