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Vertical Banded Shades Are Perfect for Large Windows and Sliding Doors

Vertical Banded Shades for Large Windows and Sliding Doors

Cover Large Windows with Designer Vertical Banded Shades

Vertical banded shades are a perfect addition to the world of window fashion. These shades are an incredible choice because of their stunning appeal and functionality. Banded shades are popular and well-known as layered, dual, or zebra shades. These shades are uniquely designed and combine an opaque shade with a sheer shade to get control over natural daylight and privacy. These practical and durable window shades are a perfect choice to install on large windows and sliding glass doors for the ultimate flexibility and versatility. You can adjust the solid bands to get the filtered light and privacy, or you can shift the solid bands to overlap so that you can enjoy the view. When you are looking to get both filtered light, privacy, and your outside view together, these shadings are a great selection.

These designer shades create a zebra-like pattern that transforms the overall appearance of your indoor, giving you an experience like never before. Create the perfect ambiance with these view-through window blinds and adjust them to get the desired privacy. No matter whether you have a modern décor style or a traditional one, they look outstanding while creating a minimalistic beauty. Learn more about these newly featured window designs to cover your windows adequately.
Zebra Sheer Vertical Shades Designer Series

Why Are Designer Vertical Banded Shades Unique?

There is a wide range of window blinds and shades available that are suitable for large windows and patio doors and available at an affordable price. Then why vertical banded shades? What makes them exceptional from other window solutions? What are the advantages of these shades? Get answers to all your questions through this article so that you can make the correct decision for these fantastic windows.

These dual sheer shades integrate alternating sheer and solid bands in one headrail casing to create a truly unique look. And at the same time, they offer some practical benefits. You can adjust the bands depending on the requirements, align the solid bands for diffused soft light, and to get privacy, align the sheer shades. These types of shades are most popular in their horizontal style, however, these new vertical shades would be excellent for patio doors or large windows.

Raise and lower the shades ultimately through different control systems, which are smooth, safe, and hassle-free.
You might think the shades have a sheer fabric, which is not an excellent choice to install on bedroom windows. But they can be adjusted to the opaque material, which makes the shades an ideal alternative to go for. Have them adjusted to preserve the view and let extra light through, and adjust them to provide more protection and filtered light when you are watching TV. These banded shades are equally a great option for the kitchen, living room, and kids’ room. By blocking the UV rays, the shades protect your furnishings from being faded or damaged.

These vertical shades are available in a variant of bold fabric colors, textures, and pattern options to match the existing décor type. Customize the product according to your taste and requirements. They are made of high-quality materials, which make them sturdy and robust to stand against harsh weather situations without being damaged.

Caring for these shades is easy and simple. Regular dusting and vacuuming will keep the shine maintained for a long time. For spot cleaning, use a gentle liquid solution.

This designer vertical banded shades with their sleek and smooth design is enough to improve the appearance of your home décor. But you can layer other window coverings such as drapery to enhance the beauty more.
These innovative and latest tech-featured window dressings are leading the window fashion world. No other design can beat the uniqueness of these vertical shadings. Invest in these shades once and enjoy their benefits lifelong.


If you think designer vertical banded shades may be a good fit for your interior, go for it! They won’t disappoint you with their beauty or mechanism. For more inspiration, consult with our professional designers. They will guide you with the right information! Get the free samples to see how they will look on your windows and then personalize them as per your choice!

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