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5 Unique Ways To Combine Your Favourite Window Treatments

Two Different Window Treatments In The Same Room

Create Flamboyant Combinations By Two Different Window Treatments In The Same Room With These 5 Unique Ideas


It is often said that life takes you to unexpected places, but love gets you home. And who will understand your love for your homes better than us? Nothing is a better than returning home and making beautiful memories with your family.

And just as your houses are an extension of yourself, windows are an extension of your houses. They are the connection of our homes to the outside world. You can sit on your bay window seat for hours and have a little get away from the hustle-bustle of this fast-moving life.

Two Different Window Treatments In The Same Room

While bare windows appear simple and graceful, have you ever considered a change? Like dressing them up or something. Trust us, you can make them look much better than they actually are. In addition to this, window treatments offer numerous other utilities like insulation, privacy control, light control etc.

Curtains With Drapes

Each window treatment has its own special characteristics. If cellular shades can help you reduce your electricity bills, then curtains and drapes can make your room look airy and spacious. On the other hand, if blinds can give you privacy control then shades can offer you a soft morning light. But then, if you don’t want to give up the utilities of one window covering for another, you can always try Two Different Window Treatments In The Same Room. And don’t worry about how it might look, because before making the final decision, you can always order free samples on

Modern Window Treatments For Your Living Room

#1. Combining Zebra Blinds And Sheer Curtains

We know you are reluctant in going for bold window treatments, but feel confident and add some fun to your the windows. ZebraBlinds and sheers make a perfect combo of grace and style. If your bay windows open to a beautiful view outside, then use bright window coverings such as black and white zebra shades to make them the center of attraction. You can complete the look by adding a monochrome rug along with a couple of black and white cushions on the couch. If you are looking for a quirky feel, don’t hesitate to use bright color cushion covers and interesting accessories in your living room. To balance the look, great rest of the windows with simple white sheer curtains and enjoy a brightly lit room with interesting hues and effects.

Curtains And Blinds Together Ideas

On the other hand, if your windows open to a tumultuous street, then you can go for curtains and blinds on the same window. This will help you strike a balance between your privacy and the outside light. Draw the curtains or sheers during busy hours and open them up to enjoy the evening lights. Play with the color of curtains and enjoy the protection that zebra blinds have to offer.

#2. Pair Up Shutters And Draperies

Shutters With Draperies

For small size windows, this is a very interesting combination. Wood shutters can add a bit of vogue to your room and curtains can balance your privacy during the day. On the other hand, if you have both big and small windows in the room, mount the draperies on the larger windows and allow them to free flow onto the floor. Choose a color which can complement the rest of your interior for the drapes and play safe with the shutters. Install bamboo or wooden shutters on the smaller windows and enjoy the natural feel.

If you don’t want the usual timber shutters, then you can also go for colored timber shutters which brighten up your room to a great extent. Try light blue shutters with gauzy sheers and enjoy the mesmerizing look.

#3. Roller Blinds With Colorful Curtains Can Do An Amazing Job

Roller Blinds With Curtains

If you have a neutral touch to your interiors, roller blinds with bright and colorful curtains can uplift the overall look and feel of your living room. Go for pastel colors while choosing the roller blinds and make sure the hues blend with your ceiling paint. For rest of the windows, choose bright color sheet curtains contrasting with the rest of your living room. Add similar color cushions and enjoy a commendable balance between class, finesse, and charm. Contrary to this, you can add curtains with quirky motifs and patterns on the larger windows and try contrasting roller shade on the smallest window. This distributes the overall attention and provides a complete look to any room.

#4. Wood Blinds With Curtains Make A Combination To Die For

Wood Blinds With Curtains

Pure wood blinds are the epitome of opulence. They can easily convert your simple looking room into a magnificent chamber with their high-end aesthetic value. If you are looking for something trendy yet antique, wooden blinds with pastel curtains can do wonders for you. Remember to install the curtain rod a little high and near to the ceiling to create the illusion of a high roof.

Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds?

Wooden Blinds under the curtains offer a very royal feel to the room. If you long for that majestic manor like appearance, then trust us, wood blinds with curtains are the perfect way to dress up your windows. Use creme curtains on wood blinds and welcome the compliments from all your guests.

#5. What Color Do Curtains Go With Brown Blinds?

Wooden blinds come in a number of colors, but without a doubt, browns are the most loved ones amongst all. To find out what color curtains will go with brown blinds, pay a lot of attention to the overall color scheme of your room interiors. Choose a shade which blends with the overall decor and maintains a soothing effect. Try cremes, light greys, powder greens, or pastel blues, and stay away from the undesired combinations of colors. Maintain the subtlety of wood and try natural tone curtains to maintain the beauty and style.

Mixing Window Treatments In Small Apartments

Mixing Window Treatments in one room works really well for bigger apartments, but when it comes to cramped rooms, then there are certain things to be taken care of.

To maintain a symmetrical and tidy look, it is always recommended to install light shaded window treatments in apartments which suffer from too much clutter. Play safe and try to install uniform color window treatments on all the windows in one room. This will save the room from compartment like division and make it look spacious. For an appearance easy on the eye, try pastel green or light grey coupled up with elegant curtain ties and accessories.

Roman Blinds With Curtains

In addition to these, roman blinds and curtains in the same room can also provide a very uncluttered and streamlined look.

We have always believed that you deserve all the luxury in the world and to provide you with it, we have a huge range of modern window treatments at Browse through our selection of fine window blinds and shades and contact us through email or call our customer service executives in case of any more questions.

Happy Decorating!

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