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Which Window Blinds Are Ideal for Use in Basements?

Unique Window Shades

Unique Window Shades – Window Treatments for Use in Basements


Often our focus when it comes to window treatments is choosing them for living rooms, bedrooms or areas which are exposed to the outside and where heat and light come indirectly. However, basements are also areas that need thorough protection because of several reasons. They can get pretty stuffy and claustrophobic and need a good amount of ventilation to ensure there is enough fresh air. At the same time, our privacy should not be compromised on, as safety and security are of paramount importance.

So the big question arises: which window treatments are ideal for use in basements? In this section, we go through the situations when the need for window shades and blinds arises in basements and what we should do.


Unique Window Shades


Many of us, in an effort to subvert visitor’s expectations and in trying to be ahead of the curve, go for unconventional and unique window shades to create a lasting impression on guests. Whether our decor is unique or not, one needs to ensure that they come up with a variety of features to combat heat, light, sound or ultraviolet glare. Otherwise, they may simply become a liability over time.


Window Heat Blockers for Effective Insulation


Basements are no less affected when it comes to the harsh effects of extreme temperatures. Without the right window heat blockers in place, the basement can heat up in no time during summers and become extremely chilly to be in during winters. What we need are strong and sturdy shades which can be rather effective insulators.

Drapes made of silk and velvet can be great insulators; however, they might be a tad tacky in basements, where there is a requirement to be able to let outside fresh air in. Wood or faux wood shutters are excellent at this, as their slats can be left open to let light and air pass through. Shutters are also made of solid and stable textures which ensure they are highly durable and moisture resistant.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds for Basements

Aluminum blinds and double-cell honeycomb blinds are also other options which you can use to ensure a cozy room temperature in the basement, where you can choose to work or rest peacefully.


For Light Filtering


Naturally, basements get a lot of direct sunlight for which effective window treatments must be put in place to control the level of it you want inside your home. As basements can be used for a variety of purposes, including office spaces, storage, or a bedroom, enough care must be given to keep them protected against harsh sunlight that might otherwise affect the people inside.

Zebra Sheer Shades for Basements

Zebra sheer shades can come in handy when you need good window treatments to combat sunlight. So can sheer curtains and honeycomb shades with single cells to help diffuse the light.

Blackout window treatments, if used in basements, can be kept partially open if you want some sunlight in. For instance, shutters which are otherwise great at blocking light completely can be tilted slightly so light can come in through their slats. Similarly, room darkening curtains can be kept partially open through cords or teamed with sheer blinds/curtains depending on your requirements so you could get the best of both worlds.


For Glare Protection


One of the issues faced by modern households in high summers is the amount of glare from blinding sunlight when it passes through our windows. This can affect our eyesight and TV watching, and result in poor concentration and lasting headaches. With correct window treatments, however, the glare can be reduced.

Imagine going out on weekends on a sunny day. What do you usually do to counter the harsh sunlight? You wear a pair of sunglasses. The effects of effective glare-reducing window treatments are exactly the same, and these can be done through window treatments such as solar or roller shades.

Roller Solar Shades for Basements

Solar/roller shades come in a number of brands such as Crown and Graber and come in attractive materials that lend a superior finish to your living space. With specific UV-resistant material, they ensure the “bad” portion of the sunlight is reflected and only the “good” portion comes through to lend the house an inimitable glow. And all this while you can retain a good amount of your view to the outside.

Roller shades can also be a good fit in basements where the blinding light comes indirectly and affects your well-being. Have them customized according to your window sizes before setting them up. They come in a variety of designs and colors to choose from.


Noise Cancelling


The sound has the capability to change our moods, for better or worse. While soothing music and sounds put us at ease and makes us feel relaxed, loud and cacophonic sounds (honking on roads, loud neighbors, a street dog constantly barking or hollering kids on the outside corridor) can affect our well-being and make us feel irritated and grumpy. Hence, the need for effective window treatments to combat such sounds becomes more necessary than ever.

Cellular Shades for Basements

Even in basements, we require solid window treatments to drown out outside and unnecessary sounds. For this purpose, cellular shades can be a great window treatment in which, thanks to their thick fabric and honeycomb structure, minimum light, sound, and heat passes through when they are closed. They also come in attractive designs and colors along with their many redeeming features, which make them one of the most reliable coverings. Their sleek and easy-on-the-eyes texture is a delight for homeowners and offices alike.

Roman Shades for Basements

You may also consider Roman shades of varied types and consider customizing them with liners for added thickness. Roman shades come in a number of designs and patterns to add a beautiful touch to the room.

Window foam, an interior acrylic or glass sheet, and acoustic sealants are some very effective soundproof materials that you can use to drown out sound completely. These materials are often used for recording studios, and some curtains also use them in hotel rooms and conference halls.


Window Sealing


Sometimes you just need a simple DIY method for maximum protection and effectiveness. Windows can be sealed with rubber and all openings through which sound or heat can pass through can be closed without spending too much money on this method. It is an easy installation process and often the most beneficial one. Window sealing can also lead to maximum insulation as outside heat or cold cannot enter and raise or lower the inside temperature.

To sum up, there are many different ways in which you can layer your basement windows with essential window treatments. The options are many, and it all depends on the kind of space, your budget, the weather experienced in the area, and your own preferences of design, color, textures and which blinds you find reliable.

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