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Spice up Your Man Cave with Unique Window Treatments

Unique Window Treatments

Unique Window Treatments to Spice up Your Man Cave

Attention men! Need a place to showcase all your stored energy and testosterone? Well, this post is for you. Yes, we are talking about your precious sanctuary – popularly called the Man cave (or in some dialects, Man Land). Long working hours, family commitments, and other responsibilities can be too stressful sometimes, and you just need your personal space, even from your family, to relax for a while. Seeking sanctuary in your den to unwind, be it to watch a game or any other hobbies with a drink, is understandable. Whether you are dad or bachelor, getting proper “me” time has many health benefits like lowering risk of heart disease, blood pressure, stress, and more. Besides health, a study shows other benefits associated with having a personal space are:

Ø  It helps to maintain a sound and healthy marriage

Ø  Regulates your emotional and psychological health

Ø  Keeps you physically active – your den can be your workout place as well

While rest of the house reflects the combined personality of your family, man caves are sacred and exhibit your unique style and taste.

Man caves have evolved from the conversions of basements and garages – any room in your house can serve as your retreat depending on your pursuits or hobbies. While room decor is your choice, it’s important to consider the right kind of Unique Window Treatments to pair with your space.  Unique Window Treatments give a sophisticated look to your den and allow you control over the brightness and temperature inside the room. So ladies, inspire your men to pursue their dream of an ultimate man cave that has both form and function with these Unique Window Treatments.

Custom Blackout Shades

Custom Blackout Shades


As they say, “Boys like their toys”. Guys like to indulge themselves with flat TV screens and hi-tech gadgets. Sports is the religion of many, and many men are ardent followers. With the sports season now in full swing, the anti-glare and comfortable ambiance inside the room is a must. So if you plan to have a media setup in your man cave or just want to watch TV, Blackout Shades are the best option available for these purposes.

Ø  They offer protection from light and glare and let you enjoy your match without any disturbance.

Ø  These shades insulate the room from extreme outside temperatures.

Ø  Due to complete blackout, they are best for total privacy.

Various blinds and shades offer blackout options – like Blackout Cellular ShadesBlackout Roller Shades, etc. With customizable options available on window treatments, “blackout” the distractions and get lost in your fantasy world.


Are Cellular Shades out of style?

Custom Cellular Shades


Custom Cellular Shades, with their unique honeycomb structure, are also an excellent solution for your man cave windows.  The best features provided by Cellular shades include:

Ø  Superior insulation properties – protection from exterior heat and cold due to air entrapment in the honeycomb fabric.

Ø  Safeguard from UV rays and dust.

Ø  Sound absorbing window blinds.

Ø  Most energy-efficient shades in the market.

Ø  Durable and very easy to clean.

Another distinct feature is the unique lift mechanisms provided by these shades for adjusting the window settings: cordless lift system, motorized, Top-Down-Bottom- up style (TDBU) or Top-Down style all give function and style to your room. So while giving your lair a streamlined and sleek look, these shades are one of the most versatile window treatment options available at an affordable rate. So forget if the Cellular Shades are out of style or not – they’re functional and unique. Choose a fabric which complements your manly room and you are all set to show-off.


Motorized Blinds and Smart Window Shades

Smart Window Shades


Like to lounge around? Getting up and back to adjust the window settings feels like too much work? Take a step further with motorized options that will do the job for you. These motorized blinds provide smooth lift operation with specially designed Somfy motors. Add a remote control to the pile of electronic gadgets lying around to adjust the window settings to, however, you want it. Some of the Best Motorized Blinds and shades available in the market are from Graber. If your home is already equipped with a home automation system, then the window control can be done via your smartphones or iPad as well, making life much more comfortable. Smart Window Shades offer the luxury to operate your window blinds and shades to open and close with just your phone, or even schedule an automated timer whether you are at home or away. Brag to your peers and upgrade your sanctuary with these motorized or smart window choices.


Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Despite many features of the other window treatments it is tough to compete with the look and feel of wooden blinds. Wood complements the manly interior of a room. With real wood blinds being expensive, faux wood blinds step up to take its place. 1.5-inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds from our Crown collection is a perfect fit for your man cave. They are affordable, eco-friendly, very easy to operate and ideal for extreme climates. They repel dust and moisture, ensuring an extended durability. Due to these attributes, they are very easy to clean and maintain. With the availability of a neutral color panel, these blinds seamless match with any interior design and give a classic look to your room.


Custom Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades


Custom Roman Shades provide a modern and refined look to your man cave. The cordless option provides for effortless handling, and an assortment of fabrics available lets you the perfect color and design. They can also be customized to offer “room darkening” features for protecting from the sun and offering privacy. Providing the soft look of a drapery with the practicality of shade, Custom Roman Shades enhance the elegance and sophistication of your room.

There is no ideal man cave; it just has to reflect your personality, state of mind, and help you relax without any effort. So men keep your personal space fresh, comfortable, and cozy with these incredible budget-friendly window treatments from ZebraBlinds and make your den ideal for you.

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