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Use Dual Sheer Window Shades To Get Optimal Natural Light At Home

Use Dual Sheer Window Shades To Get Optimal Natural Light At Home

When it comes to house improvement, selecting the right window covering is essential. Apart from offering style to your interior decor, window treatments protect your furniture from fading while also helping to save on energy costs. With that being said, dual sheer shades or zebra blinds are an ideal combination of functionality and beauty, making it a common window treatment in modern homes. Also known as dual layered, banded, or combi blinds, dual sheer shades offer the light controlling feature of window blinds and the elegant beauty of fabric roller shades.

What Are Dual Sheer Shades?

Dual sheer shades blend solid weave fabric and a sheer fabric. The natural sunlight gets blocked out when the solid fabric strips overlap. However, the sunlight enters the room when the sheer fabric strips overlap. From a darker, private space to a sunlit room, the dual sheer shades can make a transition from open to closed within seconds. They work in the same manner as roller shades and come in a motorized options. One of the major reasons for the immense popularity of the dual sheer shades is their simple design. These shades are streamlined, offer clean visuals, and accentuate any window shape.

Benefits Of Dual Sheer Shades

Dual sheer shades are versatile and lightweight offer gentle room darkening or light filtering for its owner. They help you regulate the amount of natural sunlight entering a room through alternating light filtering and translucent vanes. These shades features a wide array of choices as well as advantages. Being made of two layers of soft, alternating fabrics, it can be customized to present a variety of different colors.

Better Light Control

Using dual sheer shades, it is easier to achieve optimal amounts of natural sunlight. They can be controlled very finely compared to standard shades. Not only is it easier to use the controls, but you can also get distinct lengths for the inner vanes that can further control how much sunlight is entering a room. Irrespective of the size, location, or type of the window, dual sheer shades can be customized to fit your house.

Ideal for Large Windows and Light Weight

One of the major advantages of Zebra blinds is that they are lighter in weight compared to their traditional counterparts. This can be beneficial for two important reasons:

  • Dual sheer shades are very easy to control. Those who aren’t as physically able wouldn’t have much difficulty with dual sheer shades. As these shades are lighter in weight, simple control systems can be utilized like having a looping pull cord which is much easy to use.
  • These shades can be used for large windows. One of the problems with large windows is that traditional shades can become so heavy that supporting the weight becomes a problem. With dual sheer shades, this will not remain an issue.

Versatile in Style

One of the most crucial things about buying new window shades is ensuring that they look great. Window shades that don’t suit the room decor or the overall color scheme can cost you the ambiance that you worked to create. With vanes of various distinct colors and lengths, it is simple and easy to come across something that fits every room.

Provide Protection Against UV Rays

If your house receives a greater amount of sunshine during the summers, then you will want to begin thinking about how it will affect your family’s health. Too much exposure to harsh UV rays for a long period of time can have a serious effect on your health. While most people wouldn’t want to completely block out natural sunlight and stay in darkness, they require an additional protection layer to avoid health problems. Dual sheer shades reduce the amount of sunlight that enters through the windows without entirely blocking out the natural sunlight.

Bottom Line The classic and modern look for houses is becoming increasingly popular over time. One of the simplest ways of establishing and improving this look is with the use of dual sheer shades. Whether you love minimalist home décor, or are looking for something more opulent, dual sheer window shades make an ideal addition to any room.

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