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Using Themes in Home Decoration

My home meant a lot to me.

“Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.”Tony Robbins

I am a spontaneous decision maker. I may wake one fine day and decide to go on a vacation, change my car, shift the furniture or re-arrange the clothes in my closet at the drop of a hat. This week, my interiors are going to be transformed. Somehow, all the re-arranging, re-decorating and changing colors were not doing anything for my artistic temperament. I wanted something completely different for my house, especially the living room, which has a big ugly wall looming stark naked and mocking my creative skills. Just coming back from a visit with my sister in Philadelphia (she took me to some great art galleries where I saw some fabulous murals), I was inspired to come up with something special for my living room wall. It did not take me long to decide to change the look of my home completely with a new theme that would satisfy my creative urges.

Though many of my family members and friends had moved away to different places, I decided to stay on in Baltimore, a place I’ve grown up in. For once, there was no spontaneous decision on my part that took me away for more than a week. My home meant a lot to me, but somehow I have never been able to achieve the exquisite and beautiful interiors I’ve craved. So it was time for a makeover, starting with the mural on the wall of my living room. I had two options in my mind – to paint a tree of life on the wall and recreate the whole living room in shades of green for a jungle theme or to opt for shades of blue for an ocean theme. Since the white leather sofa did not go well with the jungle theme, and I did not want to get rid of that incredible piece of furniture, I decided to go ahead with a mermaid and ocean theme. Since I was on a break for spring, this was the best time to start off with the mural. I did not go for very dark or bright colors. When finally the matting and framing was done, I had a tough time believing it was my own work of art. My living room was finally alive and kicking.

The ceiling was already an ocean blue, so I just painted a few of bubbles here and there to complete the effect. A blue carpet, a set of white leather sofas walls gave my room an amazing ambiance. Now I needed to do something about my window coverings. I had the option of visiting a store located a few miles away from my home or just log on to a trusted website to check the options I had. So, browsing first, and if not satisfied, I would drag myself to the store.

Now comes the Window Treatments.

After checking out the wide range of window treatments online, I was very sure I did not want to visit any store, after this, for my shopping needs. Can you believe that they have customization and installation guides and a lot of specifications that give out more information than I could gather from a store! The reason could also be that I could surf online checking out products for hours, whereas I would be uncomfortable doing that in a store. What caught my fancy for the living room windows was the Light Weaves Graber Roller Shades with a scallop that looked like a wave on the ocean.

What window dressing would suit better on a window that stood adjacent to the wall with the mural of mermaid? Apart from its visual and aesthetic appeal, the roller shade had excellent privacy and light controlling capabilities, depending on the type I preferred to buy. The only drawback was the choices galore in every department like color, lift options, fringes, scallops and many more. Moreover, what I found most interesting was the dual roller shades option which allowed me to create versatile light control and privacy levels for my interior by integrating any two fabrics from the Solar Roller Shades collections, which can be independently lowered or raised as needed. I could use them to match my mood and decor as well, in addition to creating amazing effects that could represent waves or just a calm ocean.

Once the window dressings and carpet were added to my living room, the rest of my sweet home looked so plain and simple. I took up the beach theme for my drawing room to be completed this year. My drawing room is furnished with amazingly beautiful cane furniture that shines with the color of sand. The floor is also covered with light colored wooden tiles. Being in direct line of sunlight in the morning hours, I had installed the robust but lightweight Norman Portrait Light Filtering Honeycomb Cellular Shades in Ultracel double in brown sugar hue to decorate my drawing room windows even before thinking of the theme. Being white on the outside, they controlled the heat gain to a great extent, and now they were fitting in perfectly for the theme I planned. They were very effective in filtering out the harsh sunlight. All I need now is some paintings and decorative shells that would create the perfect look. I have to bring down from the attic an unusual shell collection I had brought back with me from my visit to Tarpon Springs, Florida a few years ago. I will have to check out the few natural, huge sponges I had bought there, which would look incredibly cool in a basket set on the corner table.

I set up a music system in my living room to create the sounds of the ocean; this was the most astounding feature of all. All of a sudden, life had taken a turn for exciting, and I could feel the adrenalin rush! I had my bedroom, two other bedrooms, kitchen and many areas to bring alive with my creative applications. For this year, I was jubilant with my very own beach and ocean in my home. I had dreams of creating interiors that would be unique and outstanding. So true are the words of Gloria Steinem, who said, “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

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