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Upgrade Your Windows!

SmartPrivacy-Faux-Wood-Blinds -

Efficiency, eco-friendly, and beauty, qualities a blind must embody. Standard blinds are usually what you think off as blinds. They are always beautiful, some are even eco-friendly, and all of them are efficient…for the most part. Room for improvement is always a possibility and with today’s technology improvements have been made.

SmartPrivacy-Faux-Wood-Blinds -
Norman SmartPrivacy Faux Wood Blinds

Smart Privacy blinds the contemporary version for blinds. The most clearly evident difference between the Smart Privacy and the Standard is the amount of light that filters through. When you completely close your blinds slits of light are still present, stopping your ability completely stop that jarring noon sun. Smart Privacy blinds are specifically designed to stop even that slit of light. The larger slits used to weave the blinds for the Standard blinds are reduced to small holes that are overlapped by the blind itself for the Smart Privacy blinds. This technique reduces waste and increases the blinds efficiency to provide complete cover from light. These blinds are also made a little longer and wider to increase coverage of the window and provide privacy.

Why is all this so phenomenal? Because these little improvements with other more technical improvements makes Smart Privacy blinds the most advanced form of blinds to date. Why are blinds such a big deal?

Because they complete the aesthetic beauty of your home and save you money on energy bills.

Some of the other improvements in Smart Privacy blinds are that they are more durable to harsher light and temperature. If you have light sensitive decor such as oil paintings or hardwood floors, these blinds offer better light manipulation and UV protection. Also, due to these blinds ability to provide complete coverage and handle harsher temperatures they make your home energy efficient. Less thermal energy is able to escape due to the wider insulation and heat resistance.

Now besides efficiency, eco-friendliness, and beauty of the blind, I’m sure you are worried about the price for the blind. Worry no more! New deals and offers for the promotion of the Smart Privacy blinds are being made available by retailers. Zebrablinds offers these blinds at very low and affordable prices. They introduced the Smart Privacy with free shipping and a price of $25 for 2 ½” Faux Wood Norman Smart Privacy before customization. You can find further details on the technology and the prices at Zebrablinds.

All you people out there, be kind to the planet and to your wallet. Upgrade your windows to Smart.

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