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Troubleshooting for Bali and Graber Cordless Blinds

Troubleshooting for Bali and Graber Cordless Blinds

Given the large number of services that these Bali and Graber Blinds offer, they have gained immense popularity. However, like any other product that we use at our homes, they too face some difficulties at times. You may be apprehensive of solving them on their own because they seem to have complex mechanisms and you would not want to worsen the situation. At most times, the problems that encounter with these blinds are regular and can be easily solved. It is not always feasible and economically viable to get in touch with a professional. They might also take a long time to get back to you and given the essentiality of window coverings in your house such as providing privacy and security, you may not be able to do a single day without them. So, it would be a good idea to keep some hacks in your mind when you experience such complications.

We have provided below a list of problems that Bali and Graber Cordless Blinds face and how you can solve them at home.

1. When the slats do not lower
The most frequently encountered problem with blinds is that they get stuck and cannot be lowered or raised. It is not uncommon for it to happen to motorized shades too. Here are a few things you can try. However, you have to keep in mind that you do not use much force and are gentle with whatever tactic we use.

a. Pull the entire window covering toward you and tug gently at it from the lower side. In all probability, the slats would lower immediately and start working smoothly. This works if the slats are stuck due to humidity or some other minor reason. You do not want to force your way here.
b. Try raising and lowering the blinds a few times. Do this with your remote or any other device that you use. They would start functioning fine in four or five attempts. If not, then it is advisable to try something else or get some help.
c. There is a rod that runs along the headrail that controls the lowering and raising of shades. The screw that holds it together might be stuck. You can use a screwdriver to loosen it or tighten it. Hold the screwdriver perpendicular to the rail and rotate it a few times on one side. Try lowering the slats then. If it doesn’t work, try doing it the other way. The pin will disengage the cords and it will start functioning smoothly.

2. When the slats do not tilt
Many blinds have a tilting mechanism which controls the light that enters a room more minutely. The slats move in their own place and increase or decrease the space between themselves (according to how to adjust it) and provide more efficiency to the window dressing. This mechanism may falter many a time and here are a few tips to fix it:

a. Operate the tilt a few times to check to see if it is a cord or knot that is preventing movement. If so, simply unravel the cord to solve the issue.

b. If the aforementioned suggestion does not work, your tilt mechanism might have been damaged in transit or over time. You need to unmount the window shade and look into the headrail. You will see a rod running along the entire headrail. This rod is connected to your tilt mechanism. Due to jolts or forceful movements, both these things become disconnected and it hinders operation. Try aligning the rod with the mechanism with the help of a screwdriver or something else. This should solve your problem.

c. You can also replace the ‘tilter’. You just need to pull it out the rod or remove the tassle (according to what kind you have) and install the new one. Just push the rod into the headrail and it will automatically snap back in place.

3. When the ends of the slats do not hang evenly
This is also a frequently encountered problem when the slats lower from one side properly and do not do so on the other side resulting in an uneven hanging. This is a minor problem and can be solved easily.

a. This occurs when the ‘C-clips’ that is attached to the tilt rod are not spaced properly. You can bring down your window covering and look into it and space it out properly by pushing against it. A simple screwdriver will do the job for you.

b. Try un-cording the headrail and re-installing it again.

c. Gently tugging at the end that is not hanging properly is also a good idea, but you have to be careful as to not break anything.

d. Lower and raise the slats a few times and they will function properly. Even if there is a slight change in their hanging each time you do so, try it again and again till they hang properly.

4. When they have a noisy operation
Using motorized products for a long time can encounter this problem. However, it is not a huge one and does not always indicate that you need to change your window coverings. A few adjustments can render it fully operational without any glitches. A metal rail that runs along the headrail is kept from rubbing against the blind by a piece inserted in-between. This is generally a piece of plastic that can get misplaced leading to the noise that is bothering you. Simply bring down the shades and push this piece of plastic back in place and you’re done. Go over the user manual that has a diagram of your window covering. You will see how and where it is supposed to be. Lubricating your window shades is not a good option unless you are advised to do so by the manufacturer.

These are some of the basic problems that one faces when handling cordless blinds and as we have seen they can be easily dealt with at home. If you are not comfortable with doing it, you can get the help of a professional and get it done. A lot of tutorial videos online are also a great source of information and give you a visual that is easier to understand and follow.