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Using Dark Brown Window Panels to Bring A Luxurious Warmth To Your Living Space

Using Dark Brown Window Panels to Bring A Luxurious Warmth To Your Living Space

Importance of Colors

Colors play an important role in our lives, far more than we can ever decipher. Colors weigh heavily on our moods, concentration level and have the power to calm and relax our minds or make the minds more restless. Color has the power to create a cheerful and joyous ambiance around you or make you gloomy and upset. This is because colors have incredible powers to influence our minds and we are surrounded by colors everywhere. There are colors on our walls, on beds, windows, the clothes we wear, the sofas, cushions, rugs and the list is endless. The colors you are exposed to for a long period will leave their imprint on your minds over time. It is advisable to choose your colors well and select the colors you want to paint your life with judiciously. There is no denying the strong psychological impact of colors.

Time to Break Misconceptions Surrounding Color Brown

While some colors enjoy a favorable reputation, others have earned negative labels like boring, gloomy, dark, etc. While it may be true for some colors and shades, some stand wrongly accused. They have been victimized over the years and hence have found themselves in an unfavorable relation with home decor. One-color around which there is a lot of misconception is the color brown. It has been more often than not labeled as a lackluster and boring color in the fields of fashion and interior design. It is considered as a too formal and serious color that cannot be considered while creating a cheerful color palette for your rooms.

Dramatic Appeal of Brown

However contrary to this belief, brown is a magnificent and versatile color that, when combined correctly with the right colors and shades can create a sleek, contemporary, cozy, and highly inspiring ambiance. Brown is an earth color, a neutral shade that is dramatic and warm yet versatile. They can open up a whole world of possibilities once you are willing to explore and experiment. With the right accents and accessories, brown can help to create a luxurious appeal and can prove to be a regal choice for your home. And the best way to introduce this gorgeous color palette in your room is by opting for brown window panels. Brown drapes and curtains can make quite a statement for your living and bedrooms. Let us see how to weave luxurious magic in your rooms with these understated brown panels.

How to Use Dark Brown Panels for Luxurious Warmth

  • If you have crispy white walls with white sofas, pair them with dark brown curtains and a brown wall trim to create a traditional yet dramatic living space in the house. Make sure that the drapes hang high from near the ceiling for ultimate visual appeal.
  • Have you ever tried to complement gold with dark chocolate brown? Deep brown curtains with gold detailing will infuse a stately feeling to your home.
  • Are you looking for a luxurious yet soft and feminine appeal for your home? Try some modern pairing of colors. Turquoise with soft warm brown or pink with soft grey browns fills the room with a warm glow that is rich yet comforting. There is a sense of worldliness and lavishness with these combinations but also manages to brighten and lighten up your space.
  • Have you tried experimenting with an orange and dark latte or mid-tone chocolaty brown? The effect is instant and unparalleled. Orange proves to be a great complementary color to brown and is perfect for a trendy home.
  • If you have a sunny room where you want to tame and not block out the sun’s rays and also create an elegant and classy ambiance for the room, opt for dark brown sheer curtains made of voile or lace. They make a classic choice for your living room as they help to diffuse the harsh sunlight and fill the space with a warm glow.
  • If you have a large living room or bedroom you can experiment with very dark shades of browns for your window panels. The darker shade looks better in large rooms as they can make small rooms appear smaller. Very dark brown curtains can be used to delineate spaces by helping to create a unique backdrop. Some are not in favor of a home basking in a flood of natural light or clothed in unassuming earthly neutral colors. There are many of us here who are in favor of a sophisticated and chic dark room with moody lighting to create a luxurious setting for your living space. These rooms demand silk heavy dark drapes in shades like dark navy, brown or maroon for that ultimate lavish and luscious appeal.
  • For your casual, contemporary and minimalist homes with simple decor try cream and chocolate broad striped window panels. They look beautiful with their understated yet regal and elegant appeal.
  • If you thought only rich dark browns can weave magic, you are quite mistaken. A lighter shade of browns is equally rich in texture and feel. Very light beige walls paired with crispy white ceilings and bed and two-tone darker beige window panels will create a lavish ambiance for your bedroom. The secret is to hang the drapes high from near the ceiling, allowing them to fall to the ground. Make sure that they have lots of crisp pleats to pull off the luxurious look for your room.

The understated and subtle appeal of brown integrates a room and creates a harmonious balance that holds all elements together. So if you are willing to experiment beyond the tried and tested colors, go with dark brown window panels for the ultimate classy appeal for your homes.