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Using Sliding Plantation Shutters as a Divider or Door Wall

Using Sliding Plantation Shutters As A Divider Or Door Wall

When you go about furnishing the interiors, window furnishings play a major role in achieving the desired look and appeal that you envision for your house. Besides the elegance and aesthetic enhancement that they give to the window frame and the home decor, these window coverings also provide good heat insulation, privacy protection, and light control options for a comfortable indoor experience.

The primary usage for window treatments is to provide coverage to the windows and the doors these are mounted upon.

However, some types of window coverings can be adapted and modified to be put to more interesting and creative applications. This is especially true for the window coverings that can be easily customized.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are one of the most durable window covering options out there and can easily outlast any other type of window treatments you may have at home. While these shutters are available in various material options, plantation shutters are generally made from natural wood. The wooden material not only makes them sturdy but also makes them highly customizable. These shutters gained popularity during their use in American plantations where they were used to get respite from the intense heat and hence the name ‘plantation shutters.’

The plantation shutters are excellent heat insulators and also provide impeccable light control and blackout capabilities. Add their longevity to the mix and you get a true all-round window treatment solution that you can use in any section of the house including the outdoor sections and the basement. You can get them in various operational mechanisms such as the top-down, bottom-up, or even slider mechanisms.
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What are Sliding Plantation Shutters?

As the name suggests, the sliding plantation shutters are based on a slider mechanism. The same minimalistic yet rustic elegance of grainy wooden texture, the sturdy form factor and a convenient slider mechanism for operating them, sliding plantation shutters are a superb and versatile window treatment option for your house.
Whether you want to cover large doors or windows in your house or want to create an elegant façade in the room, sliding plantation shutters are your go-to option. You can also use them to gracefully cover specific corners and sections of the house such as a minibar or a wine cellar in the house if you want to give that section of the house the feel of a regular living area.

Using sliding plantation shutters not only provides graceful coverage to specific sections, doors, and windows in the house, but you also get a convenient way of accessing the same when you want to. The slider mechanism is much more convenient than the standard operational mechanism you normally find on window treatments. Add excellent heat insulation, light control, and blackout performance to the mix and you have a winner on your hands. This flexibility and versatility coupled with the high degree of customizability are what make the plantation shutters so special.
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Using Sliding Plantation Shutters as a Divider or Door Wall

Since the plantation shutters are quite sturdy and the wooden material is opaque in nature, you get excellent blackout performance from them. This makes these shutters an ideal choice for safeguarding your privacy and also opens up the possibilities for alternate usage options for your plantation shutters. If you have a room or living area that is quite spacious, you may want to divide the space into smaller sections so that you can put each separate section to a specific use. One way of doing that is to construct a wall to bifurcate the space but that may be a costly affair and an action that is not easily reversible.

Sliding plantation shutters, on the other hand, provide you a solution that is not only easier to implement but also gives you the flexibility of easily removing the setup in case you change your mind later on. Sliding plantation shutters can act as an effective divider wall as it can efficiently block out the view of the area on the other side of the shutters apart from providing some level of sound-proofing as well.
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Space is efficiently bifurcated, your privacy is upheld, and you also get every functionality that you expect out of a physical wall. Moreover, the slider mechanism allows you to easily retract the shutters in case you want to make use of the whole area and don’t want the divider door to come in your way. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds without having to make any compromises or having to live with your architectural choice.

Sliding plantation shutters are just as relevant and effective as door walls. You expect the door to safeguard your privacy, provide easy access to space on the other side of the door and you also expect the door to look graceful and presentable. The sliding plantation shutters fulfill all such expectations. The grainy texture of the wood looks minimalistic yet highly sophisticated and is fully capable of giving a major boost to the aesthetics of the interiors. The slider mechanism of these shutters gives you swift and easy access to the space behind the door wall and privacy is never an issue with plantation shutters.

The plantation shutters are more popularly used as a reliable and heavy-duty window treatment option in most households. However, if you consider all the other aspects discussed above, there is no doubt about the efficacy and relevance of sliding plantation shutters as divider or door walls also.