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Upgrading To Faux Wood Blinds: The Whys, Whens, And Hows

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

The Innumerable Benefits of Cheap Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Cheap Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Thinking of redecorating your home sweet home? Well, don’t forget to dress up those beautiful windows. They need the right kind of attention to function too. We know about the beauty of bare windows, but have you ever paid attention to those dressed up windows with ideal window treatments making them much more fuller and beautiful than the usual? Our suggestion to you is to do some homework and dress your window with the right kind of window treatments to savor all the benefits. Among the long list, Custom Faux Wood Blinds are the PVC made window coverings which can suit the interiors of all your rooms. From super dry areas to extremely moist places, they can function in almost all kinds of conditions. Among the most preferred budget window coverings, faux wood blinds top the list of cheap custom blind and shades. Go to this blog and find out about why we love them so, so much.

Upgrading to Faux Wood Blinds: The Whys, Whens, and Hows Answered


Why Cheap Custom Faux Wood Blinds?


If you want a window covering which is easy to maintain, durable, sturdy and scratch proof, while also being long lasting and ideal for moist conditions like your bathroom and kitchen, Custom Faux wood blinds are your thing. Singing their praises, we can tell you that they are great value for your money. Available in a wide range of prices, you can glance at all the options at

When To Move From Your Usual Blinds To Cheap Custom Faux Wood Blinds?

  • If you hardly get time to maintain your window coverings, and the poor treatments are covered with layers of filth, it is time to move on to Faux wood blinds
  • All you need is a couple of minutes on a weekend, with a moist cloth and a drop of liquid
  • Wipe the slate clean and enjoy the cleanliness for the entire week
  • If you have just moved to a new apartment and you are living out of boxes, then investing a lot in window coverings can be hard
  • Grab your pair of custom faux wood blinds and get the look and feel of pure wood blinds at extremely low prices

Also, if you have super energetic young kids or a naughty pet hopping here and there, it is time for you to uninstall those pricey window coverings and move on to something light on the budget as well as break and scratch resistant. And yes, custom faux wood blinds are those wonder blinds which can handle all those petty issues.

Cheap Custom Faux Wood Blinds – Installation

Super convenient and extremely easy, all you have to do is follow a couple of easy steps delineated in the manual. Grab a screwdriver, drill, and your manual, and you are all set to begin.

Roman Shades vs Faux Wood Blinds

  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: Well, we know for a fact that blinds are extremely easy to clean once installed. All you need is a light dusting with a simple cotton cloth. If you live in super dusty conditions then a moist wipe twice a week would do the job. On the other hand, shades are a little more demanding.

  • Taking care of your budget: Great value for the money, faux wood blinds are a total package. As their name suggests, they are ‘faux’’ but you give you the look and feel of real wood blinds.

  • Beauty is Important: Roman shades offer a seamless look because of their fabric and soft appearance. We can’t deny the plush appearance they offer over faux wood blinds, but they are appropriately that much more expensive.

  • Keep those inquisitive eyes at bay: Blinds are called ‘blinds’ for a reason. They offer you a pretty decent amount of flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control. On the other hand, shades are fabric based and translucent. They let a soft light enter your home and are relatively less efficient when the privacy is in question. So if your window opens to a busy street or your neighbor’s window, then our suggestion is to go for faux wood blinds rather than fabric based shades. Alternatively, shades have liners or special fabrics that provide privacy.

Both roman shades and faux wood blinds are commendable window treatments in their own genres. More of it depends on your requirements and needs. After all, in the end, it is always your call.

Grabbing The Correct Slats For Your Cheap Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Cheap Custom Faux wood blinds are available in three slat sizes. You can choose according to the size of your windows and the amount of privacy control you are looking for.

  • Custom 2 -1/2 inch Faux Wood Blinds

Custom 2 -1/2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

Are you looking for window coverings for your XL size windows? Because well, wider slats are ideal for big windows. 2-1/2 inch faux wood blinds are heavy and sturdy. But the clutter free looks says it all.

  • Custom 2 inch Faux Wood Blinds

Custom 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

Among the most popular custom faux wood blinds, 2-inch faux wood blinds offer a sufficient amount of privacy as well as light control. They can work pretty well on all the medium to small size windows in your home.

  • Mini Faux Wood Blinds- Custom 1 inch Faux Wood Blinds

Mini Faux Wood Blinds- Custom 1 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

Mini faux wood blinds are ideal for small and shallow windows. Light in weight, they can be a little disappointing due to their jumbled look, but on smaller windows, their clutter makes the window look cleaner. Convenient for windows over doors, they are easy to operate and convenient to install.

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