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Trending Window Treatment Ideas for 2021

Trending Window Treatment Ideas for 2021

We all know that fashion and style change over time, and so do personal preferences. You will not generally see the same style or fashion repeating itself year to year, with a few exceptions. This is visible to almost all industries, especially fashion, clothes, and home décor. With that in mind, the styles and offerings also change in the matter of window treatments throughout the years.

Today’s window treatments offer different designs, patterns, materials, and colors offer plenty of combinations can excite homeowners and connoisseurs alike. There is something new coming out every year that can appeal in a lot of ways, and to stay trendy and stylish for years to come.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the latest window treatment trends for 2021

Trending window treatment ideas for 2021

  • Shades remain in style: Shades offer so much variety in terms of fabrics, design, and colors, making them always relevant. If you’re using metal mini blinds, it’s time you change them and bring in shades. Shades look and suit your home décor well and add warmth to elevate the look of your windows. You can stick to neutral colors to create a relaxing atmosphere or go with vibrant colors to add more drama.
  • Shutters: In the year 2021, shutters are fast gaining popularity and might be the winner among the most popular window treatments. Shutters have always been a favorite with their classic appeal and practicality. They can control the amount of natural light entering and also provide great insulation. As they offer a neat appearance to the window, going for a layered window treatment becomes an option. You can combine it with softer-looking drapes and curtains to balance out the look of the hard materials of the shutters.
  • Velvet curtains: Velvet is always a favorite whenever you want to merge class and modernity. They were among the first choices for curtains in the past; today people are realizing the timeless factor velvet brings and hence it’s come back as a major trend in 2021. They certainly add a luxurious touch to your windows, and with modern fittings, they look very trendy. Most people go with solid or bold colors while choosing velvet.
  • Hi-tech or automatic window treatments: We have let technology enter every aspect of our lives, so why not window treatments? Motorized window shades and shutters are going to be the future, as they allow exceptional control and functionality. They offer everything you need from shades plus the added convenience of motors. Moreover, connecting them with assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa allows usage of voice commands to operate them. This feature is great for newer generations and senior citizens alike, as it requires no physical contact or movement.
  • Double-layered curtains: Sometimes, you need some extra dimensions and volume to your curtains. For that, you can use two layers of curtains and hang them one over another for the window treatment. The two layers will certainly do a great job filtering natural light. While one curtain proves to be more functional, the other one will certainly add more finesse and style in your room. If you use a room as a workplace and bedroom, they will add the requisite privacy needed.
  • Reusing old treatments: While the last year was financially challenging for many people, reusing and reshaping your old drapes and shades is a great idea. With that, you can buy new shades and combine it with your old ones to achieve what you desire. DIY projects can come to your rescue in this regard. There are many ways you can use your old shades to give your windows a trendy look.
  • Customized drapes: We often get tired from choosing a color among hundreds of shades, then why not create our own? Personalized drapes are the talk of the town, which is pretty understandable for many reasons. Having curtains with designs and patterns of your choice is like a dream for many people, and they also make excellent gifts. Print your design on the fabric you choose and decorate your windows like you have always wanted.