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The Versatility of Fabric Roller Shades


Add Style and Elegance to Your Windows Economically


Roller shades have been around for a few centuries, yet they are quite popular with customers even to this day, ranking among the top-selling window treatments. In fact, it is amazing to see their popularity growing with latest additions and innovations in window treatments on the contemporary market. With a wide array of colors, patterns, styles and features, roller shades can easily fit into any customer requirement, well within their budget.

Customers prefer roller shades for their windows since they are simple but also quite elegant in their style. They go soft on the budget compared to other expensive window treatments like wood shutters. Moreover, when spaces inside homes are getting smaller, it is good to have window treatments like roller shades that do not take up much space.

Once installed, customers do not have to worry about them since they are highly durable and extremely utilitarian in function. Roller shades also offer a great selection of light and temperature controlling shades, in a wide variety of colors, different openness factors, ranging from 1% – 25%, wide variety of textures and excellent outward visibility with improved temperature control. What more do you want from your window treatment?




Changing Trends

Indoor decor and color have gained a lot of prominence in the construction of buildings in recent times. It has been known that the indoor décor and home construction reflects and has effects on the mood, style, personality and luxury of the homeowners. In this context, customers are paying a lot of attention to window covering patterns and styles that have undergone a tremendous change in the past few years. Though the basic function of roller shades hasn’t changed much, it has undergone a lot of innovation in style to keep up with changing times.




Roller Shades in Fabrics

Roller shades in Fabric is the latest addition to innovative roller shades with new looks and new features to give indoors a refined beauty with natural, friendly and soft touch. The sun protection along with privacy control is something that keeps these shades always preferable for the customers.

These elegant shades are easy to operate and add sophisticated flair to any room. Customers who desire to install fabric roller shades can choose from designer-inspired fabrics in a multitude of hues, patterns, and possibilities, including jacquards, stripes, and delicately woven textures that are available with Graber roller shades.

For a finishing touch, customers can add embellishments like a scalloped hem and bead or gimp trim. They are a great alternative to woven wood shades though they are similar in function and appearance to traditional roller shades. They score high on aesthetic appeal as well, since they are available in multiple colors that can sync up with the overall décor of your home enhancing its beauty.



Convenience of Customization

Fabric roller shades are quite versatile and can be customized as per your window needs that can comfortably mount on different shaped and sized windows. They are easy to mount since their fabrics can be rolled out either in front or back of the shades. With the help of a spring mechanism, it is a quite simple to raise or lower these shades. If you desire a different level of privacy and light in the rooms, then just lower or raise the shades at a different position with the help of advanced and technologically innovative intermediate lock system. Moreover, the fabric is available in different opacities, so that customers can choose light and privacy control as per their desire. The sheer fabrics allow moderate privacy with a considerable amount of diffused light, whereas dark fabrics reduce the diffusion with maximum privacy level. They offer a great amount of cold and heat insulation also for your indoor, making the indoor ambiance comfortable and cozy.

The Fabric Roller Shades are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials make a great impression on the aesthetic appeal of the windows. As an added benefits, these shades have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which assures the customers of its unmatched quality and durability.

They are quite flexible in width and length as well. The maximum width of the shade for an inside mount is 60” and 58 ¾” for an outside mount. The minimum shade width for an inside mount is around 15” and 13 ¾” for an outside mount. The lengths of the fabric are available in dimensions of 54” and 78” and for those windows that are smaller in length the extra material can be comfortably placed on the tube of the roller shades.



Customers who purchase the Fabric shades get the installation hardware with the window treatment that makes mounting them easy and simple.


Operating Systems

You can operate the Fabric roller shades with either cord or cordless control that is available as the basic operating system with the shades. Fabric Roller Shades are very smooth to operate as they come with a continuous chain loop system that is placed on the right side for added convenience. For those who desire more, there is the advanced and convenient motorized option that also reduces the risk of strangulation for the kids and pets.

If you love natural look in your home, bring in the soft décor of Fabric roller shades into your indoors so that you can enjoy the convenience, simplicity and functionality of roller shades with the softness and natural beauty of fabrics.




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