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8 Trending Room Darkening Blinds That Are A Must Buy

Room Darkening Blinds

8 Trending Room Darkening Blinds

There’s nothing quite like the serenity and the peace that our homes bring to us. Whether we are returning after a hard day at work or coming home after a vacation, the balmy effect of our home relaxes us unlike no other. After all, home is where our heart truly lies: it is our comfort zone where we can feel at ease and true to ourselves.

It is, hence, our duty to take care of us and give it back what it leads us: a feeling of security. At times, outdoor influences such as heat, cold, rain, and unwanted intruders threaten to disrupt the peace. Which is why we need effective window treatments to not just exacerbate the appearance of our indoors but having a protective covering that makes us safe, cozy and secure.

This section is dedicated to room darkening blinds and their types. Everyone’s purpose in finding blackout treatments is different. Let us recognize these needs and find out which ones are most popular in this category.

Room Darkening Blinds

Room darkening blinds have a history of lending effective support to not just modernize the look of your room, but also keep it protected from the outdoor elements that can affect your comfort and mood. So whether your house is in the middle of a busy street or in the countryside with a few other houses, the environment inside your home will be completely different.

Room Darkening Curtains


Room Darkening Curtains


There is nothing more effective than good old drapery lining up your windows. Yes, they may be a challenge to maintain and cleaning them regularly may require time, efforts and a hefty sum at times. However, when you have the right curtains, the effort may just be worth it.

You get to have good blackout features in fabrics made from raw silk, polyester, or velvet, which lends an opaque structure to the window treatments. They help you enjoy a rather peaceful and unperturbed sleep during the night while you can relax during the day time and put on your favorite movie on the TV or computer screen without the sun’s glare disrupting your experience. Blackout curtains are also effective especially when you wish to create a home theater atmosphere in your bedroom or living room.

Blackout Cellular Blinds


Blackout Cellular Blinds


There are a few ways in which you can create a blackout effect using one of the most important windows covering options in modern times. You can either choose to have two or more honeycomb fabrics so they trap all the unnecessary heat or light from entering your home, or use Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades to create a blackout effect by having the privacy shades drawn all the way up. Their durability ensures they last you for years to come, and the ease in managing them would make you want to choose them over any other window covering every single time!

1-Inch Aluminum Blinds

It’s their form and texture that helps protect your home and keeps your privacy intact. They hardly allow any light to pass through any crevices or cracks, ensuring that when they are shut, the indoors are 100% (or at least close to) darkened. Available at ZebraBlinds in varied colors, they would become one of your most prized possessions in no time.

Natural Shades


Natural Shades


There is no dearth of choices you have in this category, from tightly woven bamboos and jute blinds to wooden shutters. Brands as big as Hunter Douglas, Graber, and Norman have more than a few varieties and color combinations in them. They are luxurious, classy, dependable and designed intricately by top craftsman to lend you the best possible experience with them.

Faux Wood Shutters

What if you could get the quality of wood at half the cost? Faux wood shutters or replicas of wood are very similar in design, but with added benefits of durability, light weightedness and resistance to moisture and dirt. Because of these features, they can also be installed in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Vinyl Blinds


Vinyl Blinds


Blinds that are not made of composite wood or wood material but from plastic or polyester are also available in room darkening options and cord control options of your choice. These can be set up in homes, offices, restaurants and commercial spaces such as shops.

Additional Blackout Layer

This is a common feature in shades: setting up an additional insulating layer of blackout material in curtains or shades that are primarily light filtering. This is done to cancel outside noises in media rooms, conference halls, and film studios. The advantage is that these layers do not cost as much as buying whole new blackout blinds, and they can be removed as per requirement when you wish some light to fill up the room.



Custom Drapery Valances


Although the purpose of valances is just to add an extra dose of style to blinds already in place, they are available in several room darkening and blackout options which can change the look of your room completely. They are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and textures, and they can suit a wide range of moods and decors. Choose those which serve as an icing on the cake besides lending your privacy and energy efficiency.

No matter how much you want your room to be bathed in natural sunlight, there are times when extreme temperatures would make you want to have an additional layer of sturdy fabric hung by the window to keep the temperature inside from fluctuating. In these times, Room darkening shades are the way to go.

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