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The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatment Ideas

Window Treatment Ideas

Installing new window treatments is a fast and effortless way to add style, personality, and privacy to your place. Read through our guide, or jump to the particular section you require below, to find the drapes, blinds, shades, or valances and cornices that will work the best for you. Window treatments are the design element that truly draws a room together. They’re often the one unique piece that differentiates professionally designed rooms from the rest.


What are the Advantages of Window Treatments?


Window treatments provide the following benefits to your home:

  •  Aesthetics

They make your home look beautiful by creating the ambiance you wanted.

  • Protection

They offer you protection by keeping the extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays out of your room.

  • Light control

They let you control the amount of light entering in.

  • Privacy

They provide you and your home privacy and safety.

  • Energy saving

They help you save on your energy costs by maintaining room temperature.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never given window treatments much thought or just aren’t sure how to organize them the right way, We have compiled your ultimate guide to window treatments to help you handle the process from start to finish. Use the tips as guidelines to help you give your interiors that extra, sophisticated touch.


Let’s learn about few popular window treatments to fit your needs and decorate your home:


Types of Roman Shades

Types of Roman Shades 

Choose Roman shades if window treatments are new to you. There are different Types of Roman Shades. Custom, full-length drapery has a well-deserved reputation for its richness and elegance, but it isn’t necessarily the best choice for every room. Where a more streamlined look is desired, or space is at a premium, Roman shades are fabric window coverings that stack evenly at the top of the window when opened and may be a better option.


Roman shades are

  1. Rigorous
  2. Less fussy
  3. Modern
  4. Flexible to create any style.


Roman shades are a fabric shade that can be operated with a pull cord. These shades are made in several ways, creating many different styles. A flat Roman shade offers a more modern look, while a teardrop or looped style takes a more conventional approach. Since Roman shades are made of almost any kind of fabric – even sheers – there is surely one for every style and every home.


Custom Outdoor Blinds For Your Porch

Custom Outdoor Blinds Porch 

If you are planning to decorate and secure your outdoors, window treatments do the job for you.

Custom Outdoor Blinds For Your Porch offers you the following benefits

  •  Protection

They protect your home and the valuables by keeping out harmful UV rays.

  •  Comfort

They offer you the comfort to enjoy your outdoors even in extreme heat or chilly winds.

  •  Aesthetic Purposes

They give your home a beautiful look.

  •  Privacy

The best thing the outdoor window treatments provide you is the privacy to enjoy your outdoors without the consciousness of your peers and neighbors.


The PVC Solar blinds are a fashionable choice if you have a beautiful outdoor space. These shades block out harmful UV rays and decrease heat entering your patios, keeping your outdoors cooler by reducing glare during summers. They are also designed to retain the view of your beautiful space. These shades require minimal cleaning as they are treated to repel dust, soil, and stains. Solar shades are excellent for temperature control while retaining your view, acting as a guard to block solar heat gain on your windows while still allowing some light in.


Dual Shades for Smart Windows

Double Shades 

When you get these Dual Window Shades home, you can enjoy a blackout and sheer dual roller shade in a single assembly. If you want to shield your home from harmful UV radiation, filter light elegantly, and give you blackout privacy when you need it, dual shades are versatile and effective.

These shades let you choose the preferred ambiance for your room. If you want to let the light and brightness into your room, you can pick a solar shade, and if you want to have complete privacy, you can roll down the blackout shade. That is how these shades give you the overall control over the light and brightness of your room. These shades are professionally crafted and designed, which makes your window perform better.


Graber Sliding Panels

Graber Sliding Panels 

While broad windows and patios may provide awe-inspiring views, they also need large-scale shading solutions. For such cases, Graber Panel Accents™ Sliding Panels are an excellent alternative to traditional vertical blinds.

The extra-wide fabric panels can be designed with solar, roller, and natural shade fabrics to supplement the palette of one room, or complete the design aesthetic of an entire home.

Besides embellishing and adding functionality to your large-scale windows, sliding panels are also perfect for patio doors, room dividers, or closet doors.


Sliding panels can be used for multiple purposes. They can be used for:


  1. Room division
  2. Window coverings
  3. Window coverings for wide windows
  4. Patio doors
  5. Closet doors


Graber sliding panel shades come in many colors and patterns matching your different types of roman shades and other window treatments so that you can create a seamless look to your entire home. You can select the best from the vast selection of Graber sliding panels, offering many colors and choices, so you can design the specific look you want. They are budget-friendly and have free delivery.


Buy your window treatments at and make your home look even more beautiful than it already is. Create the aesthetic look you wanted to give your home by installing these window treatments. If you have any questions you can always reach us by email, chat, or phone, and we will be happy to help you.

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