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Make Your Space ‘Pop!’ With these Unique Window Treatment Ideas

Unique Window Covering Ideas

Colorful Unique Window Covering Ideas


Having great windows is a plus point of any room. The connection to the outside world is through your windows and dressing them right speaks volumes about your designing style. Whether you choose blinds, cornices or curtains, windows are a good place to anchor the room’s overall design. Before settling on a treatment decision on the function of the window covering and the aesthetic you want to reflect.

Are you looking for something…

  • …for your home office?

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Unique Window Covering Ideas – Stark Living Room Window Ideas


  • Drapes over frosted glass – While frosted glass lets you enjoy the natural light seeping in, they can be very plain and can sometimes become a drab in a wonderful setting. To enhance the look of a frosted glass layer them with drapes of your choice. They can be made from virtually any material. With endless pattern possibilities, you can give any drab room a complete makeover. Add a splash of color with enchanting patterns and mellow colors.


Fabric Roman Blinds


  • Roman Blinds – Fabric Roman Blinds are similar to roller shades but take on a different look when they are pulled up. The special stitch of Roman Blinds creates folds in the fabric as it is pulled open that creates a distinct look at the bottom of the Blinds. They can be made from sheer fabric that’s more decorative, giving the room a very mesmerizing look. Or a blackout material can be chosen for complete darkness. In either way, these blinds create a formal ambiance in any room.


Undemanding Sliding Door Vertical Blinds


Sliding Door Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are a nice and traditional option to dress up your sliding doors with. Choose from a wide variety of durable materials like PVC, wood, bamboo, jute and other natural composites, fabrics or simple Venetian blinds. The tiltable slats ensure you have complete light control and privacy as desired. Stacking your vertical blinds either left or right or just splitting in the middle gives you a clean and uniformed look.

Since heat loss or gain is always a big concern with glass doors, opt for Vertical Cellular Shades. Cellular Shades are the best source of insulation when it comes to window coverings. They work like a regular shade only sideways and bigger.

Draperies are a common option to decorate your sliding doors with. Choose from heavy draperies to light sheers as per your convenience and privacy required. They are always a pleasurable and attractive part of any room.


Creative & Personalized Window Treatment Ideas


2 Inch Vinyl Window Blinds


The sky is the limit with how creative you can get with your window coverings. Put any design you want on our 2-inch vinyl blinds – a memory you want to view every day, an art, your pet, your kids or just a selfie. A print on demand program provides you with this channel for a completely personalized gallery on a shade. Add ribbons, cloth tapes, iron on hems, bows, ruffles, contrasting fabric with trim or any other ideas that you may have for an extravaganza look. The world of ideas is at your disposal.


Window Coverings for High Footfall Areas


Kids Room Window Treatments


If you are looking to do up the kid’s room it always throws up a challenge on how creative and informal can you get. Window curtains offer an infinite palette of possibilities with their simple appearance and basic hardware used. Usually suspended from rings, rods or ties, these window coverings are a popular option for the teenager in your home. The light and airy fabric imparts a breezy feel to the room and is bound to keep the young ones energetic at all times.

Do you have a beach house that needs dressing up? Beach house window treatments can be a bit overwhelming when considered without a preset budget. It helps you narrow down your options of window coverings and allows you to get as creative as you want. Aluminum Venetian blinds are a great option as they are reasonably priced and durable. Graber and Crown, two leading names in window coverings, offer high-grade Venetian blinds. Hassle-free operation and low maintenance make them ideal for coastal areas. Available in many styles and alluring colors, they are a perfect match for your beach house.

Faux Wood Blinds is another option for beach house window treatments. Made from PVC and combination wood polymers they offer the same aesthetics and appeal of real wood. Long lasting, resistance to dust & moisture, no rotting, warping or cracking makes it a highly popular choice in moisture driven areas. So choose wisely for an investment that is going to last you longer.

Window treatments don’t have to leave your pockets empty anymore. Lots of ideas can fit into your budget at any time. For a no-nonsense window treatment consider mini blinds that are easy to install and go with practically any kind of decor. With endless colors and texture options, these blinds are a pleasure to live with. For a traditional look, roller blinds fit the bill. They are usually made from vinyl or polyester fabric and come in various patterns and colors. For a modern and uplifting look, cellular shades are a great option though slightly more expensive than their counterparts.

With so many ideas and colors to explore, dress up your room just the way you like it. So come to explore the beautiful and colorful world of window treatments and get your creative juices flowing. Our experts will be more than happy to enhance your ideas.

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