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How to Use Replacement Slats to Repair Your 3 1/2″ Fabric Vertical Blind

How to Use Replacement Slats to Repair Your 3 1/2" Fabric Vertical Blind

Why You Need Vertical Blinds

If you are looking to dress your sliding glass doors or large windows in the house, horizontal blinds are functionally not well equipped. The latter is perfect for standard windows. Large windows and doors need larger coverage and hence larger sizes of the blinds. The operational mechanism and design of horizontal blinds cannot offer the operational ease required to support these large doors and windows. For these, vertical blinds, running from top to bottom is the best. The blinds, unlike their horizontal counterparts, open sideways and stack on either side of the door equally or completely on the left or on the right. The mechanism of vertical blinds makes it easier to operate patio doors and also lends gorgeous aesthetic interest and value to them and to the rooms.

What is a Fabric Vertical Blind?

Vertical blinds are available in a range of materials like PVC, fabric, wood, etc. If you are looking for a durable and affordable solution that is low on maintenance, PVC is a great choice. But if elegance and a sensuous appeal are high on your priority list then there is no parallel to wood and fabric. These two materials ooze classiness. As window treatment materials they have been around for decades. While the grainy texture of wood imparts a warm glow and grandeur to space, the fabric is a timeless, ageless beauty that has continued to charm their way into the hearts of homeowners. They add a feminine touch that softens the sharp hard edges in the room. They infuse warmth that is inviting and refreshing at the same time. With fabric, you can experiment with endless looks as you can choose from hundreds of prints, patterns, designs, textures, and colors. You can find the one that blends with any decor seamlessly and effortlessly. And you can choose from different fabrics depending upon how much light you want in your room. There are sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics which allow light in varying degrees while blackout fabric blocks out light completely. The light-filtering fabrics allow some amount of light to filter through the strips of the fabric but help to cut out the harmful UV rays and glares of the sun.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

What are Vertical Replacement Slats?

Graber offers a beautiful range of fabric vertical blinds with a slat size of 3 ½ inches. They give a drape like an appearance to the doors and windows. They offer a stylish look with smooth functional features and fabric weave ensures different levels of light control with privacy.

While these fabric vertical blinds make an absolutely gorgeous addition to homes, like all other window treatments, they too suffer from occasional operational hiccups and breakages. Replacing the entire blind is not an economically feasible solution as these fabric vertical blinds are expensive and purchasing a new pair will always cost a lot. Moreover, you can replace one blind in a room that has multiple doors and windows as this will ruin the aesthetic balance of the space. Replacing all the blinds will dig a huge hole in your pocket. Instead, it is recommended it get the broken slat repaired and replaced. Replacements slats are available with manufacturers which will allow you to replace the broken slat and you have your blinds functioning like a brand new one at the minimal cost.

Large Vertical Blinds

Replacement slats are also a wonderful way of updating and upgrading your living space. If you have good working headrails in place but the fabric on the blinds needs to be replaced, then these made-to-measure replacement vertical blind slats are the best way forward. They are a great way to refresh your home decor without incurring a lot of expenses. Replacement slats also work well if you want to introduce new features into your fabric. For example, if you have plain simple fabric and you want to add blackout versions to your bedrooms, replacement slats will help you to upgrade your fabric to blackout ones with ease.

These slats are available in different slat sizes which means that you have lots of options to choose from. If you have vertical fabric blinds of sizes 2”, 3” 3 ½” you will find slat sizes to match the existing blinds. They are also available in a large range of colors, designs, and textures and hence you can always find the one that will match your existing color scheme and decor theme. You can choose from elegant neutral shades, smart greys to vibrant prints and patterns.

To Order, Replacement Slats Do the Following:

  • Count the number of slats on your blinds and hanger truck clips on the existing current track for the quantity required.
    Measure the fabric strip accurately from top to bottom for the drop.
  • Remove the weight to get the right accurate measurement.
  • See if new weights and chains are required then place the order along with the replacement slats.
  • To create a bold statement you could even choose differently colored slats alternating with the original blind. This will help create a unique and dramatic impact on your rooms.
  • Before ordering the vertical blind slats do check the hangers whether they are compatible with the existing headrail.
  • There are primarily two hanger types, single hole, and double hole. They are the most common type of hangers in the market but still, it is better to check before placing the order. If they are compatible then the blinds will seamlessly clip into the existing rail.

Give your living space a dramatic uplift with these sleek, smart, and trendy replacement vertical slats. Try out the colorful and experimental designs that are there in the market and find the style that best suits your decor and room theme.

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