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Combating Moisture: Ideal Window Protection Ideas for Humid Rooms and Windows

Ultimate Blackout Shades

Combating Moisture: Ultimate Blackout Shades for Humid Rooms and Windows

Getting the right window treatments can be quite a challenge, especially when you are setting up a new home or refurbishing it. In such cases, they can be quite a difficult exercise, as you need to consider a lot of factors and situations in which certain window treatments may prove to be a hindrance instead of a useful accessory. While common blinds are used for protection against heat, light, and sound, one must consider whether they will be suitable in places which are prone to wetness or moisture.

Use of Ultimate Blackout Shades in Combating Wetness

Using the ultimate blackout shades will be extremely beneficial when you are talking about hot and arid areas where the sun shines bright and high. In such scenarios, people are prone to heat strokes when they are out in the open for too long, and may suffer from extreme discomfort even when they are in their homes in the absence of any window treatments. Blackout shades help in creating a complete blackout effect and maintain the temperature to a decent level, which is neither hot nor cold. They block the heat from entering through thick textures and fabrics such as polyester, cotton blends, PVC and synthetic which trap the heat and light and won’t let it go through. A few curtains and blinds also use velvet and raw silk materials which lend a classy feel and do the job of heat blocking as well as any other.

But are all blackout shades good bathroom window treatments? Cloths made out of cotton, when exposed to wetness for very long, can become ineffective after some time and unpleasant to look at with water stains and blotches. So can real wood, which can crack, warp, chip and harvest mildew. Therefore, you must be careful while going for blackout blinds when you want blinds for a moisture-prone area such as a kitchen or a bathroom, or if you stay in a place which gets heavy rainfall throughout the year.

Best Window Protection Ideas for Moisture Resistance

A wet bathroom and kitchen should not be neglected. We must not overlook this space and get the ideal window protection treatments. In this section, we discuss some of these window dressing ideas to combat wetness and moisture. Please go through them and make your choice.

1) Faux Wood Blinds: Ultimate Blinds for Kitchen Sink Windows

Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen

Faux wood blinds are the preferred window treatments for homes across the country because of the multiple and varied benefits associated with them. With faux wood blinds, you get heat control, light control, a fascinating and attractive look, energy efficiency, and protection against glare and ultraviolet radiation. They are the ideal blinds for kitchen sink windows, a place which is perpetually wet.

Another advantage of faux wood blinds is their amazing resistance to moisture, which is why they are such a versatile window treatment which can be installed in rooms ranging from your living room to your bathroom. Since they are faux wood, they are amazingly durable too and last longer than wood blinds because they do not crack or develop stains due to moisture or dirt. Even if they do get dirty once in a while, they can be easily cleaned through a simple wipe or spot cleaning. This feature makes them a great value for money option as they do not cost much in maintaining over time.

2) Woven Wood Blinds: Splendid and Aesthetic

Woven Wood Blinds for Bathrooms

Woven wood blinds give the home a natural and uncluttered look and present an inimitable style that cannot be replicated. They offer minimal elegance and class and can be set up in bathrooms and kitchens too. Because of their uncomplicated design, they can be easily cleaned in case moisture forms on their surface. They are also available in a top down bottom up feature, giving you the ability to adjust the level of light you want inside, without ever making the interiors visible to anyone outside. However, in case you want complete privacy and blackout features in your blinds, it’s a good option to layer them with an additional layer of thick material. One note, wood blinds can deteriorate over time in moisture-rich environments but should easily last you close to a decade in use.

3) Aluminum Venetian Blinds: Solid & Durable

Aluminum Venetian Blinds for Kitchen

When it comes to providing the optimum level of natural light along with maximum privacy, there are few options better than going for aluminum blinds. Being the ideal water-resistant material that aluminum is, they are also great window coverings in kitchens and bathrooms.

When they are closed, they are ideal blackout treatment; the slats themselves don’t let light through, but some can get in through the sides and in between the slats. They ensure utmost privacy and are amazingly moisture resistant, dent free and dust free. Because of their many advantages, they are usually used across offices, cafes and commercial buildings. At ZebraBlinds, you can get them in a wide range of colors to suit your preferences. They are also lightweight and rather easy to install and can be easily cleaned through dusting or vacuuming.

4) Vinyl Window Shutters: Rustic and Natural

Vinyl Shutters for Bathrooms

When you want your bathroom or your kitchen to be well dressed and look exceedingly well, you can get vinyl shutters mounted inside the window. They have a beautiful rustic appearance, and when they are teamed with the modern hues and peripherals of a contemporary home, they lend a unique and mesmerizing touch to your living space. They impart an opulent look and come with multiple other benefits to their credit. Boasting a variety of options in color and design, they are a must-have window treatment for any home in a region prone to a substantial amount of rainfall every year.

5) Cellular Honeycomb: Forever Reliable and Noise Cancelling Window Blinds

Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

There are just not enough reasons why you should opt for cellular or honeycomb blinds to set up in the humid-prone areas of your house. Beyond their easy-to-clean features, which allow for a soft vacuum brush or spot cleaning with a damp cloth, they are excellent insulators that allow heat or cold to pass through; and the added benefit is that they are noise canceling or at least in most cases, can reduce the sound through the fabric. Depending upon the level of sunlight you want inside, you can choose their thickness and cells, as they are one of the few window decorating options that can be easily customized based on your preferences. Many honeycomb blinds come as day-night cellular shades, where there are two types of fabrics used: the light filtering ones and blackout. The former come in use during the daytime when you want some natural sunlight to fill up your room. The latter is applicable during the night when all you want is a little solitude to enjoy your peaceful sleep.

These options are the best possible solutions to you as window dressing ideas in moisture-prone areas. They do not warp, crack or scratch and can be durable enough when other window blinds fail. Choose any of them that will go well with the overall look of the room and make your purchase accordingly.

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