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How to Use Colors and Shades to Alter the Atmosphere and Mood of Your Room

How To Use Colors and Shades To Alter The Atmosphere and Mood Of Your Room

Color and Shades: The Best Combo to Change the Feel of Your Interior

The color you choose for your interior can be a direct reflection of your personality. Modern research has shown that our connection to the colors around us can impact our mental and physical health in a substantial way. That’s why we should become more conscious when it comes to picking up the right tone for our interior. Starting from the wall color to furniture, we make sure everything is customized with right hue and complements each other. But one thing that we often overlook is our window treatments. Mostly we believe that they are designed to offer functional and practical values but they can be aesthetically pleasing as well when featured with the right colors. So, if you are looking forward to creating a special feeling for your space while having a remarkable transformation, then use the color palette as a powerful tool for your window blinds. Let the color and shades create the perfect fashion statement for your home.

Color trends will come and go, but no matter what color tone you choose for your shade, it will never go out of fashion. Yes, some colors may be in fashion at some point of time but in general, we never fall out of love with our favorite colors. Keep in mind that color has a psychological value that can influence your feelings and emotion while creating a valuable sense for your space. To create peace and harmony in your home, choose your window shade colors wisely. In this article, we will show you how to add color with window shades and how to choose a particular shade tone!

How to Choose the Right Color for Window Shades?

• Match the shade color with the window trim or molding. Most trims come in a white or off-white color, so you can’t go wrong with neutral-colored window shadings that can create a classy look for the windows.
• Co-ordinate your shades tone with your wall color that can embrace the beauty of your overall home décor, creating a cohesive beauty.
• Match color with the floor and other existing décor elements to add style to your space.
• Try to pick the contrasting colors for your window shades. For example, if the wall color is white or neutral-toned then opt for dark color window shades such as red or blue to add an extra dimension.
• Window shade colors impact a lot on the size of the room as well. Like lighter colors can make your room look brighter and spacious while dark color window shades make space feel smaller.
• Dark color shades can reflect direct heat and sunlight. So, look for a window position and then decide.
• The thumb rule while choosing the color for your window treatments is to keep the overall color scheme in mind to help integrate the look of your rooms.

Mix and Match Color with Window Shades

Using color is an elegant way to transform indoor vibes. Use color and shade as per your personal tastes and room’s purpose. But before you select the color, you need to finalize the shade you wish to install on your window and then discover the color tones available with the product.

Let’s have a look at all the shade color and learn what it can do to your windows and the entire aesthetics.

• Romantic Vibes with Red:
Red is an ideal color for window shades as they are energetic and create a romantic feel for your room. It is the most intense color and grabs attention when featured with roman shades or roller shades, and installed in a living room or bedroom. It is the color of passion that can often relax your mind and create a soothing indoor ambiance when properly customized with your shading. A pair of red draperies can make a style statement for your windows or light red colored cellular shades can complement your windows in a dramatic way.
Satin Roman Shades
• Soothing Orange Tone:
Orange colored window shades can surely create a subtle look for your windows. From bright and fresh to a sophisticated orange hue, you can choose any shade of this color to feature your window shadings. The color is associated with comfort, security, fun, and also helps you to be focused. So, these colored window shades are a great choice to install in an exercise room or study room. Match the tone with drapery panels or patterned roller shades for a decorative touch.
• Yellow Means Happiness:
When you are looking to uplift the look of your windows, yellow-colored shades should be at the top of your list. Not only does it increase the brightness of your space but it also helps you to enter a creative mood. These yellow-colored window coverings are an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Yellow pleated shades or curtains can be the perfect addition for your house.
Yellow Room Darkening Curtains
• Surrounded Yourself with Greenery:
When you are planning to give windows a natural look while inviting the outdoors inside your home, green window shades are the answer. It is considered to be the most refreshing color and suited for almost any room on the house. If you need calm and relaxing indoor ambiance, then customize your window treatments with different shades of green. Green colored draperies or natural shades can be a great choice for your windows to enhance the atmosphere while creating an earthy-feel.
Green Curtain
• Blue Tone for Soothing Vibes:
Blue colored window solutions evoke the beauty of your place while bringing serenity and elegance. One of the most popular and versatile hue tones that work in every room of your house, creating timeless beauty. Choose from sky blue shades to deep navy-blue window coverings to highlight the windows in a sophisticated way. Combine blue window shades with white or off-white colored curtains to create an attractive appeal or install blue colored cellular or roman shades alone to revamp the beauty of the interior.
Blue Aluminum Blinds
• Shining Purple:
If you want to create a luxurious royal look for your windows, then purple window treatments are your go-to option. When personalized this hue with the roller, solar, or roman shades, they create the perfect artistic look while adding visual interest to your place. Purple/violet and blue look extremely regal and if you want to create a luxurious setting you can safely opt for these colors. Take care while choosing the accessories like curtain rods and finials. It can play a decisive role in completing the look your want for your rooms.
Color is a powerful way to create a decorative interior that will create a pleasing ambiance while enriching the mood of your room. If you are planning to decorate your windows, then give special attention to the color options during customization. Your windows deserve the best and nothing can complement your windows like a color do. Be creative and play with all the color options and come up with unique window shade ideas. Remember only the right color can create the perfect aesthetically pleasing appeal while impacting on your mood and health.
Which color you choose will also depend on the color of your furniture. Black furniture and dark blue curtains for example will make a bad choice no matter how much you love both the colors.
Still not sure what color to choose for your shading? Consult a professional. They will assist you to find the right tone for your window dressing!

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