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Crown Your Windows In Elegance With These Custom Valance Ideas

Valance Ideas For Vertical Blinds

Crown Your Windows with the Most Innovative Valance Ideas for Vertical Blinds


If you are planning to give your home a special treatment, windows are an essential part of the process. Have you ever heard the phrase “windows speak”? Well, it’s true. The way they are dressed up reflects a lot about your personality and style. Bare windows are an epitome of simplicity, but if dressed intelligently, your windows can give you much more than you expect. From UV blocking to heat absorption, these coverings can work like magic. One such window treatment is ‘valances’. They are usually fabric based and used to enhance the aesthetic value of the windows. Valances are installed on the top of the window in order to hide the curtain rod or the mounting equipment and to give the entire piece a clean and complete look.

Fabric valances are usually about 12-18 inches in length depending upon the window length being installed. Available in a number of fabrics, patterns, and colors, you can pick a valance which complements the entire look and feel of your room.



Valance Ideas for Vertical Blinds

For a better understanding, a window valance is a short curtain cut out of fabric folded in various patterns and designs.

Before you read on to valance ideas for vertical blinds, keep in mind the following:

  1. Never use a bright colored valance if your window blinds are of a darker shade.

  2. Before you execute any valance ideas for vertical blinds, make sure to not pick a patterned valance for a patterned window covering. If both the window coverings as well as the valance have a pattern or motif, this can make the window look super cluttered and overdone.


Valance Ideas for Vertical Blinds


  1. You can install a window valance on your bay windows without any other window treatment. Window valances are perfectly independent of everything else. They can be installed like a crown on your big windows and can provide a manor-like feel if installed alone.

  2. Consider the size of your window valance closely. If you have smaller windows, an oversized valance can prevent some of the outside light from entering inside. On the contrary, a small valance gives a very incomplete look at a big window.



Type of Window Valances

  • Scarf Window Valance: One of the most royal styles, scarf valance is a piece of fabric draped from one end of a rod to another by dropping it in the middle. One of the most suitable styles for bay window seats, this looks perfect with curtains and drapes.

  • Cornice valance: made of a high-quality material like plastic or wooden board, cornice valances are rough, tough, and steady. They often consist of a fabric wrapped across a board that is cut to certain shapes. If you want a valance which is light on pocket and beautiful on the windows, cornice valances are your thing.

  • Custom valances: Besides the readily-made valances, you also have an option of getting your custom made. With your choice of style, pattern, and fabric, can help you get exactly what you want. In addition to this, you can also order free samples to get an idea of the exact look and feel of the material you are looking forward to buying.



Maintaining Your Window Valances

Among the most important factors to be considered before buying a window treatment, maintenance tops the list. A very beautiful window covering can look extremely shabby if not maintained in the proper manner. Maintaining a valance is an easy job. Since the valances are usually made of fabrics, a wet cloth is a big no-no. Use your vacuum brush to dust your valance once or twice a week. If you live in a particularly dusty area, then uninstall your valance once every two weeks and give it a thorough clean. Machine washing or immersing your fabric in water is generally not a good idea but can vary between types of fabrics and manufacturers.



The Combinations


Window valances with Shutters

Our personal favorite, this is one of the most elegant combinations for all kinds of windows. If you live in a small apartment, a white shutter with a pastel color valance can do wonders for you. Besides the children’s room, this combination works really well for kitchens too. Plantation shutters are usually easy to dust and maintain. A valance on top of them completes the look and makes your kitchen windows the center of attraction.



Valance Ideas for Vertical Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds with Valances

You can also combine your wooden blinds or faux wood blinds with a fine fabric or wood valance. Couple the pure wood blinds with an earthen hued fabric valance and savor the beauty. In addition to this, a faux wood blind coupled with cornice valances can be installed on the kitchen sink window. This will provide you with convenience and grace as both faux wood blinds and cornices are super easy to maintain.

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