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Combining Window Treatments for Trendy Fusion Styles

Traditional Window Shades

Traditional Window Shades – The Ultimate Guide to Combining Window Treatments and Coverings


Finally, its time to get over traditional window shades and blinds to welcome something which is trendy, stylish, and in vogue. Yes, we are talking about the new window covering ideas for next summer. Why struggle with the limited utilities of a single window covering if we can savor the benefits of window covering combinations. Traditional window shades and blinds work well, but here we are, to give you some of the most innovative ideas to couple up different kinds of windows and shades to make your room a little more fuller, interesting, and complete.


Living Room Blinds Ideas


Living Room Blinds Ideas


Blinds are the wood or plastic based hard window treatments which have a series of slats held together with a pull cord system. To make your living room windows look a little more interesting, you can install a wide variety of window treatments such as sheer curtains or velvet draperies.


  • Combining the Roller Blinds with Bright Draperies


Roller Blinds with Draperies


Keep it classy by combining the beautiful earthen shaded roller blinds with bright-hued draperies such as steel grey or electric blue. You can also add curtains with quirky prints and interesting motifs to keep the feel a little more stylish and modern. Perfect for bay windows, this window treatment combination can really uplift the look of your living room if you use it with right colors and prints. If you have a huge living room, you can layer up your windows with both sheer curtains and draperies along with which you can install roller blinds. This will help you keep the harsh sunlight out during the afternoons and at the same time, you can enjoy scattered light during the dawn and dusk.


Can you Put Curtains over Blinds?

One of the most common questions that pop into our minds while combining window treatments, many people wonder how to combine curtains and blinds. Blinds over curtains double up on the privacy as well as light control. They look commendable and can help you enjoy increased benefits and functionality. You can go for faux wood blinds with short sheer curtains for the kitchen windows or long floor touching drapes with roman blinds for your bay windows with a seat. To add to their beauty you can install a beautiful valance or cornice and complete the look by covering the pelmet or curtain rod.


  • Combining Zebra Blinds and Sheer Curtains


Zebra Blinds with Sheer Curtains


A personal favorite, zebra blinds with sheer curtains can do wonders for those who crave simplicity and style. To make the best of it, go for monochrome blinds with white or light grey sheer curtains. You can also add a little baby pink to make it look subtle and stylish. If you are planning to dress your kitchen windows, then make sure you go for darker hues and not the pastel shades. If your windows face direct sunlight, the blinds can help you protect your interiors from the scorching light, while keeping your room from looking dingy and dark.


  • Velvet Draperies with Pure wood Blinds

Beautiful and opulent, velvet draperies can add a considerable amount of aesthetic value to any room you install them in.  Pair them up with the epitome of elegance, the pure wood blinds, for one of the best combinations for your living room windows. Velvet drapes with pure wood blinds impart a classy and exquisite aesthetic for your room.


  • Pair up Shutters and Wood Crown valances


Wooden Valance with Shutters


For an XL sized window, a wooden valance with a shutter can do really well. A valance acts more like a crown for a window and helps to hide the pelmet or the curtain rod. With a very bold and royal look, valances leave your windows with a very seamless look. Be ready for the compliments to flood in during your next get together!

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