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Transforming Your Room With Simple Window Sill Decor Ideas

Transforming Your Room With Simple Window Sill Decor Ideas

Amazing Ways To Take Advantage of your Window Sill


When you think of the areas that can help you in decor styling, one place that constantly pops up is the window sill. This place either tends to remain bare or get completely filled with unnecessary elements. But with some innovation and creativity, you can transform your window sill into the focal point of your interior. When it comes to window decoration, mostly we focus on covering them with the right blinds and shades, but often overlook window sill. Proper usage of a window sill can represent the unique side of your home while adding simplicity and versatility. There are multiple ways of elevating the look of this area while making it functional. Have a look at those ideas and enhance the feel of the room the way you want!

Window Sill Decor

Simple Window Sill Ideas but Elegant Transformation


Every space of your house deserves to look at its best and the same applies to your window sill as well. By integrating the right decorative element, you can embrace the beauty of this place in an big way. No matter how much space you have, make it worthy. Read on to get some inspiring ideas on decorating this place and we can assure that you will be surprised after seeing the final changes.

  • Seating Area

Who doesn’t wish to sit near a window and chill with a cup of coffee? The answer is obviously everyone, especially when you have a great natural view on the opposite side of the glass. Consider extending your window sill in order to create a perfect seating zone where you can relax throughout the day while enjoying the view. You can enhance this look by putting some blankets, soft cushions, or placing a book rack next to your seating area. This decoration not only lets you enjoy your lazy afternoon, but it also spreads an aura around the window.

Window Seating Area

  • Floral Arrangement

If you are obsessed with indoor plants and keen on growing herbs for your daily kitchen uses, then you can utilize your window sill in the best possible way. In this area, your plants will get an optimal amount of natural light and grow efficiently. There are few plants that have air purifying properties, so planting them will ensure a cool and healthy indoor atmosphere. Green scenery is always eye soothing and brings pleasure to your place. To enhance the visual appeal and positive vibes, you can hang some stylish wooden lanterns also.

  • Turn Window Into a Working Place

You are lucky if you have a window sill as you can try converting this arena into a successful work surface. This place will help you connect to the outdoors while making you energetic and productive all day long. In this current situation, when everyone is working from home, this place could be ideal for those workaholic people. Keep a chair near your window and put all your work-related items to set the perfect vibe. In addition, you can put some plant pots or tree branches to bring out the best of your space.


  • Designing Kitchen Window Sill

If your kitchen window has a sill, then you can completely change the overall appeal in a magnificent way. You can use this place to comfortably store your daily kitchen essentials. Things like spice boxes, kitchen towels, or beautiful designer bottles would be good to keep on the sill. You can also keep a few pieces of your favorite fruit or basket of colorful vegetables to make this area look vibrant. You could also place a small plant on the sill to enrich the appeal while making the surroundings interesting.

There are many more ways of styling up this boring place into an interesting one. You can put some beautiful artworks, paint this place for a cool look, display your favorite showpieces, keep colorful candles, framed photos, and any other decorative items that you want to keep. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a creative mind and an open eye to get some ideas.

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